#Addiction in Real Person


Today I'm blogging about my #Addiction Daphne Froggy!!!! *drums rolling please*

Before you ask me what's that hashtag about, for your information, #Addiction is a PERSON! A fashion blogger from Japan in fact. Read a summary-but-not-so-summary-story here please.

After knowing her for nearly 2 years, virtually - through blogs, whatsapp, kakaotalk, instagram, dayre....finally we met each other, for real, in person!!!!

She's like the very first netfriend that I got to know and got to be close to.

I was really excited to meet up with her. Since she's back in Malaysia for her wedding, I knew that she had a very tight schedule, but still she told me that she had reserved a day specially for #Addictions! So I called it D-ADDICTION DAY. We decided to meet up at Sunway Pyramid~

I felt so sorry for her because I was late for the appointment time. The truth was, she arrived earlier than expected AND...the reason (I lied to her in face) I was sooooo freaking late because...I went to find her wedding present :/ Unfortunately that shop which I found had already closed down and I couldn't find it anywhere, that's why by the time I realized that it's not there anymore, I was already late by 30mins. And she told me that she's watching Santa Clause LOL!

I spotted #Addiction when I was on the upper floor. I couldn't have made a mistake in recognizing her even though I hadn't seen her in person, BUT that fashion style....it's definitely her!!

So I went to her back and texted her...

Are you wearing white?
Red bag?

Then she looked left and right yet still couldn't find me..until she turned to the back :p


Gosh! She's soooooo gorgeous in real person!!! I know perfectly well that she's gorgeous already anyway, just that in real person she's like x42378574467268957542054756473234989 times prettier!

The first thing she told me was "You are smaller size than I thought!"


Guess I just burst the bubble in her head. I had no idea why did she even think that I'm tall, I told her beforehand that I'm just 160cm :p So...not my fault...blame her imagination then!
I gave #Addiction this macaroon mug that I bought all the way from Melbourne. When I first spotted this mug, I had been struggling whether to buy it or not, because its price is actually quite expensive for a mug. Spending so much on a mug sounds a bit stupid to me, BUT....it's just too cute to resist. In the end, I bought 2. One for myself and one for #Addiction!

She posted this photo on Dayre without tagging me so I didn't know until Chanwon babe told me about it ♥ What a surprise!

And she wrote this as caption ♥♥ So touched :'D

Then we went to Paparich to eat Nasi Lemak and Curry Mee. Actually only Daphne ate them, I only drank honey lemon HAHA!
My babe playing with her phone!

Our first photo together!!

Argh...this #Addiction, I wonder who gives her the right to stand behind me when her face is already soooooo small!!!!!!! ISHHH

Pro-selca queen in action!

Can I pinch her please!! She's sooo kawaii!

First time seeing a Christmas tree with flowers! HAHA!

Still wanna bend down so she can have smaller face ARGHHH!

HEHE!! I love this photo despite the fact that my face is the size of a roti canai ><"

Makeup of the day...quite stress to meet my #Addiction because she's such a fashionista but I'm not. However, in the end I settled with a very very simple one because I don't want to look too dramatic. Since she's #Addiction, I thought showing her the more natural side of me is better~ Plus, she's going to see me in my pajamas after a few days as I'm having a sleepover with her, so I better don't show up with a drastic difference :p

Although meeting up with #Addiction was only for a few hours, seeing her in real person was a bit unbelievable to me. Is just like...I'm so used to seeing the virtual her on the net, like her photos, 2D, in short, and now she's 3D and could even talk to me, I was taken aback a little by that fact x) Yet, it was nice meeting her!!! Really nice!!!

This sweetie then sent me this at night~ AWWWWW~~~~

WOAHH...she said "I'm real"~ I shall take that as a compliment, and to clear things up a bit...real means...I really do act insane in real life, and not just in vlogs, so that's why she said that! Especially she saw me dancing to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream out of a sudden when I heard that song in the mall HAHA!! That makes me unsteady :p I know I know~ I'm that kind of girl who doesn't know how to take care of her image :p 

Next post will be on #Addiction's wedding ^^ So stay tuned! And there'll be another gorgeous princess Chanwon in it too!!! 

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  1. you're so outstanding in your own. keep it well done!

  2. can't wait to read ur next post! I really can't stop myself but to say that Daphne is really so pretty gorgeous!! I knew I mention this before, but I sitll can't stop mention it~~ LOL. I won't mention it if I comment during the next post. Maybe I will use other adj, LOL



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