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Finally finished the required readings for my corporation law, well, only done with the first week's >< I seriously salute all law students out there from the very bottom of my heart. I'm only doing this as a breadth subject and I feel that it's very very very disastrous T_T

Anyway, today I'm going to do my VERY FIRST blog post on the cosmetics I use. I've never done this kind of topic before because I have really crappy makeup skills. However, today I decided to give it try because I wanna share with you all my newly bought lipstick and lipgloss that I got yesterday!

I bet you guys know that I'm always a Korean drama freak :p (that shouldn't be something new anyway HAHA) Ever heard of the hit drama called YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS 별에서 온 그대 by Kim Soo Hyun 오빠 and Jun Ji Hyun 언니?!

Apart from the super gorgeous actor and actress, this drama made Ji Hyun 언니's lipsticks a big hit too, among female fans (click here to see her huge collection of lipsticks)! I met a really hardcore friend in Uni who spent 200 DOLLARS on 2 YSL lipsticks that were feature in the drama~ OMG I really salute her!

As for me, I am crazy about that drama and Soo Hyun 오빠 but because I'm forever loyal to my Yong Hwa 오빠, I'm not really that insanely irrational for now. But, through this drama, I discovered that lip makeup can really enhance one's appearance. It's actually quite an important thing for girls. Just like my mom once said to me "Every girl should own a lipstick, you are young, you don't need a lipstick, just lipgloss will do." (but she said that ages ago...I have forgotten that I'm no longer in my teen anymore T__T not young anymore)

That's why, all these while, I never thought of buying lipsticks because I thought I'm young (lmfao?!) and because I have naturally pinkish lips, I thought just by using lip balms will be sufficient enough. PS: I can't live without my Nivea lipbalm!)

After being inspired from Ji Hyun 언니 and under the influence of Joey, I decided to give lipstick a try. BUT, I will never ever spend so much money on cosmetics. I always believe that it's possible to find cheap and good quality things (and not made in China stuffs), so instead of buying the exact lipsticks used by Ji Hyun 언니, I went out to look for some similar ones!

Of course the place I will go to whenever I feel like buying any cosmetics is always the large Priceline outlet on Bourke Street (I'm in Melbourne, Australia btw) and I will definitely check out my all time favourite cosmetic brand - ESSENCE!

I discovered Essence 2 years ago because of their super cheap and good quality eyeliners. I basically bought all of their coloured eyeliners. This time, I decided to look for a decent lipstick/lipgloss over there.

And these are the things that I bought!!!

from left: 1 lipstick and 2 lip glosses! I love their colours!


2 photos of the super unglam me with no makeup at all...lazing around at home after coming back from grocery shopping! HAHA! Just ignore my naked face....the reason why I put this up is to show you the natural colour of my lips so you can see the before-&-effect of the lipstick and lip glosses.

I'll start of with the lipstick that I bought. As I said, I've never purchased a lipstick before and I was excited and nervous at the same time when I first tried it out! 

Essence's lipstick, only 4.10 AUD and it's made in Italy!!!  Essence 08 Colour Crush lipstick 

Look at the colour! I'm incredibly in love with it. With such a good price and such good quality...The only thing I can think of right now is "HOLY BROWN COW!" HAHA! 

Instead of shooting a selca with the front camera, I tried to take it from the mirror. Even though I'm not wearing any makeup, with the vibrant colour of my lips, I don't look that pale. Well, it's just the hair that needs to be fixed HAHA XD FOCUS ON LIPS ONLY LIPS ONLY! HAHA or phone cover if you want :p You get the idea of what I'm trying to convey ya? :3

Surprisingly enough, when I saw this photo, I realize the colour of my 4.10 AUD lipstick looks rather similar to Ji Hyun 언니's IOPE Water Fit lipstick #44! I would not say that the effect my lipstick gave is exactly same as IOPE, but it's pretty near....satisfying enough for me! KEKEKE! And of course, IOPE will never cost 4 dollars, so I'm really happy with what I've purchased!!!

And mine is quite similar to Suzy's lip colour as well! Talking about hardcore Korean fan :p 

Next, it will be my lip gloss. 

This costed me 2.95 AUD! Made in Germany! ♥ Essence XXXL Shine lip gloss #25 Bright Side of Life 

Compare to the lipstick above, this colour is less vibrant in photos but it gives a watery feel. You can apply a relatively pinkish and sparkly and watery feel if you apply 2 layers of it. It is pretty noticeable in real life as well in that case. I love the colour so much because it has a bit of peach colour and it and I even feel like using it as a blusher HAHA! 

The last lip gloss that I got from Essence (I will continue to buy more in the future HAHA but this is near the end for this blog post :p)

This was originally 2.95 AUD as well but it had a 50% discount, so it's approximately 1.50 AUD! Kidding me? Made in Germany as well! Essence XXXL Shine lip gloss #23 Dazzle Glow  

This lip gloss is all about super natural and more like the what I would call "nude" it gives you a very watery looking lips with lots of glitters. Something that you can wear to school even without any makeup. That's why I have this in my pencil box! 

Overall, I'm super happy with my purchase. I've been using Essence's eyeliners for 2 years already (sorry I don't have a blog post about them, may start working on it in the near future), and they NEVER disappoint me. Be it the prices, qualities, designs or colours, I love every single one of them! 

Just saw it on Australia Essence's Facebook page (here) that you can find Essence in Australia's Targets, but only selected Priceline outlets carry them. So far, I know the Priceline at Melbourne Central doesn't have them only the gigantic Priceline store on Bourke Street has them, but their stocks, especially lip products are usually very near to out-of-stock. 

Okay, I'm done for today's blog post. Gonna have 고구마 (sweet potato) for dinner, influenced by Seo Hyun from SNSD >< 

Let me know what you think about my very first cosmetic posts :3
Among the 3, which colour do you prefer the most? 

Have to continue with my studies after dinner again T__T I actually planned to watch Soo Hyun 오빠 on a China variety show, but there are too many readings to be completed, so I shall postpone it till next week :/ 

안녕~ Shall be updating more frequently from now onwards, I hope :p 

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For beautiful eyes, look for good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are not alone ~Audrey Hepburn

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  1. NICE POST!!!!! Omg that's very hard to choose lol, all suit you so well!! uhm I think I love the 2 lip glosses, coz your style usually more to the casual side, so natural look will be really nice. The lipstick is more dressy feel :))) will look amazing if you dress up :DDD

    1. i think the lipstick and the other coloured lip gloss will look better if i have full makeup on, because with BB cream and eyeliner, it gives a more korean look :p kekeke!! to be honest...usually if i only go to school, i will just stick to my lip balm, too ignorant to doll up properly :p

  2. I really impress by the pink lipstick! u look super korean after you put it on. And the lipgloss, I can't see the effect from here~~

    1. WAHHH really ah i look super korean?? WHEE KAMSAHAMNIDA !!!! im super flattered kekeke!!!
      the lipgloss has to see in real life :p then only it will be obvious, if not it jz gives a watery feel

  3. wow! it really suit you! can I have your autograph superstar :3? hehex~ ohya if got time mind visit my blog back :)

    thanks alot ya ^~^

  4. I personally like pink lipstick, hahaha makes me look more korean <3
    Hahaha, how come go aussie one? futher study?

  5. I love your pink lipstick!!!! Amazing shade and suit you so well!!!!!!
    Have a nice day doll!!!!!

  6. I love that essence colour and 4 dollars?? Oh my! I need it!

  7. it suits u! i dont like lips stick cause i think my lips are too thick and will be ugly if i put :O



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