Trinity's Valedictory

Official goodbye to Trinity, 4th of December 2012 (Tuesday) was my valedictory ceremony. Final fullstop for my 10 months' college life.

Couldn't be bothered to buy a new dress for the ceremony because I thought it wasn't worth to spend over RM100 on a dress which would only be worn for a couple of hours >< So, I decided to wear the dress that my mom prepared for me. In fact, that's the only dress in my entire closet :p Alright, the only FORMAL one, have to pinpoint that LOL

In the end decided to borrow a pair of purple heels from Erica because I felt that my own heels are low. Other people were wearing like 3 inches and above, I didn't want to appear much shorter than the others as I am originally quite puny WTH~

My outfit of the day! I felt tall! My first time wearing such HIGH heels!

I even WALKED to school in those shoes :p

Venue was at Wilson Hall, in University of Melbourne. 3 or 4 years later I would definitely graduate from here again, with the certificate that I have always been dreaming of. 

"VIPs" coming in

Start of the ceremony

Student performing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On"

Luckily I got to sit with my bestie Alanis, if not I would be bored to death for sure. xD Of course the 2 of us took selca to cure our boredom!

I loved the sky~

Stevi and Brenda on the tram heading back home to get ready for our hostel's farewell dinner.

Carol and I. Going to South Yarra for dinner :3

Very nice Xmas deco at Flinders Station ^^

South Yarra <3 I just love this place, don't know why. 

Waiting for dinner hungrily...and I accidentally spilled half of the glass of water on the table WTH! *embarrassed max* Thank god the table cloth absorbed all the water very quickly ==''

After waiting desperately for 40mins, my salmon arrived...finally~

Carol's Gelato ice cream

Alanis's Lindt choco

My Tiramisu!

So....College life's over just like that!

I had good and bad memories throughout these 10 months but I truly cherish everything that I had been through, they made me grow up a lot.. :3

Although I didn't have a chance to experience my first prom night (Trinity students actually THOUGHT we would have one), I still have to thank Trinity for the good memories on my very first valedictory day ^^

My makeup of the day...close up

I don't look like me in this photo ><

That's all for today! Annyeong~


  1. u look pretty v the dress :) n ur fren Alanis is pretty too !!
    but ur heels are reali high XDD

    reply ur comment in my blog:
    juz bcoz of his mom is filipino? omg.
    cnt blv dat.

    1. thanks ^^ and i thank you on behalf of her too hehe!
      i got that heels from my other best friend, surprisingly i could walk though :p

  2. Congrats to you doll, that is wonderful!! It looked like a great day and all of you look gorgeous!! I like your dress. Thank you ever so much for the sweet comment and for visiting me, do come again!! Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. thank you so much sweetie <3
      yeah i would definitely pay you another visit SOON, i promise ^^

  3. congrats on graduating!! i really love your shoess!!!

  4. My #addiction so CHIO lo!

    Must dress like this always please <3


  5. 回访。谢谢你的关注和留言。

  6. Thx for visit,follow n comment. xD
    College life's most look like interesting.



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