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The story started off like this.....

(I THINK IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN, the official beginning of this topic started in my WeChat conversation with Wen Xi, but since it's too troublesome to go through the chat history, let's just take a minute break and kindly assume this is the real start, okay? :3)

Therefore, this post you are reading is FINALLY our collaboration. Our very first collaboration ^^

Since Wen Xi doesn't have any piercings, we decided to narrow down the range and just blog about everything except earrings.

PS: Thank goodness, I have NO idea how am I suppose to do a blog post on my earrings~ Will keep on thinking x)

Let's start off with MY collection first ^^ 

This is how I store my accessories. In food storage boxes. Yes, I purposely bought it while I was doing grocery shopping a few months ago because I couldn't stand all of my accessories got jumbled up in a mess >< 2 boxes of earrings are excluded :p

This is my ALL time favourite!! I guess by now you guys already know that I'm a hard core BLING BLING fan :3 

I got this from Bangkok's China Town at only RM7.50 (around 2.5 dollar) Now I regret for not buying more of it T__T

It looks like that in real life ^^

So happy I finally got both of these. Peace sign one bought from eBay last year. Christ sign one from Kpopmart. 

I usually wear both of them together on the same wrist. Now these 2 are the most worn bracelets among my entire collection. 

Wrist bands! 

(from left) Given my beloved Youtube idol Dave Days > music notes and piano (bought it cause I thought they look like Christina Grimmie's > glow-in-the-dark fake Adidas bought from night market > Chung Ling High School Scouts gathering (can glow in the dark too) > random RM1 bangle from Vincci & Co.

A bit inspired by Jang Keun Suk's from Mary Stayed Out All Night :p 

Though it's not really similar >< Oh well...

Blue skull bracelet (left) given by my #BADInfluence Erica 

Black star bracelet (right) is an Avril Lavigne thing. 

WHY CAN'T I FIND THE OTHER COLOURS T____T The black and white one is totally AMAZING!

A gift from my friend Sunny bought from Taobao...reason behind this...


My pretty blogger friend Nicole once blogged about this hemp rope bracelet which was the reason why I bought it from eBay.

It's like this! I gave it to Kimmi Smiles last year and she wore it in one of her music videos. I gave one to Dave Days for no epic reason :p 

Koala bear bracelet (left) bought from Philip Island few years ago because I wanted to get a souvenir in Melbourne. Who the hell knows right now I'm living here >< What's the use of a souvenir @@

Vintage bracelet (right) given by my BFF Cassandra. According to her, the stars on the bracelet represent my nickname 별 ("Pyol" which means Star in Korean) that was given by her :3

DIY "EEL" bracelet (top) made by cousin upon my request. Jang Keun Suk's fans are called "eels" FYI~
Bali-style bracelet (bottom) is a souvenir that I got for myself with my name on it when I went to Bali 2 years ago ;)

Here comes my necklace collection ^^ 

I left my Tinklebell one in Malaysia :/ 

(from left) necklace from Shaggie 언니 > Yong Hwa oppa lookalike necklace (also given by Sunny, bought from Taobao) > 1.2 dollar guitar necklace (just couldn't resist)

Cute one!! See the necklace!

Can someone tell me where can I find Christina Grimmie's headset necklace PLEASE?!?!

Elsha kept on urging me to purchase this because it's freaking 1 dollar xD #girlsjustcantresistsales

(from left) Pink and white ring-shaped necklace from Bangkok China Town RM3.5 > gift from my Aunty > free gift from a shop > gift from my Aunty again > gift from Sunny again from Taobao (it matches with my Yong Hwa oppa lookalike earrings) 

(left) Originally was my mom's bought from Bangkok China Town but she said she's uncomfortable with such eye-catching accessory, so IT'S MINE! 

(right top) free gift from a random shop 

(right bottom) can't resist starry things!

(from left) Originally belonged to mom bought from Bangkok China Town but I didn't know why she put it in my collection bag so I brought it along to Melbourne last year > guitar necklace (big) > guitar necklace (tiny) 


Gift from mom's godsister...seems like some very expensive gift, although it's not really my style (obviously ... duh...), I have to take good care of it!

The 3 pendants on the left share the same chain, so I just change around when I wanna wear them. Snowflake necklace I won from eBay bidding for only 1.8 dollar ^^

My favourite necklace! Also given by Sunny bought from Taobao! 

For those who had watched the famous Korean drama You're Beautiful, I am sure you will be familiar with this necklace.

This is a very very very messy bunch. I know I have a funny way of storing them :p Since they are not made of metal chains, I decided to just chuck them into my closet on a single hanger (main reason: I don't have enough food storage boxes and can't be bothered to buy more)

Left most blue necklace is a gift from mom 

2nd (from left), 3rd and right most necklaces are my farewell gifts, from Beads Zone 

4th (from left) and 6th were bought from Beads Zone by myself

5th guitar one was from eBay. Screw Terry for bragging about which made me desperate to have one too!

These are very memorable <3

Red guitar pick necklace (left most) was a gift from my godsister for those who attended her Sweet 15 Birthday Party. 

I was the one who modified the idea of bottle cap necklaces after seeing them being sold at freaking 20 dollars each online. We made similar ones for our High School canteen day but later on I futher modified them to be way nicer *flipping hair proudly*

(left) gift from my ex-roommate Narra, bought from Philippines

(right) gift from #BADInfluence Erica's mommy

Coming up next is my ring collection ^^ 

HAHA! My storage box for my rings! Talk about environmental friendly! REUSE REUSE REUSE!

I must keep everything in individual packets...EVERYTHING! EVERY SINGLE ACCESSORY!

My favourite rings!!!! 

These are Jang Keun Suk lookalike ones! 

He wore it in his Magic Drag MV. 

Notice from my Jang Keun Suk's 25th birthday blog post, at that point, I just owned only 1 of those rings. Later on, I decided to get another one from eBay as backup :X Hardcore much huh!

I paired the ring with the my favourite star necklace like this!!! 

Free rings from a random shop upon my purchase. I lost the yellow one :/

This is the only ring that I wear on my thumbs xD

All from eBay at only 99cents each, except the Penguin opal ring which is from Philip Island together with the Koala bracelet mentioned above. 

I wear this ring most of the time! Literally! Read the story of this ring here (part 1) and here (part 2)! That's why I really cherish this ring!

Well...I guess that's all for today's blog post, I hope you enjoy looking at my collection :3 Now you can see I'm more of a 1 dollar, 2 dollars person rather than going after expensive things. 

To me, I feel these accessories come and go very easily, what's the point of buying expensive ones from the stores. Most of the time, I can find similar products on eBay at MUCH CHEAPER PRICES! Why pay more?!?! *clearing throat, typical Accounting student speaking LMAO*

By the way....Can someone PLEASE tell me where can I get this necklace? Grimmie's guitar pick necklace. I can't find multiple guitar pick necklace anywhere.



Probably now you may have noticed, Christina Grimmie is really a GREAT inspiration for me. She even inspires me on necklaces!!!!

Now let's take a look at Wen Xi's collection. Let's see how many Milo tins do I need to get for her when I see her in near future :p 

☮ Quote to share:-
You just got to love yourself, and love who you are, and know what you are doing is fine ~Christina Grimmie



  2. OMG YOu have so many awesome accessories!! I super love the hemp rope bracelet, and the starry necklaces. I'm mad about wing accessories too, and the ones you have are so pretty! Now I think I need to shop for some accessories on taobao... lol

  3. wow you have a huge collection of accessories! They look great on you :D

    Just followed your blog and looking forward for more interesting posts from you ;)

    Lizzie (

  4. wow so many accessories LOL!

  5. OMG that is a huge collection O.o
    i loveeee Jang Geun Suk <333

  6. Whoa, that's a huge collection! I think it's super cool that you sent a piece to Dave days, ahah <3

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  7. lol at your ring storage box AHAHA!!

  8. @violinistxixi: urs oso a lot la~ just that we collect different style only! urs is BIG, like literally...all ur necklaces so eyecatching de :3

    @lauraleia: u can try ebay as well! they have really good deals most of the time!

    @lizzie: thank u for the support ^^ nice to meet u too :D

    @ken: it's never enough for a girl haha :p

    @lauren renturquise: high 5 EEL!!!!

    @june l: he used it as a necklace though :'D haha

    @ZL-Ching: yeah talk about environmental friendly hahaha~!



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