My First K-Pop Dance!

Hey guys, so sorry for not blogging quite some time ><

Still remember my previous blog post? I actually mentioned that I was going to take part in a dance performance~~~ And now it's over! OMG! Time really flies! It has only been slightly more than a week and it's over~! I actually can't really believe it....It's like we had been so occupied for a few days and now everything is back to normal...Life was pretty hectic as we practiced at least 2 or 3 hours nearly everyday continuously for 5 days. I know perhaps some of you might say that it's not a big deal and that time period might be consider very short and insufficient, but I have to pinpoint that we are just students and we had to rush for class after practice and rush home to finish off assignments and things like that...Moreover, it's my first ever hip hop/K-pop dance, I had some hard time shaking away the ballerina elements in me. To make things worse, my legs were always in pain because it has been a long time since I really exercised hahaha :p

Back to the topic, we were representing the MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY KOREAN STUDENT SOCIETY for our school's night market event!

Song 1: Freakum Dress by Beyonce
Song 2: I Got A Boy by SNSD (Girls Generation)
Song 3 (cut): Gentleman by PSY

I know the dance isn't perfect, and you can actually see that I (ONLY ME) suck at it >< BUT the whole dance thing meant a lot to me - for a non Korean newbie to be given a chance to perform with the super pro seniors and somemore representing the Korean Student WOW is that :p

And through this dance, I actually met a few very AWESOME people and I now have Korean friends already!!


Is just that I am soooo biased towards Korea (sorry I can't help~~ in fact, I am not even sorry by a little bit WTH) and I always hope that I have Korean friends who can share their cultural stuffs with me! :p

Surprisingly we didn't take many photos, in fact this is one of those limited group photos that we have >< Regret for not shooting more with them :/ Everything was in such a rush and everyone was nervous haha :p

Luckily I still managed to take some selca with some of them! All pretty girls!

Renee 언니! She is PRETTY <3 <3 and she loves pink! I always see her with her pinky things :3 hehe...I actually thought that she's Korean because she blends in the society like she's born as a 100% KOREAN! I look up to her!

Linzy 친구 who was sort of my dance partner <3 I didn't know that we are of the same age at first and I kept on calling her 언니 UNTIL I added her on Facebook and I realised that she's a few months younger than me xD OMG! Embarrassing max ><

Yanna 姐!First person who I befriended in the dance group. She's like a caring big sister to me. So thankful that on the first day of the dance practice, she's watching out for me and asking me if everything's alright~ I love her so much!

FYI, she is the hot pretty chic in the performance video <3 

Erica Susanto! Me and her were the only non Korean newbies in the dance group and guess what...this girl can actually understand everything in Korean and she told me she picked up all the words from Korean drama series. I bet she watched LOADS! xD

One thing I regret the most is that I forgot to take photo with our choreographer Chelsea 언니 :/ Chelsea is a very very awesome dancer. She settled everything for us, from choreographing to cutting songs to hair do...EVERYTHING! BIG THANK YOU TO YOU CHELSEA 언니! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join you guys and also thanks for teaching me and correcting me all the time and also thanks for dealing with my dumbness :p

Also...Thanks to my awesome friends who stayed in the cold and windy night to watch my performance. Especially Alanis and Erica! It's really awesome to know that your BEST-est friends would be there to watch you. Erica already said beforehand that she would be going there as a "proud mother" LOL! And now Alanis finally saw me dance since she said she never saw before and according to her Gangnam Style doesn't count!

Also not forgetting my Jio-ing You Now members! Terry for walking me all the way to Chelsea 언니's place and for filming the video, TJ, Ee Sing and Rebecca!

Wei Chern, you lied to me! You told me that you wouldn't stay for me BUT you actually did! Thank you <3 Touched to the max!

And some other people who I might have forgotten at this moment, but will definitely add you in the list after I remember, THANK YOU! Even you weren't there because of me, also THANK YOU for coming to watch as your support for the KOREAN STUDENT SOCIETY <3 <3 

Not forgetting, thanks to Haylie for lending me white colour boyfriend shirt ^^

정말 감사합니다 <3 <3 <3 <3

My outfit for the night!

Galaxy crop top from Bangkok Platinum Mall; Denim Shorts from Valley Girl (Docklands); Black leggings from Baleno.

Baseball jacket from Sungei Wang (KL).

(Although I know that you probably can't see clearly here...Just felt like stating everything :p)

Black liquid eyeliner from Essence; Blue and silver sparkling eyeliner from Essence; Eyeshadow from Elianto; Concealer from Body Shop. 

That sums up my outfit and makeup for the night.


OLIVE YOU <3 <3 !!!!



No doubt, that statement is 1000000% true.

Korean songs, Korean celebrities, Korean language, Korean cuisine, Korean cosmetics......LALALA the list goes on!

I worship everything related to Korea. Even the ground that they are stepping on, the air that they are breathing!

I have an iPhone case which is a Korea flag on it and my alarm clock app background is also a sparkling Korea flag! I have photos of Korea directly in front of my study table!

I just don't understand how come the America flag and Britain flag can be in be a trending trend in fashion field, WHY NOT KOREA FLAG TOO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Everything about Korea is awesome! Is not that the moon is brighter in Korea (chinese proverb), nor grass is greener in Korea (english proverb)....IT IS.....KIMCHI IS TASTIER IN KOREA! MY PROVERB!!!! I shall get a copyright for inventing that statement! #swag

To some extent, I feel that I will be stoned to death by patriots!!! :p

Ok so basically, I am really really hyped right now.

Before I stepped my foot into Melbourne University, I had already found out that they have Korean Student Society. At that point, I made a vow that I MUST ENTER THE UNIVERSITY AND ENTER THE SOCIETY!

During the enrollment day for clubs and societies, the first booth that I aimed for was Korean Student Society! Hardcore much! They even provide free Korean classes and K-pop Dance Class!!! OMG!!! I told you everything about Korea is awesome!!! ANYTHING!!!!

However, I didn't receive any emails from that society (because normally we will receive the notifications for events through emails) and I tried to text one of their admins but there was no reply. So at that point, I was disappointed. HOWEVER~~~ The other day, I suddenly had the urge to go to their Facebook page, AND GUESS WHAT!! They already started their events way earlier than I thought and their notices were all posted on the Facebook page. Smack me please someone ><

Thank goodness I just missed out 1 Korean class and 1 K-pop Dance Class!! PHEW~~ At least not too bad, still can catch up with them :p

Yesterday was the first Korean class that I went. I have forgotten when was the last time I was sooooo effing excited and looking forward to something...until yesterday! I was sooooooo excited to attend the lessons. OMG! Feel like I have been waiting forever for this day to arrive! Finally I get to have my very first Korean class!!! Although now I'm still pretty noob in Korean, I swear I will master it in no time! Soon I will be able to understand and even communicate in Korean!!! OMG!!! EXCITED!!!

[Sorry for all the exclamation marks, I'm really really excited!]

This afternoon, I went for the first K-pop Dance class and we learnt SNSD's I GOT A BOY!!! OMG...I think I'm starting to love SNSD! They are too gorgeous <3

I am also joining the seniors for a performance next week! Unnie is sooooo cute, when she asked would I be interested in performing, and I said yes, she was smiling like a kid, somemore held my hand...aww sweet!!! <3 Thankful the seniors are sooooooo nice and not forgetting that they are so pretty and good at dancing *envious~~*

It's been so long since I danced. I think after I finished my ballet grade 8 exam I hadn't been dancing at all (dancing to Gangnam Style is just so not a "dance" according to Alanis!). Since I missed the first lesson, now I am still having a bit of tough time memorizing the steps, but I think should be able to pick up before the next class! I downloaded quite a few SNSD's live performance and dance covers to learn from them! Looking at SNSD's photos always reminds me of my diet plan....Now I shall revive it xP

EXCITEMENT over....reality is....have to do Financial Accounting homework :/

p/s: Anyone can tell me how to handle the confusion of learning 2 languages at the same time EFFECTIVELY? Learning Korean and Japanese at the same time sometimes really makes me confused. Everything in my brain is JUUUUUUMMMMMBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLed up ><

By the way, sorry for my ignorance, I'm not a political person nor informative. I have been seeing things about North Korea and South Korea all over Facebook, yet I still don't want to find out what happened because I'm afraid that I will be very very worry about them.

ONE THING I HAVE TO SAY >>>> I really really really really hope that there's nothing bad that will happen to them. PEACE! I LOVE KOREA! I LOVE KOREA! Be it North Korea or South Korea, I love both, because as I said, with the "Korea" word, I will like it! I don't want anything bad to happen to my favourite country in this world. PEACE!

GWIYOMI 귀요미 Challenge with DaphneFroggy





After Gangnam Style, now we have Gwiyomi!!

So what is gwiyomi? To put it in short, it is a trendy trend which is now trending!!! I guess that statement is just too abstract :p
Click here <--- to read if you don't know. 

Seriously, personally, I literally worship everything about Korea. As long as there's something to do with Korea, I love it! I was (still am) fanatic about Gangnam Style (and I actually do know how to dance that) but I didn't get to join in the trendy trend at that time, so this time I decided not to miss out anymore. 

ps: I just don't get why Harlem Shake could trend anyway ><

The other day I got a blog post, or vlog post pretty much, collaboration invitation from my #addiction Daphne Froggy TO DO GWIYOMI. This, in fact is our 2nd collaboration, see our 1st one here ^^

Before you watch, I have to clarify that I am NO where NEAR Gwiyomi by any means, just joining the trendy trend to express my love for KOREA! :3 PUH-LEE-SE BEAR WITH ME ><

Coming up next is my #addiction Daphne Froggy!!!!! *drums rolling* 

She's so cute right!!!!!! I really really can't wait to see her in real person!!!!!!

We actually wanted to do a split screen video but we couldn't figure out how to operate that thingy...and the email kept on failing us because the file size is too big, so we were FORCED to do individual ones and then put in a same blog post :////

My first exposure to GWIYOMI was because of this video that I saw on Youtube the other day while I was browsing through some CN Blue's MVs (YES, I AM A BOICE, DEAD PROUD OF THAT ALRIGHT?!) Upon watching I was like...OMG SO CUTE!!! Yong Hwa oppa is really really really adorable until I felt like kissing his cheeks!!! *fan girling*

After a few days, out of a sudden, GWIYOMI videos seems to be spreading like wildfire all across blogs and Facebook, and seeing this, you know, a new trendy trend is gonna be trending for a while....That's how I got to know GWIYOMI, what about you?! Feel free to share ^^

Frankly speaking, initially I had the urge to do GWIYOMI before Daphne asked me, but then I kept on procrastinating and I DID have the idea to ask her. And then one day when we were just chatting on Facebook, this topic suddenly appeared. And guess what?!?! ME AND HER WANTED TO ASK EACH OTHER TO DO AT THE SAME TIME!! CO-INCIDENCE OR WHAT?!?! MAD LOVE MY #ADDICTION <3

Actually after Daphne invited me to do GWIYOMI, I got another request for a collab by another blogger friend, Emily. But since I already promised Daphne, I couldn't do it with her...And then she revealed to me that actually she wanted to see me do, so it's more like a request for me to do it rather than a collaboration.

One thing that sort of makes me amuse is "why she wants to see ME do?"...This is the answer that I got!!! Hahaha!!!

Here's some of the behind-the-scenes my selca WTH! >< 

ps: Sorry for the bad quality photo, blame it on my webcam and also the bad lighting in my room *facepalm* 

Seems like this is the MOST ACT CUTE thing I have ever done in my entire life >< I don't really have any cute elements in me, to tell you truthfully :p RETARDED MAX!! HAHA...worth a laugh anyway (I guess @@) :p

I'm good enough to share out some tips :p Found this illustration on Facebook!

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