I suppose you guys might be wondering why is the title of this post so damn weird. First of all, I have to clarify that this hash tag has absolutely nothing to do with my crazy obsessions over guitars, idols or whatsoever.

#Addiction = DAPHNE FROGGY. 

She is one of my best friends. However, I have never ever met her before.

I guess you might be thinking there's something wrong with me! How can I see some one as my best friend if I have never met her before.

Frankly speaking, if this wasn't happening to me, I would have think that this is just some ridiculous and nonsensical statement BUT it IS happening to me. I hereby assure you that YES, I have never met my #Addiction before and worse still, I have never ever talked to her before, not even on phone or Skype or WeChat, but that doesn't stop me from loving her. 

Sometimes, she is a glamorous blogger whom I look up to~
If you have ever dropped by her blog or Instagram, you would have noticed she really is a fashionista, very literally.
Sometimes, she is like a best friend to me~
She shares with me cute things on Whatsapp and we talked about bloggers like fan girls and we also talked about shopping and rant about our lives on Whatsapp and Facebook.
Sometimes, she is like a sister to me~
She will tell me to take care of myself and give me advice whenever I seek help from her.

Actually, I have no blogging plans at all lately because I am being swarmed with assignments BUT today upon stalking #Addiction's blog, I was inspired to dedicate a post to her. 

I always thought that I am just like a microorganism living in this planet alone. I always thought that nobody understands me and nobody cares about me. Plus, I also thought that I don't need them to care about me because I am capable enough to do whatever I want to do.

Very frequently I will hear people telling me that my socializing skills are good because I SEEM TO be able to get along with every single person quite well. And from a third person's point of view, I am good friends with everyone. However, today, the first time I admit, No, I'm Not.

Seriously...I don't know whether is my problem or what, but people around me doesn't seem to care....

Friendship, to me is a very valuable yet complicated element. You can easily build up a friendship with someone, even a stranger can be your friend in a blink of eye. Nevertheless, how can you remain the friendship is a completely different issue.

Recently, I realised that quite a few of the so called "good/best" friends parted quite far away from me. I don't know what's going on between us but it just happened. Some of them are old friends and some of them are new friends. 

As I recalled, last time when I first befriended them, we also got together very well quite rapidly and people who look at us would be thinking that we knew each other since a long time ago. We would text each other on Whatsapp every single day even though we meet every day. We would go school together or meet in school and sit in classes together. We would tell each other that "hey, it's weird that I feel like I haven't seen you for so long even though it's just one or two days". We would typically arrange a meetup time and went out for lots of selca without any epic reason just to collect photos. Tonnes of things that we actually plan to do when we are free, now are being left hanging in the air.

These kind of incidents happen a lot in my life. I am that kind of person who will get pretty attached to people whenever I am able to get along with them. This is because I feel that friends, are brought together because the God wants us to be together, thus he brought us together via FATE. However, as friends come in and out of my life just like some kind of tissue papers, I start to lose trust already. Nowadays, I will tell myself to not rely too much on people because they won't be with me forever. Even though someone regard themselves as your "good/best" friends, they don't have the obligation to ask you out whenever they are heading out for fun. They don't share the good things with you. They don't share their problems with you. They slowly don't include you in their lives anymore. The things that still remain are some casual Hi-n-Byes and some random convos that won't last for more than 10 minutes.

Through this, I realised that the word FRIENDSHIP is actually VERY FRAGILE.
Time is the knife that cuts through this thin membrane and everything from the past will become memories and soon those memories will become histories. And whenever you look back at them, you will feel that they are just plain ridiculous. Because it sort of explains that ---> because you don't see each other, you have less to talk about, and slowly you have nothing to talk about at all, therefore your relationships become from best friends to friends and later on to near strangers. Ironic isn't it?!

Daphne is a really special person to me. Like mentioned, I never met her before nor talked to her virtually before. Our interactions are all through the net and iPhone apps and blogging. That's all. However, I feel that she treats me really differently. To some extent, she treats me even better than how my friends treat me in real life.

She will think of me when she sees something that I like - she tags me photos of JKS's exhibition things when she saw them; she purposely added in JKS things into the prize that I won from her blog's trivia. Just like today, she blogged about Korean Fashion, and she even mentioned me in her blog post because she knows perfectly well that I worship everything is related to Korea/Koreans (which is the main inspiration for me to dedicate this bloody wordy post to her).

She will think of me when she sees something nice - there was once I received a very cute teddy bear photo from her on Whatsapp and she said she sent me because it was cute; and she sent me Emoda and Murua background photos so that I could set them as backgrounds for my new iPhone. Although eventually I never use those backgrounds because I used my K-Pop idols, I will never ever forget about  her sending me those photos. It might seem to be some tiny deeds that someone may forget at the back of their brain in an hour, but not for me, that is certain.

She silently added my blog onto her blogroll without telling me and somemore set the link as "#addiction". And even wrote such sweet things to me on her blog.

Because of her, I realised that at least someone does have trust in me. Someone does value my presence. Someone does want me to be in their memories.

There was once she whatsapp me about some problems in her life (actually at that point I was really surprised because she confide her personal problems to someone that she hasn't met before).

The most important one was that she asked me if I would be her bridesmaid during her wedding. This is just like OMG! At that point my first respond was "Hey, are you sure? You haven't met me before de wor....?" I was quite doubtful with her request but she was so confident about it.

Actually at that point, I was really really really touched and I felt so blessed. Wedding is BIG part of one's live and for her to want me to be her bridesmaid, and not just as an invited guest, it really means A LOT to me.

Because of Daphne, I realised that it's alright if some people don't want me in their lives, and I don't have to be sad over that fact as there will be still be someone out there who cherishes me. Daphne showed me that distance and time don't really matter if the friendship between both parties are strong enough to be challenged by these "obstacles". For those who say "oh because I don't see you that often so I feel that there's nothing much for us to talk about, and that's it", I personally feel that they are pretty shallow minded because they don't know how to cherish friendship. And from that attitude of theirs, it can also be suggested that they actually don't value the friendship between both of you as much as you do and sooner or later everything that happened in between will become a joke of the century. You know what?! Daphne and I don't chat every single day, sometimes just once in a week or probably once in a while but that doesn't change anything at all. And bear in mind, we NEVER SEE EACH OTHER BEFORE, which is why the memories between me and her are extremely precious because I feel that the friendship that is built between me and her is sort of extraordinary from my normal friends'.

I really feel blessed for being able to meet someone like Daphne....via the Net. And I do hope that this can change your prejudice towards "netfriends".

From bloggers who just drop casual comments on blogs, to friends who start tweeting and chatting bit by bit on Twitter and Facebook and liking each other's photos on Instagram, to close friends who will share problems and happiness and confide secrets to each other, until now my GOD SISTER.

Thank you ever so much Daphne for loving me unconditionally and I love you lots as well <3

Can't wait to see you in December!

Special add-ons: All the blog posts from my blog and Daphne's that sort of mark our blogging memories~







  1. :))) such a sweet and warm post! loving it! :))))) you'll be the perfect bridesmaid for daphne! :)
    I agree with you on your view of "friends" and it's rare to find someone who is true to you. :)
    Really glad that you found it! :)))))))

  2. T_____________________________________________T

    So early in the morning you make me cry like hell......






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