St. Kilda Day

Mom's here in Melbourne NOW! For one week....And I'm heading to Sydney on Tuesday morning.

MAYBE I won't be able to blog so frequently anymore because I have to be her "tour guide" around. BUT, I will try my best to blog once I have the time kay? :3

Anyway, since today's her first day in Melbourne, we headed to St Kilda beach to check out its Sunday market. I have been in Melbourne for 1 and a half year already but I have never been to St Kilda nor I have the intention to go because I am merely too lazy to go that far. I'm pretty studious FYI and I'm darn proud of that x)

I didn't choose to believe the weather forecast shown on my desktop background! DAMN look at the sky...everytime when I chose to follow it then it wouldn't rain BUT this time it DID rain T__T Annoyed much!

A stall selling stickers and magnets! 5 for $15AUD! *facepalm*

Most of the sellers packed up and ran away as the rain came >< Only a few stalls left! 

Escape from the rain at the tram stop :/

Well to me, I personally don't find these stalls any special because I had seen their products at the summer night market few months back and their prices are shocking!! 

Spotted this dog chewing a poodle plushie. Scared me to death! I thought the dog was chewing a real living poodle LMAO~

St Kilda gave me the "peaceful" feeling~ But, it's way too far from the city, despite the fact that I like the surroundings there, I won't want to live there though... 

Guitar god Steve Vai is going to perform here!!! I saw his poster!!! I really wanna go watch him LIVE but the tickets are too expensive T___T Screw Aussie dollar!!!

So, now I finally saw the famous LUNA PARK big mouth entrance. It's more like a 血盆大口 (big bloody mouth - direct translation)!! 

Failed to shoot a selca with the big bloody mouth >< 

Fine, I shall just leave IT alone!

Or rather it should just leave ME alone :/

What a complicated encounter I had with the big bloody mouth of Luna Park ==''

Spotted many small but cozy cafes at St Kilda *drooling*

All these sensational pastries~~~

I would die for this! Too adorable!

Very special deco for a hair salon. Reminded me of Los Angeles' Universal Studios or the area before arriving at Niagara Falls.

Mom was in awe with all those varieties. Ended up buying nothing though :p

Everyone on the streets were digging their pockets for their mobiles to snap photo of this came-out-from-no-where-riding-a-horse guy. Apparently I was one of them :p 

Cute graffiti you don't get to see everyday *ignore me puh-lea-se*

Finally found a seat in a crowded small cafe. Every where was full.

HAHA...You can see my mom's hair behind my head :p

Now I suppose you are busy wiping the saliva that's coming out from the corner of your lips :p 

Mom was busy taking photos of Yarra River; as for me having nothing to do, of course it's selca time :p

Tonight's dinner! I'm really really full even till now (3.5 hours after dinner already) that's why I am here updating my blog although I'm rather sleepy. NO SLEEPING BECAUSE I'M STILL VERY FULL :S


Let's side track a little :3

There are a few things that made my day today :) And I am always very grateful that there are small things that can make me smile in my random days, that's why I wanna share it with you guys here....


BUT....I wanna share! Bear with me xD

#1. Wen Xi made my day! I practically jumped when I saw her blog post.

The red underline part nearly made me cry! I never imagine some nobody like me will be able to make someone like my blog, especially what I do is talk crap! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT WEN XI ♥♥

#2. I called back to Malaysia to surprise Jia Yee.

This cutie pie junior who I love A LOT! I really appreciate her random text messages. Although I'm far away in Melbourne, she sometimes will send me cute SMSes or Whatsapp messages. Very cheesie little girl! I love her lots! 

Since yesterday she texted me again, I wanted to give her a phone call to surprise her but I fell asleep while waiting for her to reply my Whatsapp. I actually wanted to make her phone ring while she's halfway typing the reply for me. And today, I did it! Not just her, I even talked to another cutie pie Yu Mei! I miss them lots. 

This Jia Yee really knows how to "bribe" me for my love with all her sweet messages! That's the reason why I cannot not love her...YOU TELL ME!! 

#3. Shuwen came up with a funny statement that made me laugh like mad in Facebook inbox!

Shuwen: gummy bears so sweet
Fion: bearable la
Shuwen: BEARable

If you get our joke x))) 

#4. So touched upon receiving a notification on Facebook, from the Eels Family's admin.

I used to be an active spammer who spams a lot of Jang Keun-Suk's photos to share with the other fans but lately I'm so busy with my life until I stopped spamming. However, as the fan club expands with more and more fans, the admin still hasn't forgotten me. Really touched ♥♥ Teary eyes! Quite literally. I promise to appear more often if possible :')


I really feel blessed to be able to receive so much love from the people around me. People who appreciate me for who I am. People who make me smile with simple random craps. And I am thankful that I finally came to realization that it is essential to appreciate the small little things that are happening in my life. These are the things that make every single living day as precious as ever. I love you all. Thank you for everything. God bless you. XOXO

☮ Quote to share:-
Happiness comes without a price tag...It's the little things that matter.


  1. Love this post! Hahaha!! I laughed so much at this "Mom was in awe with all those varieties. Ended up buying nothing though :p"
    I think I'm in love with you mom! Hahahahaha!

    But seriously I love your blog and the way you write! :))))))) and I love you too~~ mwahmwahhhh! :))))

    1. hahahah this post is literally crap post lai de la hahahha :p LOVE U TOO MUAKSSS XOXO

  2. Pretty girl :P
    Hope one day i can visit your town

    1. COME COME ALWAYS WELCOME U TO VISIT MELBOURNE ^^ let's hang out for a cup of coffee ^^



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