No doubt, that statement is 1000000% true.

Korean songs, Korean celebrities, Korean language, Korean cuisine, Korean cosmetics......LALALA the list goes on!

I worship everything related to Korea. Even the ground that they are stepping on, the air that they are breathing!

I have an iPhone case which is a Korea flag on it and my alarm clock app background is also a sparkling Korea flag! I have photos of Korea directly in front of my study table!

I just don't understand how come the America flag and Britain flag can be in be a trending trend in fashion field, WHY NOT KOREA FLAG TOO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Everything about Korea is awesome! Is not that the moon is brighter in Korea (chinese proverb), nor grass is greener in Korea (english proverb)....IT IS.....KIMCHI IS TASTIER IN KOREA! MY PROVERB!!!! I shall get a copyright for inventing that statement! #swag

To some extent, I feel that I will be stoned to death by patriots!!! :p

Ok so basically, I am really really hyped right now.

Before I stepped my foot into Melbourne University, I had already found out that they have Korean Student Society. At that point, I made a vow that I MUST ENTER THE UNIVERSITY AND ENTER THE SOCIETY!

During the enrollment day for clubs and societies, the first booth that I aimed for was Korean Student Society! Hardcore much! They even provide free Korean classes and K-pop Dance Class!!! OMG!!! I told you everything about Korea is awesome!!! ANYTHING!!!!

However, I didn't receive any emails from that society (because normally we will receive the notifications for events through emails) and I tried to text one of their admins but there was no reply. So at that point, I was disappointed. HOWEVER~~~ The other day, I suddenly had the urge to go to their Facebook page, AND GUESS WHAT!! They already started their events way earlier than I thought and their notices were all posted on the Facebook page. Smack me please someone ><

Thank goodness I just missed out 1 Korean class and 1 K-pop Dance Class!! PHEW~~ At least not too bad, still can catch up with them :p

Yesterday was the first Korean class that I went. I have forgotten when was the last time I was sooooo effing excited and looking forward to something...until yesterday! I was sooooooo excited to attend the lessons. OMG! Feel like I have been waiting forever for this day to arrive! Finally I get to have my very first Korean class!!! Although now I'm still pretty noob in Korean, I swear I will master it in no time! Soon I will be able to understand and even communicate in Korean!!! OMG!!! EXCITED!!!

[Sorry for all the exclamation marks, I'm really really excited!]

This afternoon, I went for the first K-pop Dance class and we learnt SNSD's I GOT A BOY!!! OMG...I think I'm starting to love SNSD! They are too gorgeous <3

I am also joining the seniors for a performance next week! Unnie is sooooo cute, when she asked would I be interested in performing, and I said yes, she was smiling like a kid, somemore held my hand...aww sweet!!! <3 Thankful the seniors are sooooooo nice and not forgetting that they are so pretty and good at dancing *envious~~*

It's been so long since I danced. I think after I finished my ballet grade 8 exam I hadn't been dancing at all (dancing to Gangnam Style is just so not a "dance" according to Alanis!). Since I missed the first lesson, now I am still having a bit of tough time memorizing the steps, but I think should be able to pick up before the next class! I downloaded quite a few SNSD's live performance and dance covers to learn from them! Looking at SNSD's photos always reminds me of my diet plan....Now I shall revive it xP

EXCITEMENT over....reality is....have to do Financial Accounting homework :/

p/s: Anyone can tell me how to handle the confusion of learning 2 languages at the same time EFFECTIVELY? Learning Korean and Japanese at the same time sometimes really makes me confused. Everything in my brain is JUUUUUUMMMMMBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLed up ><

By the way, sorry for my ignorance, I'm not a political person nor informative. I have been seeing things about North Korea and South Korea all over Facebook, yet I still don't want to find out what happened because I'm afraid that I will be very very worry about them.

ONE THING I HAVE TO SAY >>>> I really really really really hope that there's nothing bad that will happen to them. PEACE! I LOVE KOREA! I LOVE KOREA! Be it North Korea or South Korea, I love both, because as I said, with the "Korea" word, I will like it! I don't want anything bad to happen to my favourite country in this world. PEACE!


  1. Hahaha you sounded so hyped!!! So cute! LOL. Yeah I'm worried about North and South Korea too. :( Lately I'm watching a super awesome drama "The King 2 Hearts", dunno if you know it or not?? It's also about North and South Korea. And now it's happening in real life. :(((( Really sad about it. I have some friends in both North and South Korea and I don't want them to get hurt. :(((

  2. I want go korea~ hehe.... maybe join the students exchange~ next year~ whee ^^V hehehe.......XOXO



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