Tomorrow Is The Last Day

Omg! Tomorrow is the official last school day for me in Trinity College Foundation Studies already :(

Can't believe time flies so quickly....Seems like yesterday when I blogged about the start of my final term with the so called "new" hairstyle.

Final classes tomorrow:
11am accounting lecture / 1.45pm Maths lecture BUT I'm planning to skip it and go to my friend's accounting tutorial / 3.45pm English class + class picnic

English teacher is going to give some "award" to his students, I secretly hope that I can get one of his award haha...though I haven't done anything epic throughout the year. And also getting back my presentation results (the one that I ranted in the previous post)....hope the marks won't be shitty :/

After tomorrow's schooling time, I have drama rehearsals at night and also going for outing dinner with the group members, need to hangout a bit before drama exam ends because everyone tend to go different directions after things are done. I doubt we will have another chance to act insane together, with the exact same people. Gonna take lots of selca tomorrow :3

My drama exam is on Thursday ^^ Good luck to everyone!

Goodbye Trinity. I'm going to miss you like crazy..... Thanks for the amazing time! Although you put me through some rather stressful time, I enjoy every bit of my college life.

Coming up next is the disastrous exams! Good luck everyone! Hwaiting for MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY!


Attempting the trademark Grimmie "bye" pose....Kinda failed :p

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