Stick Arts @ 1st Avenue, Penang

If you were to ask me what's my guilty indulgence, I would tell you without any hesitation - ICE CREAM! No matter how strict my diet plans are, when it comes to Ice Cream, nothing matters to me anymore ><

The other day when I went out with my high school classmate for shopping at 1st Avenue and Pragin Mall. Bi Ling and I were the first ones to arrive, so we went wandering around, and we came across this super adorable ice cream stall.

It's called STICKY ARTS. It's located somewhere opposite to Chatime and near to the cinemas at the very top floor.

Spotted this pretty corner at the ice cream store while my friends were busy checking out the ice creams.

I was totally blown away when I saw the cute designs of those ice cream sticks!

To be honest, the price for the stick bars is not really cheap, but since those stick bars were the reasons why we wanted to have ice cream, we just paid for it without thinking so much. After all, this is an "ONE TIME" kind of thing.

Yong Huey's mango stick.

Jia Xin's raspberry stick.

Bi Ling's green tea stick.

And finally MY green apple stick ;)

All of our ice cream sticks!

Last photo before we ate them haha xD

Check out Stick Arts's Facebook page for more details, and of course more adorable designs available as well ^^ Let me show you some photos that I took from their Facebook page ;)

That's all for today, I'm going out for dinner soon :D

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  1. wowww really cute! i always went there but never come across this stall! >.<
    Thanks for the intro! i will try next time! especially the spongebob one! haha

    1. im not sure whether the spongebob one is always available because it wasn't there when i went. i found that photo on their FB page though :p let me know how does the spongebob ice cream taste like :D

  2. Replies
    1. yeah the price is for the cuteness only haha xD they actually taste normal :p

  3. Omg I want!!!!! Especially the raspberry stick!!! :))

    1. the raspberry one tastes like eating a cup of yogurt, but in a stick form haha

  4. omgosh these icecream sticks are the cutest things every!!yummy dessert :D
    hope we can follow each other :D
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  5. I would like to try something like this sometime!!!
    Looks funny and yummy!!!!!!!
    Im following you by here and instagram :*
    Sweetie, Please follow my blog ‘Beautysis Co.’ at:

  6. Everything looks so cute and yummy! :)



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