Ben's @ Gurney Paragon

It was a fine Sunday morning. Penang was basking in blue skies and sunshine.

BOOHOO~ That sounds pretty cliche isn't it! HAHA!

Ever since I've been back, I had been busy going out with my friends on weekends. If I didn't wander at the mall with my girl friends, I would've been slacking around in my room, watching Korean dramas or reading novels, with my door shut. My mom would be busy minding her own business (quite literally) as well, once in a while, she would pop into my room, without knocking to ask some pretty mindless and unnecessary questions (I sometimes wonder if she's doing that on a routine basis just to make sure that I'm alive in my room?! *smirks*) 

Anyway, back to the main point, few days before that weekend started, my mom "booked" me in advance and told me that we should have an English style breakfast. 

I suppose you might be thinking, what's the whole point for someone who studies in Australia to have English style breakfast in Malaysia. Mind you, I eat toast/oat at home for breakfast, to save money. Eating out is more like a form of guilty indulgence which you can't really do frequently in Australia. 

So that morning, we headed to Paragon at Gurney Drive. It's a new IN place for Penangites these days. I hadn't been there before because before it got famous I was already in Australia. I overslept and the traffic wasn't entirely perfect, so by the time we got there, it's actually more like the time for BRUNCH than breakfast >< 

Our final decision was at BEN's which was located at the ground floor of Paragon.

What I find unique about this restaurant is that they have a set of Q&A cards on the table for you to play with your friends. 

This is the interior of Ben's.

Our fish and chips. As far as I could remember, this was RM30. 

Personally, I don't find this dish typically appealing to me. Perhaps it's because I prefer the skin to be covered in breadcrumbs more. 

A bucket of chips that came with the dish.

And we ordered a Mushroom Quiche as well because the name's rather special :p 

We actually didn't know what it's all about but we ordered anyway, and I looked it up on Google while waiting for the food to be served (some unglam behind the scenes HUH!) 

According to the dictionary app on my phone:- 

"Quiche is a pielike dish consisting of an unsweetened pastry shell filled with a custard and usually containing cheese and other ingredients".

I loved the taste of the mushroom, but I don't encourage you to eat this whole thing by yourself, because the cheese was so rich and after eating a few mouthful of these, I felt a tad bit disgusted and needed to drink loads of water to get rid of that feeling. Good thing I shared with my mom :3

Actually wanted to try out Ben's dessert because I heard that they're pretty decent but we were too full after gobbling down the Fish & Chips and Mushroom Quiche so we decided to get the bill and went for shopping xD 

That's the end of my view on Ben's restaurant! 

Tomorrow's the Chinese New Year's Eve and we're having reunion dinner (the right term is actually REUNION DINNER, but for my own family, we prefer reunion LUNCH!). However, it's kinda a pity that the CNY mood hasn't really sunk in, so up till now, I still don't feel any excitement growing in me. 5 years ago, I would've started counting down to CNY 2 weeks before the actual festival! Since I'm not in the mood yet, I can't be bothered to give much damn about cleaning up. My room is still in a very messy state now, books lying all over my bed and table and chargers and camera cables scattering on the floor OH GOSH >< I'll leave it till tomorrow then :p 
I'll wrap things up here. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! 

Here's a CNY song for you guys, I'm trying to level up the CNY atmosphere~ 

I grew up listening to this girl's CNY song, and I loved her! She's like my childhood idol! You may wanna check her out on her FB page here, though she's not in the showbiz anymore nowadays :/ I miss her singing so much!!!!



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