Coffee Elements @ Gurney Paragon

Since so many people are currently blogging about their Chinese New Year celebration, I thought that I should try something different and blog about it some other time.

Moreover, the reason I feel that I'm obliged to write about this cafe is because it's related to my previous blog post *smirks* So, in conjunction with my meal at Ben's, I HAVE TO blog about Coffee Elements today before I proceed to other topics!

This caught my eye immediately when I arrived in front of Coffee Elements! So many fancy paper cups!

The front counter!

I've always liked the idea of having a blackboard-chalk-menu in a cafe ^^ Liked it since the 'Coffee Prince' drama. 

Coffee Elements serves cakes, nicely brewed coffees as well as bagel sandwiches. 

Another thing that caught my attention was the elegant chandelier.
The seating area is quite small and cozy, however the downside of it is definitely the limited number of seats. My mom and I were lucky enough to get a table for ourselves that day. 

I went to the glass cupboard and took a few close-up shots of those adorable paper cups! Look how cute they are ☺♥☺♥

Love this cake, but I've forgotten the name >< Can some cake/pastry expert tell me the name of this PLEASE~

2nd cup of coffee in my entire life - a latte. Yes, that's the truth, shocking truth. 

Most of my friends are coffee junkies, apart from me, so whenever we go out together, they would order coffee and I would order soft drinks/juices *shameful* And even that time when I went out to have some meeting with a Korean student ambassador (or whatever his official title was), everyone ordered cappuccino/latte and I juice *major facepalm*

That's the reason why I started to learn how to accept coffee into my life >< 

Mommy's hot chocolate. 

A selfie with mom ☺Friends commented that my mom looks like my sister in this photo after I uploaded it to FB and she was super flattered ;)

PS: I'm quite fond of lattes nowadays, and I'm even planning to go for a barista and latte art courses when I get back to Aus ^^

Location: 3rd Floor of Gurney Paragon

Opening hours:
Mon-Thu: 10.30am-11pm
Fri: 10.30-12am
Sat: 8.30-12am
Sun: 8.30-11pm

Contact Number: 
012-478 2693


Facebook: Coffee Elements

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Happiness is a warm puppy.


  1. I am a coffee junkie too, coffee is like a must have everyday!
    I think Coffee Element at All Season Place is much better, I mean the ambiance. (I have blogged about it too @
    and yea their bagels are nice too! :D

    Happy CNY btw!
    oh and also your mama looks very young, really like your sister. :)

  2. ze paper cupsssss!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 NO KIDDING. Your mom looks superrr young and pretty! :DDDDDD Blog more ar! Don't slack!!!

    1. i want the paper cups as well! haha xD
      she would be really flattered if she hears that xD
      im trying to...haha...but allow me to slack la, since i only have 1 more week left in malaysia haha xD
      im a more hardworking blogger, relatively, when im in aus haha xD

  3. Lovely post, it makes me hungry too :)



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