Q&A Session with Bloggers [With Video]


Although I'm quite sure the situation is pretty much like....

Anyway, I'm back with a VLOG!!! WOOHOO! Another collaboration with my blogger friends, Xixi, Ivy and Maple ♥

We decided to do this vlog a couple of weeks ago when I was still in Malaysia, but I was too lazy to do anything apart from lazing around, so that's why this got delayed till so long. 

Here's the real deal :p 

Pretty random and crappy answers I have there, but I can assure you, those are the best answers I could think of at that recording time haha! 

And for this vlog, I did quite a few changes (if you were to compare with my previous Whatsinmybag and Blackout vlogs. 

1) I'm less bad-ass! xD My Avril Lavigne lookalike thick eyeliner (that's what my friends said) is gone, and my blue hair is gone as well. In fact, this time my eyeliner can hardly be seen. Attempting to put less makeup as possible because my housemate told me Koreans don't put super thick eyeliner :p Speaking about hardcore Korean fan >< 

2) The hugeass K-Pop background is gone as well because I moved to a new place :p 

3) My hairstyle changed too, but only for this video because it's so hot during the recording period so I got frustrated and just messed up my own hair :p Surprisingly, it turned out not bad! HAHA 

According to XiXi who watched the "premiere" of this vlog, she said it's "fashionable messy"! LOL 

I'll think of it as this kind of hair then :p 

Finally back to my usual life with school work, readings that can never be finished, society meetings, dance performances, cooking my own food, doing my own laundry, buying my own food, no wandering in malls nearly every day etc...I'm back in Australia and back in school. However, there's definitely going to be more blog posts coming up because Aussie's internet is fast and I will be updating willingly HAHA! 

Don't forget to drop by the girls' blogs to check see what KUSO answers they gave to the questions! Click on their names and go to their blogs. 

Xixi (aka my beloved #trebleclef) 

ps: She's wearing the shirt that I bought for her ♥

Maple's like having a lot of pressure upon accepting this collaboration because she told me she spent 5 days to complete this video..whereas for me...just 2 hours?! HAHA I salute Maple so much!

I watched her vlog a couple of times and I love her voice! So sweet! 

All of them are soooo pretty!!! That's why you should definitely check them out xD

Ending the post with a stupid face of myself which is actually a screenshot from one of my NG parts :p 

Let me know what you think of after watching my pointless and ridiculous vlog!

Did you laugh? 
Which answer do you like the most? 
And which answer made you feel like you wanna punch me in the face? 


Lastly, I sincerely thank YOU for watching the 7 minutes bullshit (IF you really did)! 

☮ Quote to share:-
Every second is a chance to turn your life around

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  1. ohh it's so cool to hear your voice and to kinda see you talking and moving (if that makes any sense)
    You are so pretty and I loved your answers haha. I love money too!! I need more of it right now lol and I totally understand what you mean with the whole uneven eyelid thing. I have it too and eyeliner is a pain because I don't know what to do!

    haha your running into a pole story is pretty funny!! I haven't quite done that before yet, but I've gotten close!




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