Ben's @ Gurney Paragon

It was a fine Sunday morning. Penang was basking in blue skies and sunshine.

BOOHOO~ That sounds pretty cliche isn't it! HAHA!

Ever since I've been back, I had been busy going out with my friends on weekends. If I didn't wander at the mall with my girl friends, I would've been slacking around in my room, watching Korean dramas or reading novels, with my door shut. My mom would be busy minding her own business (quite literally) as well, once in a while, she would pop into my room, without knocking to ask some pretty mindless and unnecessary questions (I sometimes wonder if she's doing that on a routine basis just to make sure that I'm alive in my room?! *smirks*) 

Anyway, back to the main point, few days before that weekend started, my mom "booked" me in advance and told me that we should have an English style breakfast. 

I suppose you might be thinking, what's the whole point for someone who studies in Australia to have English style breakfast in Malaysia. Mind you, I eat toast/oat at home for breakfast, to save money. Eating out is more like a form of guilty indulgence which you can't really do frequently in Australia. 

So that morning, we headed to Paragon at Gurney Drive. It's a new IN place for Penangites these days. I hadn't been there before because before it got famous I was already in Australia. I overslept and the traffic wasn't entirely perfect, so by the time we got there, it's actually more like the time for BRUNCH than breakfast >< 

Our final decision was at BEN's which was located at the ground floor of Paragon.

What I find unique about this restaurant is that they have a set of Q&A cards on the table for you to play with your friends. 

This is the interior of Ben's.

Our fish and chips. As far as I could remember, this was RM30. 

Personally, I don't find this dish typically appealing to me. Perhaps it's because I prefer the skin to be covered in breadcrumbs more. 

A bucket of chips that came with the dish.

And we ordered a Mushroom Quiche as well because the name's rather special :p 

We actually didn't know what it's all about but we ordered anyway, and I looked it up on Google while waiting for the food to be served (some unglam behind the scenes HUH!) 

According to the dictionary app on my phone:- 

"Quiche is a pielike dish consisting of an unsweetened pastry shell filled with a custard and usually containing cheese and other ingredients".

I loved the taste of the mushroom, but I don't encourage you to eat this whole thing by yourself, because the cheese was so rich and after eating a few mouthful of these, I felt a tad bit disgusted and needed to drink loads of water to get rid of that feeling. Good thing I shared with my mom :3

Actually wanted to try out Ben's dessert because I heard that they're pretty decent but we were too full after gobbling down the Fish & Chips and Mushroom Quiche so we decided to get the bill and went for shopping xD 

That's the end of my view on Ben's restaurant! 

Tomorrow's the Chinese New Year's Eve and we're having reunion dinner (the right term is actually REUNION DINNER, but for my own family, we prefer reunion LUNCH!). However, it's kinda a pity that the CNY mood hasn't really sunk in, so up till now, I still don't feel any excitement growing in me. 5 years ago, I would've started counting down to CNY 2 weeks before the actual festival! Since I'm not in the mood yet, I can't be bothered to give much damn about cleaning up. My room is still in a very messy state now, books lying all over my bed and table and chargers and camera cables scattering on the floor OH GOSH >< I'll leave it till tomorrow then :p 
I'll wrap things up here. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! 

Here's a CNY song for you guys, I'm trying to level up the CNY atmosphere~ 

I grew up listening to this girl's CNY song, and I loved her! She's like my childhood idol! You may wanna check her out on her FB page here, though she's not in the showbiz anymore nowadays :/ I miss her singing so much!!!!



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This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change ~Taylor Swift

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Trebleclef's Gifts

Once again, I apologize for the previous blog post which is full of hatred and anger and frustration and lots of craps.

BUT...after releasing my anger writing a blog post and after a good night's sleep, I woke up this morning with a good mood. And guess what?! A surprise came directly up to my doorstep while I was still wearing my pajamas :p

Someone pressed the bell, and I actually thought that it's my neighbour next door. Since I was wearing pajamas, I decided to hide it, so I carried a gigantic pillow which practically blocked my entire body and headed for the door. When I opened the door, there's a postman and he asked me directly "FION PARIS JACKSON?" 


Then remember, my dear #trebleclef XIXI did tell me that she's going to send a present for me! I just didn't expect it to arrive SO QUICKLY! Plus, I didn't expect XIXI to address me as FION PARIS JACKSON! That's just like how #Addiction wrote on her very first parcel for me 2 years ago xD Love my darlings ♥

After signing for the parcel, I literally RAN into my room! HAHA! Super excited kay! ♥♥♥

I'm a happy girl again today ♥

My babe sent me binoculars? Nah! Just the "packaging"! 

Excitement level went up x874325643276543792319! Can't wait to see what she gave me ♥

I was totally blown away when I see these in the box!!! 


The other day, out of total randomness, I stumbled across some crop tees on Taobao and I just copied and pasted the link to her telling her those tees are cute! I actually wanted to buy a music crop tee, and I asked her if she wanted one to make it our "couple tee" LOL! However, in the end, I thought, it's going to be hard for me to return her the money since I don't get to meet her in person T__T So we just let the idea hanging like that. 

Then after a while, the 2 of us started going crazy over the hot korean drama THE HEIRS! I bet lots of you out there have watched it right?! XIXI is all gaga over Lee Min Ho and the reason why I watched it was because of Park Shin Hye (she's one of my favourite Korean actresses) AND most importantly, KANG MINHYUK oppa! CN Blue's drummer ♥♥

In the drama, there's a dreamcatcher which Go EUN SANG gave to KIM TAN!


AND HERE IT IS ♥♥  I haven't had time to put on the seashells at the bottom part! Too excited to blog! 


But, the most touching part, is DEFINITELY the hand written post card! 

She wrote it on a Lee Min Ho postcard HAHA! 

Her opening paragraph made me laugh kekeke! 

She wrote:

"It's a sad thing that you don't love Lee Min Ho, coz I can't find Yong Hwa's for now, close your eyes and pretend this postcard is FULL of Yong Hwa's face!"


Next, let's have a look what did this fashionista buy for me! I trust her taste 100000000%! 

Neon colour crop tees ♥♥ My love of colours are pretty extreme, either they are extremely dark or they are extremely bright! SUNGLASSES ON~

I don't know how this sweetie figured out my birthday (maybe through FB or my blog?!) and she sent these as my super advance birthday gifts! OMO these will be on the list of "special presents" I've ever received in my life ♥♥ Especially that she's a netfriend, it makes things 100 times much more meaningful! You know there are sooooo many bloggers in this planet, and somehow we found each other and somehow became friends and somehow became so close, it's really amusing how the development of this kind of friendship is ♥♥

The yellow tee is our official couple tee! XIXI told me that she bought a white one for herself as well ♥♥ She asked me to take a photo for her and she will take one as well then we'll make a photo collage! BUT...I'm persuading her to come to Penang! If she really comes, then we can wear the same tee! 

Thank god I do go to gym more often (relatively) these days, can wear them! HAHA!

And for this one, I am too touched to say anything. She said because I often have dance performances, this short singlet may come in handy! :'D What did I do to deserve so much love from this babe!!!!! THANK YOU!!!


Seems to me that going to the gym should be made a HABIT instead of chore from now onwards KEKEKE! 


The things that I told you, I'll mail you before I go back to Aus KEKEKE!!! ^^ 

Feeling so blessed now!!! I'm so grateful to be able to meet such a sweet friend like her! And also thankful to my own blog *coughs* because its presence, I get to meet friends like XIXI, Addiction, Ivy and etc etc! 

These wonderful girls are the reasons why I always keep this blog alive ♥♥♥♥


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The quality of friendship is what matters! Not everyone from the Net is bad ~Fion

Bitches' Club's Maniac Day

As I promised in my previous blog post, I did mentioned that this post was suppose to be about my #Addiction's wedding...BUT....due to some personal reasons (more like excuse *cough*), I'm going to put up a short blog post~ About an insane day~ With my insane friends~

I love laughing...

Not just plain laughs that I come across everyday, but is to the extent that you laugh till you want to just roll on the floor! LOL!

Or even to this extent...

I just love laughing alright?!

However, it's been a long time since I last laughed like a maniac!

Scrolling back my Whatsapp's chat histories, I stopped at my chat with #BADInfluence Erica, one of my besties in Melbourne, and the image of being a total fool in her apartment just popped into my mind~ It also reminded me that I owe her blog posts (this biatch always demands me to blog about her because she's such a professional attention seeker #bitchattitudeplease!) But anyway, the point is.....nobody has made me laughed like a maniac for such a long time and I seriously miss those bitches! 




And an oppa...who just got accepted in the BITCHES' CLUB just because we thought he's qualified to be one of us! *grins*

Erica's housemate + bestie is Philo. And since Erica is one of my besties, I know her bestie too! And since Alanis is my bestie and Erica is my bestie, Philo knows Alanis too! *logic talk*

So there's this day, when out of total boredom, I just told Erica that I wanted to slack around in her house so we asked Alanis to come too! 

As usual, Philo's definitely included....She can just take that for granted, because it works like some kind of 1+1 = 2 logic....get me?!

And I-forgot-what-reason-was-that, I asked my Korean senior, Brendon oppa to tag along! HAHA! Funny thing is that...he didn't know Erica and Philo beforehand (although the 3 of them did see each other at the Korean Society's Welcoming Party), yet he was quite cool about it and came right after school and gym! I was quite surprised!

Alanis, on the other hand, is forever a late-comer. At first she said that she had to attend her society's meeting. (PS: Although we are besties, we go different ways: she's in the Malaysian society but I'm in the Korean society LOL!)

THEN~ She said she wanted to buy something...for emergency use...and ended up showing up at 8pm! 

Anyway...back to the point, since I ended school super early that day, and I went over to Erica's place directly. 

Throughout the whole afternoon, we did a lot of bullshits. Just like some usual rituals that I used to have with Erica in our old hostel. We played guitar, sang our "trademark" songs and danced Gangnam Style xD

And something new to add...I taught them SNSD's I GOT A BOY's dance because the 2 of them really liked that song and the dance and had been asking me to teach them ever since they saw my performance LOL! >< Had an insane time teaching them! Laughed so much and Philo and I kept on dissing Erica for dancing like an elephant xD

Then we prepared dinner! Erica insisted in making a chocolate cake and Brendon oppa helped her out...

In the end they produced some shit looking thing!

The POO CAKE I called it :p Personally I'm not a fan of chocolate things (except Mint and Milk chocolate), so I stayed out of the scene. Because of Erica's fault, the cake was brought in and out of the oven for 4 times I guessed?! That's why it's so shitty looking. 

The blue cream is actually icing! Erica gave Brendon oppa the honour to decorate it and he said blue's his favourite colour so he used that to draw a poo shape >< But it melted! The world's hideous cake EVER!

And we cooked spaghetti and fish and chips for dinner as well!

After that Alanis arrived, and I wanted to say "WHY SO LATE!" but Brendon oppa immediately said to her "OI WHY SO LATE! CLEAN THE DISHES LATER!" 

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Bear in mind that Alanis and Brendon oppa only saw each other once, for a short while, and their only conversation was about NITROGEN ICE CREAM! I was quite taken aback by their responses. Well of course, Alanis was surprised as well and she told me the next day she was so touched that Brendon oppa gave her such a warm welcome!

Guess what's the emergency thing that Alanis went to buy?!


That's why she didn't want to tell me because she knew I would definitely announce to the others HAHA! But what's the difference? I announceD already anyway!

Later on, Terry oppa called Brendon oppa to go out for a drink because it's Friday night and he's bored at home alone. Since Terry oppa's house is just across the street, Brendon oppa and I invited him over. (Another reason he came was because we told him there's food and half a glass of Vodka LOL!)

It's quite amusing that night because Terry oppa didn't know Erica, Philo nor Alanis in advance. Yet, seeing them fooling around like kids, it's quite heart warming!

I recorded some crazy things that we did on that day, and compiled them into one video!

Note 1: Brendon oppa claimed that gummy bears were his actors and actresses, Alanis was the choreographer but he's the director. Alanis had a crazy time laughing so she just threw the gummy bear away...and until now, the corpse still can't be found! Brendon oppa said he's going to sue her for killing his actress/actor!

Note 2: Brendon oppa made a microphone for Erica's jam session using an empty plastic bottle and a fork! He said Koreans do it that way =='''

I made Brendon oppa changed this as his profile picture on FB and he was so obedient to do exactly what he was told :p


Photo taking session using Erica's laptop as photobooth KEKE! Without Alanis T__T Because she went back to pump her sink and tidy her house before her parents' arrival the next morning! WAY TOO BAD!

FYI....Erica and Philo named their apartment the HAHAHA LAND! They told us, we will definitely make you laugh whenever you come here. Because here's the land of laughter :') That's why we always had so much insane shit! These 2 kids are cute!

Actually this is quite a pointless blog entry, just that the memories of this insane and random day popped into my mind, so I decided to walk down the memory lane a bit.

To #Addiction:
I suppose this sort of gives you an idea why on earth am I so insane! Even Brendon oppa and Terry oppa said that "now we know why Fion is like that, cause her friends are like that!"

YEAH~! We are funny and cute and insane *IKR*


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I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like the most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person ~Audrey Hepburn

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#Addiction in Real Person


Today I'm blogging about my #Addiction Daphne Froggy!!!! *drums rolling please*

Before you ask me what's that hashtag about, for your information, #Addiction is a PERSON! A fashion blogger from Japan in fact. Read a summary-but-not-so-summary-story here please.

After knowing her for nearly 2 years, virtually - through blogs, whatsapp, kakaotalk, instagram, dayre....finally we met each other, for real, in person!!!!

She's like the very first netfriend that I got to know and got to be close to.

I was really excited to meet up with her. Since she's back in Malaysia for her wedding, I knew that she had a very tight schedule, but still she told me that she had reserved a day specially for #Addictions! So I called it D-ADDICTION DAY. We decided to meet up at Sunway Pyramid~

I felt so sorry for her because I was late for the appointment time. The truth was, she arrived earlier than expected AND...the reason (I lied to her in face) I was sooooo freaking late because...I went to find her wedding present :/ Unfortunately that shop which I found had already closed down and I couldn't find it anywhere, that's why by the time I realized that it's not there anymore, I was already late by 30mins. And she told me that she's watching Santa Clause LOL!

I spotted #Addiction when I was on the upper floor. I couldn't have made a mistake in recognizing her even though I hadn't seen her in person, BUT that fashion's definitely her!!

So I went to her back and texted her...

Are you wearing white?
Red bag?

Then she looked left and right yet still couldn't find me..until she turned to the back :p


Gosh! She's soooooo gorgeous in real person!!! I know perfectly well that she's gorgeous already anyway, just that in real person she's like x42378574467268957542054756473234989 times prettier!

The first thing she told me was "You are smaller size than I thought!"


Guess I just burst the bubble in her head. I had no idea why did she even think that I'm tall, I told her beforehand that I'm just 160cm :p So...not my fault...blame her imagination then!
I gave #Addiction this macaroon mug that I bought all the way from Melbourne. When I first spotted this mug, I had been struggling whether to buy it or not, because its price is actually quite expensive for a mug. Spending so much on a mug sounds a bit stupid to me,'s just too cute to resist. In the end, I bought 2. One for myself and one for #Addiction!

She posted this photo on Dayre without tagging me so I didn't know until Chanwon babe told me about it ♥ What a surprise!

And she wrote this as caption ♥♥ So touched :'D

Then we went to Paparich to eat Nasi Lemak and Curry Mee. Actually only Daphne ate them, I only drank honey lemon HAHA!
My babe playing with her phone!

Our first photo together!!

Argh...this #Addiction, I wonder who gives her the right to stand behind me when her face is already soooooo small!!!!!!! ISHHH

Pro-selca queen in action!

Can I pinch her please!! She's sooo kawaii!

First time seeing a Christmas tree with flowers! HAHA!

Still wanna bend down so she can have smaller face ARGHHH!

HEHE!! I love this photo despite the fact that my face is the size of a roti canai ><"

Makeup of the day...quite stress to meet my #Addiction because she's such a fashionista but I'm not. However, in the end I settled with a very very simple one because I don't want to look too dramatic. Since she's #Addiction, I thought showing her the more natural side of me is better~ Plus, she's going to see me in my pajamas after a few days as I'm having a sleepover with her, so I better don't show up with a drastic difference :p

Although meeting up with #Addiction was only for a few hours, seeing her in real person was a bit unbelievable to me. Is just like...I'm so used to seeing the virtual her on the net, like her photos, 2D, in short, and now she's 3D and could even talk to me, I was taken aback a little by that fact x) Yet, it was nice meeting her!!! Really nice!!!

This sweetie then sent me this at night~ AWWWWW~~~~

WOAHH...she said "I'm real"~ I shall take that as a compliment, and to clear things up a bit...real means...I really do act insane in real life, and not just in vlogs, so that's why she said that! Especially she saw me dancing to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream out of a sudden when I heard that song in the mall HAHA!! That makes me unsteady :p I know I know~ I'm that kind of girl who doesn't know how to take care of her image :p 

Next post will be on #Addiction's wedding ^^ So stay tuned! And there'll be another gorgeous princess Chanwon in it too!!! 

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When people's minds are clouded by anger or hatred, no angel can reach them ~Michael Jackson
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Internship for A Month

I bet you all know the feeling of being forced to do something that you are reluctant to do...Yes, my mom was the one who urged me to get an internship during my summer break back in Malaysia. Of course I hated the idea. I could even use the word loathe.

"I just got my ass down in Malaysia, and I haven't started to enjoy my holidays, yet now you are putting me in an internship prison?!?!"

That's what I thought at the very first stage.

However, whenever I think of it with a peaceful mind, I still remain grateful. How many people out there long for an internship but are unable to get one. That's why no matter how pissed off I was at that point, I was still thankful.

I still remember the first day of work...I arrived alone, very early, to the point that the office door wasn't even opened :/ I stood there looking like a moron and kept on playing with my phone just in case someone suspected that I was up to no good XD

After waiting for a while, I finally got in to the HR department and after dealing with some paperwork, I was brought to the 7th floor where the Accounts & Finance department is. First time going to a new place where there's ABSOLUTELY nobody who I know beforehand. You know the thing is......I didn't feel like this when I first arrived in Australia alone because I knew every student there was on their own as well, but this time, it's completely different, I was the only newbie in that office.

I was nervous, very nervous but I tried not to show it. Thankfully, the managers, Mr Harry and Mr Ng didn't appear as those intimating managers who you always see in the movies, for example Miranda from Devil Wears Prada :p So I felt a bit more comfortable.

The next person was Joey, who's sort of my very first mentor :3 She's the first one who taught me things and introduced me to a new bunch of friends. If it wasn't for her, I have no idea how I could even survive in the office in the very first place. And through her, I met Amanda, who's like a long lost BFF to me! The best-est friend of mine in the office ♥

It didn't take me long to blend in, after a few days, I was able to survive comfortably without the need of being alert at all times as if there's grenade underneath my feet ><"

Throughout this one month, not only I met those awesome people in the office, I also got to witness the things that I had only READ about from textbooks with my own eyes. Things like internal control, which I spent 3 dreadful months studying about were right in front of me. For example, mandatory field check, I had no idea what it's all about when reading it theoretically, but after seeing it on the computer screen, I was like OHHHH SO THIS IS IT! That kind of feeling....well you get the idea :p

Not only that, I was also given the opportunity to participate in the company's events and even our manager's birthday lunch, I got invited to tag along as well ^^ Feeling super blessed for that!

Overall, I did learn many things, despite I only spent a month there. This fact alone is enough to make me feel really grateful. AND TO THOSE AWESOME PEOPLE from the office who treated me sooooooooo nicely, THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Especially Amanda and Kelvin! You both are the BEST ♥

It's hard to express how thankful I am throughout this whole month in words but you have the rough idea right?! I'm feeling like x748327095438920340937584375871478394320432 times grateful in the inside.

THANK YOU ALL ♥ You know who you are ♥

Ending this post with photos that I took with some amazing people in the office. Too bad I didn't have the chance to take photo with everyone because they were so busy with the year end closing things. BUT......I promise I will remember every single one of you, I sincerely will ♥

And I shall remember the keys that accompanied me throughout that one whole month as well *smirks*

Again, thank you everyone for all the teachings and memories ♥ Gonna miss y'all ♥

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Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom ~Marcel Proust

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