Japanese Festival Volunteering Work 2013

2 Sundays ago, I went for a volunteering work at a Japanese Festival at Boxhill. Well, initially I decided to sign up for this volunteering work was because I thought I would be able to meet a lot of Japanese friends (and probably some Japanese hot guy lol) 

Turned out it wasn't a BIG scale event and I got bored after wandering a while >< Nevertheless, I got to know a few new friends, which made that day quite worthy eventually.

Anyway, I don't have much to talk about in this post. So, I'll let the photos do the talking :3 

#1 In the train, slacking...

#2 Couldn't sleep so decided to selca




#6 Finally arrived at Boxhill Train station.

Thanks to Terry who came to pick us up because none of us knew how to head to the Town Hall ><

#7 Somehow like a flea market



#10 Some cosplay thing and the sales girl was explaining to me so enthusiastically and I felt bad for her because I don't have a tiniest bit of interest at all :p

#11 Some random leaf that I picked up from the floor

#12 Just love the logo

#13 As I read from Doraemon comics, this is what Nobita always wants :p

#14 Wicked handcraft!






#20 Saw this cute little girl and I "thick skin-ly" went up to ask for a photo with her

#21 Can't remember the Japanese phrase for this thing even though I learnt before in class.
It's a Japanese carp which symbolizes health and happiness (something like that IF not mistaken)

#22 Primary school kid's art work - Onigiri :3

#23 Another wicked handcraft thing

#24 Random flowers outside the townhall

#25 Kids playing drums


#27 Bonsai




#31 Traditional dance, which is so not my thing so I didn't watch at all ><






#37 Keychains!!!

#38 Cupcakes. Not quite. SOAP!!! Told you their handcrafting skills are WICKED!

Why I keep using that word WICKED, wonder where I learnt it from ><


#40 Another wicked DIY stall.....Actually felt like buying one because it's so KAWAII....but so expensive T___T

#41 According to my friend, that's the Japanese kids' yoyo (the water balloon the kid is holding)

#42 That yoyo came in different colours. See the blue container at the back.

#43 Free ocha for lunch

#44 Free bento for us!!! The volunteers!!!




#48 This reminds me of Doraemon's comic :p

#49 Cosplay....Just thought that he looked kinda eye catching (although I didn't know and still don't know what's his character)



#52 Group photo

Eventually I got bored with my own team, so I wandered off to the other "department" and they welcomed me warmly and I had fun with them!

#53 Eri. New friend that I met, a Japanese girl but grew up in Taiwan. She's so cute because she said despite the fact that she grew up in Taiwan, the only Taiwan singer she knows is Jay Chou == And I laughed my head off!

#54 Jessica. I thought she's Korean but she's Australian. IMO she looks like F(X)'s Amber :p 

Ok so that's all for this post.
Truthfully, the festival itself was pretty boring and I didn't enjoy myself in my own team. However, I had lots of fun at the other new team and got to know a few friends as well!!! ^^ So....In conclusion, I shall say that day was totally worth it :)


  1. omg cupcake soapsssss that one so nice!!!!!!!
    *die of hyperventilating*
    and and and I got the mini "japanese-yoyo" keychain on my pencil case right now. It was a gift from my Japanese ex-roommate. That time I dunno what is that thing about. Now I know. LOLLLL.

  2. 看起来很好玩!哈哈!



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