Happy Mother's Day

So here comes the day when people starting posting "I LOVE YOU MOM" on social networks ><

Yeap, it's MOTHER'S DAY for crying out loud today.

The other day as I walked into an Asian grocery shop, I heard them playing Jay Chou's song. At that point I suddenly have the urge to download all Jay Chou's songs to sync into my iPod. And hereby I am sharing one of his songs that I really like, which is 聽媽媽的話 because I find the lyrics very very very meaningful (the main reason why I'm posting this is because of Mother's Day alright....that's the truth...so I recommend you hit the play button so you can have the song to accompany you as you read through my blog post :p)

I have to pinpoint, the lyrics are EXTREMELY meaningful.

When I was (not even) 4, my mom enrolled me in an English class. At 6, she enrolled me in piano class and Ice-skating class. At that point, I had the immature thinking that mom actually had the intention to screw up my peaceful life without any epic reason because I couldn't slack that much anymore.

When I entered primary school, my mom was very concerned with my studies. She checked my homework and kept an eye on me while I was studying. She wanted me to study every single day, even weekends and had everything done before I could watch TV.

When exams were near, she made me do tonnes of revision and also lots of tutorial questions. I was pretty afraid of the after-exam days because whenever my marks were not up to her expectation I would get scolded. I remembered very clearly there was one time when I was 7, I got 93 for English and I got scolded very badly as I went home feeling very proud of myself. Mom scolded me because I didn't look at the question properly and did a stupid mistake by stating eyebrow as eyelashes and vice versa. When I was 8, I got 95 for Maths and I cried in class upon receiving that mark. At that point, my teacher was very curious and concerned because I cried very badly and I told her that my mom would scold me if she found out that the reason why I got 95 was because I wrote 10-1=11. When I entered junior high, it was my first encounter with Science and I got the lowest mark in my personal record - 88. At that time, I got scolded again because the highest mark in class was 98. From that day onwards, mom made sure I study Science every single day. No matter how busy I was with other subjects, I still had to study Science. 

Moreover, my mom was also concerned about my co-curriculum activities. She made me participate in as many competitions as possible, typically those speech giving competitions.

At that point I seriously couldn't understand why my mom just couldn't leave me alone and let me have a peaceful and carefree life. However, as I grow older, I know what were her real intentions already. To explain it in a shorter way >>> for my own good. 

Yeah, that sounds pretty cliche right, but that's entirely true.

I'm not trying to boast here by any means, but just to express how much I appreciate what my mom did to me since I was young. Right now, I'm old enough to tell you I am able to appreciate everything already and not freaking think that my mom had nothing to do therefore she wanted to screw up my life or some kind of shitty interpretations ><

I am thankful that my mom enrolled me in that English class. If it wasn't for her, I might not be able to speak as fluent as I can now and I might not be able to type this blog post in English (although I still think that my English sucks a lot). And also, my so Malaysian English is not as Malaysian as Malaysians! (if you get what I mean ROFL!)

I am thankful that my mom enrolled me in Ice-Skating class because those classes were pretty expensive and she even bought me a pair of white skating shoes which were approximately RM600 or so. And when I returned home with bruises, she would help me put the Chinese oilment on them and helped me massage. 

I am thankful that my mom enrolled me in piano class. Despite the fact I don't really know how to appreciate piano, overall it is still pretty helpful for me because at least I have a tiny bit of basic knowledge about music.

I am thankful that my mom checked my homework and wanted me to do well in exams. Because if it wasn't for her, I think I would have become a 10000000% slacker who lies around at home doing nothing every single day, or probably just scrolling Facebook and stalking bloggers and also watching Youtube. Because of her keeping an eye on me since young, I have already developed a habit of studying constantly every day (alright I admit not 100% everyday, but its around 90% okay).

I am thankful that my mom scolded me when I did stupid mistakes in my exams (even though I personally think that those marks were still quite satisfying) because she made me realise that no matter how small a careless mistake is, it has the potential to screw up whatever you are doing. Not just in exams, but in real live, everything that we do, regardless it is careless mistake or not, we are the ones who have to bear the consequences. So, rather be cautious and alert than regret later on.

I am thankful that my mom made me study Science every single day. Because eventually, I got the highest-mark-in-Science-subject award for 3 years, continuously. 

I am thankful that my mom made me participate in so many competitions in primary school because that was the way how I received my little "fame" in school LOL! No...just joking~ From those competition, I grew a bit of confidence and courage to speak in front of a crowd.

I am thankful that my mom kept an eye on me and made me study every single day because she was the reason why I eventually could get the first place in my year.

Actually I quite regret that it took me such a pitifully LONG time to realise that my mom actually did all those just for my own sake. Right now, if I could have a time machine to go back to the past, I would ask my mom to enroll me in Japanese class and Korean class and also ask her to force me to continue going for piano classes. IF ONLY I COULD DO SO~~~


But, at least I realise now, took me around + - 6 or 7 years. Luckily not 16 or 17 years, that would be pretty awful x(

I have to admit that I do not like getting scolded at all. And I bet nobody does anyway. No matter how pissed you are when you got nagged or scolded by your mom, it's alright to feel angry, but do not blurt out things that can hurt your mom's feelings. Moms actually know that you will be pissed at them and may be even cursing them behind their backs (kids nowadays...) when they nag and scold you but because they care, that's why they can't stop themselves from doing so. They rather you blame them at first rather than you dealing with all the sufferings in the end. Just like what I said just now: when I was young I thought that my mom wanted to torture me and make my life miserable; when I have grown up, I realise that she was doing everything for me so that I can be more independent in the future.

I am 19 years old right now. Instead of my mom screwing up my life, it is the exact opposite. My existence turned her life upside down. Without me, her life would've been much more carefree and stress-free. This applies to everyone's mom as well.

Thus, remember, we only have 1 mother. We can find new friends and new boyfriends or new girlfriends, but we can never ever find a new mother. Some of the things that are unsaid, some of the things that are undone should be said AND done when you still have the chance. If you can buy a new wallet for your boyfriend and if you can buy your girlfriend a candlelight dinner, I am sure doing the same to your mom is not out of capability AT ALL.......If you know what to do right now, then JUST DO IT. Don't wait. Time doesn't wait anyway. If you wanna do it, you will find reasons; if you don't have the heart to do it, all you will find is a bunch of excuses. 

For me, I am not someone who is that good with words and actions in real life. I argue with my mom, and I rebel towards her on purpose (typically with the issue of getting new piercings and filled up half of my ear) but no matter what crazy shit that I do, I still love my mom from the very bottom of my heart because she is the reason why I am here on this planet. She is the reason why I have the chance to experience all the happiness and get all the blessings from amazing people in my life. Without her, I won't be here at all.

I can't really do and say cheesy things to my mom because I will have goosebumps but at least now I have found a channel to express my thoughts to her, which is right here, on my blog. The least I can do is to dedicate a wordy blog post to her on this special day. Too bad she is still on a business trip in China right now and China doesn't allow access to Blogger, so by the time she sees this, Mother's Day will be over :/ However, at least I did finished writing on Mother's Day, so that should count...I guess x)


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