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Since my hostel is specially for Trinity's students and I had already graduated, I had to move out no matter what.

Have been missing my room lots because I had decorated it into a very very very typical Fion way >< LOL! Honestly, it does look 70% like my room in Malaysia, except my Korg keyboard is being left out :p So, I was rather reluctant to take down all the "decorations" :/

Here's some random shots of my room while I was clearing up my room. 

What you are seeing here is just the deco of my room, most of my things are already packed in my luggage ready to be moved out. And also, ignore the unbearable mess PLEASE!

ps: my room is a typical SQUARE do the imagination x)

What you see when you open the door.

People always stared at this section of my room in awe as they first step in ^^ *victory smile*

My bed (Ahh...the mess, sorry because I was moving out ><)

On the right is Jung Yong Hwa oppa's section, and the left is Orianthi's.

This wall contained Orianthi's and all CN Blue members' authentic autographs, that's why it's my favourite part of the entire room.

Jang Keun Suk oppa's section, there's one A4 size photo of Yong Hwa oppa.

As you know, I'm so freaking obsessed with Japan and Korea, the bottom 2 horizontal pictures are Korea and the top one is Japan. 

The black vertical one is some Chinese quote that I found on Facebook, just thought it's very cool so I printed it out. 

The cute tiny note there is from my #addiction, Daphne, all the way from Japan to Australia <3 <3 So touched :D (Click here for the full story)

My study table~

Ignore the mess....I was cleaning ><

Most important part of my study table was my Jang Keun Suk miniature <3 Hehehehe!

This section was diagonally above my bed

Top row is my blogger queen, Cheesie from 
Bet you know her ^^ 

Middle row is Hebe, a Taiwanese singer from the group called S.H.E <3

Bottom row Yoona (left) from SNSD and Hyuna (right) from 4Minute, she's the hot chic from Gangnam Style video!

Christina Grimmie corner <3 Famous Youtube celebrity who is the same age as me, to be more specific, one month younger than me!

My closet.

[left door] Cartoon illustration of the main characters from You're Beautiful 原来是美男 drama, (bottom left) Michael Jackson's famous saying I copied myself, (bottom right) Hangul letters...I'm attempting to self-learn Korean

[right door] (clockwise from the top) Orianthi with Michael Jackson from This Is It, a photo of my godsister, her mom, my mom and me, S.H.E postcard, small tag that I cut down from a Daiso sponge, photo of Yong Hwa oppa, me and Keun Suk oppa, and finally photo of Avirl Lavigne from her Smile MV.

The secret inside >> MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

Had Jang Keun Suk Nature Republic's products on my mirror!!!

(Ignore me!!)

To the left of my closet, ballet corner

I mentioned I WAS a ballerina, most of my friends didn't want to believe me ><

To the right of my closet

CN Blue, Orianthi's signature guitar aka my dream guitar, Jang Keun Suk oppa and my blogger queen XiaXue and 2 small photos that I took from Tumblr

Erica called this >> Erica's corner!

She said I had too many photos of the people who I admire in my room, but no photos of her >< So she sponsored me all of these photos (I edited them myself)

2 larger white papers by the side are the designs that I drew for Jang Keun Suk oppa's birthday

The smallest one was a jewelry design that I scribbled randomly while I was doing my Maths homework the other day x)

Behind my door

(upclose) my timetable of the year

(upclose) my Accounting course schedule

(upclose) my Drama course exams

All these went into the trash as I moved out :/

Erica came to help me move everything out that day, and she wanted to take some selca before I took down all the typical-Fion selca taken in my room. 

She was like "OMG I can't believe you are moving out, so sad taking down all your K-Pop photos, I'm going to miss you and your room very very much!"

In 3 hours' time, my room was totally empty! I forgot to take a photo of the pathetic looking empty room...which I told Alanis it looked like 家徒四壁 and 陋室! Hahaha


  1. naah actually my room is messier! mwahahah... There's not enough space for my useless stuff X_X I just need a bigger room T^T

  2. WOwo!!!

    Bravo my #addiction! <3
    Your room just like exhibition hall.....!!!




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