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It's been a dreadfully long time since I last did a blog collaboration with my blogger sweeties! Click here to read our previous collaborations ♥ We even have a What's In My Bag collaboration!!! Awww~ I miss them so much! 

The other day Maple proposed the idea of doing a blog collaboration on our makeup pouches because she's curious about what we all keep as collections. I am curious as well! That's why I agreed *evil laugh*

Here it is!!!

My makeup pouch is just an ordinary toiletry bag that my mom brought home from Genting's Hotel :p She used to bring her foreign customers to visit Genting whenever they came over to Malaysia for their business trips. She went there so many times until my house cabinet has quite a number of this toiletry bag!

To make it less boring, I added some studs myself. Bought the studs from eBay with a dirt cheap price.

And added a Michael Jackson keychain which I made myself when I was in high school!

I have to pinpoint that my makeup pouch is not at all glamorous with loads of branded things and tonnes of colourful you might find it boring...I suppose :3 

Eye shadow crayons given by my friend in Australia for my 19th birthday.

My eyeliners. The one with blue lid is a waterproof one - I just use it to draw temporary tattoos on my hands! The one with silver lid is the one which I use to draw my usual eyeliners!

I never intended to COLLECT cosmetics because I don't think I will need them BUT these shimmering eyeliners are totally irresistable. At only 2.50 Aussie dollar for each, tell me how can I not buy them? They can work as eyeshadows too if you blend them out. That's why I collected all of them except for brown colour (because brown is boring....IMO)


Eyelash curler, eyebrow shaver, eyebrown plucker

My lip glosses

Double eyelid stickers. Someone told me that double eyelids will grow out itself after sticking the stickers for a period of time so I'm trying hard!

Pocket mirror is ALSO related to Korea. Talk about hardcore please *smirk*

Bracelets that I bring everywhere because you never know when they come in handy. These 2 are my favourites! Sometimes I will bring along one or two earrings but I've become lazier so none of them at the moment.

These are probably the most unglam things in my makeup pouch and I guess nobody keeps these things in makeup pouches except for me LOL! 

From right: "Kua-Sha" (saw my favourite blogger Rachell blogged about getting slimmer legs with Kua-Sha, so I bought one and keep it with me so I can use it whenever I'm watching Korean dramas), blackhead strips & tooth floss.

My concealer. I can't live without this thing.

Realize that I don't have a foundation and blusher? Because with my concealer, I don't think I need them, but, I'm actually prepared to buy in foundation and blusher AFTER I CONSULT MY #ADDICTION!

Who knows she might make me change everything in my makeup pouch after the next few weeks! HAHA! I'm prepared to do as she says anyway :p

That's all for today! Off to watch Korean drama now ^^

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  1. Your makeup is not boring at all! (I love that MJ keychain you added!)
    You actually have a lot in your bag and all of it looks very nice! I love your shimmering eyeliners and it's so cool that you use silver to line your eyes, I've used white, but never tried silver. I have the same Nivea chapstick and yes, I heard from a few people (including michelle phan, the youtuber) that using the tape for a long time will give you double lids so keep at it! I would try it, but I always forget!
    hehe, I only use concealer for the most part too! Your skin looks really good so why cover it?!

    What drama are you watching right now? I am watching hi my sweetheart and after I come back from my vacation, I will be starting Just you! I already have seen the first episode and the music is so good in the drama and aaron is super cute and mature looking in it!!



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