May Coordinates

To my astonishment, May FLEW past way faster than I thought T___T

In exactly a week's time, I will be having my very first exam in University @@ Wonder how it would be >< Even the examination venue is NOT in the University, have to use Google Map to find out.

Anyway.....As the title says, this post is about what I wore in May :p

Love my Michael Jackson tee!!! Got it from Bangkok, some rocker and punk shop (which was pretty intimidating for a girl to enter on her own :p)

I wore this outfit while filming my #Blackout Vlog. Watch the video below~

Galaxy jacket from Sungai Wang
Top from (I forgot already)
Ice cream gradient pants from Valley Girl bought from Docklands at only $3.5 ^^

Mom bought this Top for me and asked my friend to deliver to Melbourne. Don't know where she got it from but it's my very first KOREAN style top :p HEHE!
Leggings from Hatyai

Top and pants from Bangkok Platinum Mall
Top given by my mom's friend, from Japan. Doesn't look like my kind of thing but I like it anyway.
Velvet tights from eBay
Bag from Rubi
Jacket from Bangkok
Top from Tent at Melbourne Central
Jeans from Apple Mint
Top and Shorts both from Bangkok
Top from Bangkok Platinum Mall. I'm quite fanatic with Unicorns lately! :p 
Shorts given by my mom's friend, so I don't know where they are from anyway :p


May was all about assignments! Got literally chased by due dates >< OMG!

And also, another RANDOM thing to share with you guys. This is a RANDOM (note that word RANDOM) practice session that we were doing the other day. My 2nd K-Pop dance >> WHAT'S YOUR NAME by 4 Minute.

See my 1st one here~

Ignore the stupid me >< HAHA!!

Ending with our group photo from the last K-Pop dance class of the first semester :3

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet you, on the internet :D

    btw, you got so many casings! The doraemon one is so cute ;)



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