Foruchizu Event @ Isetan, KLCC

Another dream-come-true blog post! Finally got a chance to meet my blogger queens CHEESIE and AUDREY! Just in case you don't know, I'm a BIG fan of this day meant LOTS to me! Waited excitedly for that day to arrive and I was counting down everyday too.

Moreover, I would be meeting some famous bloggers: Chooi May, Chanwon and Emily (from Singapore) who have become my friends through the net on that day too! 

Finally get to see my favourite bloggers LIVE!

photo from
The story started from a word called FORUCHIZU,  a brand by Cheesie and Audrey who are very very very passionate about Japanese fashion <3

The event that I went was on the 8th of December >> Love Japan Fashion Show. Of course Chooi May, Chanwon and Emily were going there with me too!

Met up with Chooi May first because she was the first person to arrive at KLCC <3 When I met up with her, for a few minutes, I was starstruck because I didn't know what to say! Hehehe

She's so pretty in real life! OMG, love the colour of her hair so much. We searched high and low for Chatime but surprisingly KLCC doesn't have one so we ended up going to GongCha.

Chanwon was trapped in a jam so Chooi May and I waited for Emily and we went to see the fashion show together.

Foruchizu @ Istean KLCC (photos from Emily)

The fashion show's going to start! YAY~

OMG CHEESIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that was a concert, I would scream out loud!!!! Can't believe I got to see her in real life, somemore so close!!!

AUDREY!!! She's so adorable!!! Love her smile!!

Other models...All of them are soooo slim and pretty....How I wish I could be like that also :'(

Cheesie again <3 <3

Audrey again!!!

The finale!

All photos of the fashion show were "stolen" by me from Emily. Because our original plan was to take video and photos, I was in charge of video but now I don't know why the video files aren't compatible for editing. WTH >< So I have to "steal" from her! Thanks Emily :3

photo from Emily
Spotted Audrey's hubby, Timothy who's there to support her!! sweet <3

As I mentioned so many times of "Emily Emily Emily"'s a selca of me and Emily! We were to mesmerized seeing our idols already till we forgot to take more photos. This is the only one :/

All the models!

Can't resist, must "steal" photo from Emily again, these 2 shots are CUTE!

I started to focus merely on Cheesie and Audrey. Hehe

Blogger Queens with readers! I waited for my turn nervously!


While I was still in Melbourne, I tweeted Cheesie asking if she's using iPhone 4S or 5. She told me eventually she would change to i5, it's just a matter of time. She definitely knew I was planning something for her which was related to her phone(s). So when I handed her the iPhone case, she was like "OMG, it's you!" 

She knows I am the one running her fans club on Facebook! And she even remembers I am the one who had photos of her in my room! :3


I asked Audrey to pose this for me!! She's sooooooooo CUTE!!! I know I said this like a gazillion times already but I really can't help it :p

photo from Emily

Cheesie signing for me...And she's holding the iPhone case that I made for her! *touched*

Emily took these photos for me <3 <3 <3 Thanks so much sweetie!

I took these shots for Emily in return ^^ "Stole" these photos from Emily again :p

Cheesie's holding the white Koala and iPhone case that I gave her <3 <3 Audrey kept her Koala already :)

Audrey signing things for me and Emily :3

Audrey posted this photo of us on her blog OMG!! so touched!!!

Audrey's caption for that photo! *flip hair flip hair* hehe <3 <3 her so much!

Audrey's family and her and Cheesie <3

"Stealing" photos from Emily again because they were too CUTE!

As Cheesie and Audrey were busy with the Isetan staff, Emily and I went for shopping of course we couldn't miss Foruchizu!!  

I went out to meet with Chanwon a while because she was going to leave soon...I didn't get to talk to her much because when she arrived, the fashion show was going on.

Chanwon!! I forgot how we got to know each other, in detailed. I only remember discovering her blog and I became a fan of her and we chatted a bit on Twitter!! This pretty girl is really funny. She IS pretty and IS slim like model like that but every time when I praise her, she would say that I am just "sweet talk-ing" Truly, she IS gorgeous (ain't bootlicking by  any means), check out her blog then you will know! 

She's the very first blogger who wanted to meet up with me...damn shocked and touched when she said we could meet up when I get back :')

Photo from Chanwon's instagram! She's a big fan of leopard print things, that's why I bought the leopard phone case for her!

Iiwen, Chanwon's friend. Chanwon introduced us to each other on the spot and then we started talking :) Another pretty girl! I love her style. I actually wanted to tell her that I love the way she dressed up but I didn't have the guts haha :p

She's studying in Singapore and we chatted a bit about school stuffs :)

Ashley Lau!!! I didn't expect to see her there...And I didn't dare to jump to conclusion that it's her in front of my eyes. Until I saw a lot of people going up to her to ask for photos and co-incidentally I heard people calling her Ashley, then only I went up to her to ask for a photo (damn thick skin WTH). Ashley is another story herself. 

When I first went to Ashley's blog, immediately my admiration for her grew. She's the same age as me but she's such a successful blogger and her fashion sense is soooo Korean-ish and her hairstyles are so amazing! That time...I didn't know what hit my head anyway...I emailed her telling her how I look up to her and how inspiring she is to me! >< 

So that day when I met her, I IDIOTICALLY asked her if she remembers me...WTF xP I'm such a brainless idiot! :p

Surprisingly at night when I got back home, I received an inbox message from Ashley asking me if I am back in Malaysia.

OMG She remembers things that an ordinary reader told her, a very very very very awesome blogger! Her sincerity in treating her readers is undoubtedly REAL! That's why she deserves to be look up to! <3 <3 <3

Bought a pair of tassle earrings with 20% discount!! Emily also bought a pair of maroon coloured one even though she doesn't have piercings. Hardcore much!

Later on, Emily and I got to chat a bit with Cheesie and Audrey. I was so starstruck till I didn't know what to say. I told Cheesie and Audrey, "This is like too good to be true, I have been reading your blogs since a few years ago and now suddenly both of you are standing right in front of me. Seeing you here, without a computer screen in between, is like a dream come true!"

Photo from Emily
And then we got to enjoy free express medicure, by China Glaze with our purchases! Thanks to this medicure, I got a chance to talk for a long time with Emily. Really happy to get to know her <3 She's so nice! Cutest thing about her was when she told me "I can tell what style you like by just looking at your blog! You are not those type of girls who like pinky things" Awww..thanks for knowing so much about me Emily <3 <3

Click here to see Emily's nails!

My nails! Just like Emily said "This is so your style" ><

Selca in the car as I went back for dinner after the event!

That night when I got back, I received a notification on my iPad saying that Cheesie's following me on Instagram! OMG! Too good to be true! Hyped to the max!

She posted this photo on Instagram!!

Awww with such caption! I nearly cried when I saw this! And Emily (airmeli) also commented ^^

Thanks to Chanwon and Jxhia who mentioned my Instagram username to Cheesie, I think this is the reason why she started following me. Because I was wondering how come Cheesie knows my Instagram name hehe! Thanks babes!

See my #addiction! hahaha! She was the FIRST person to see the design of the phone case when I completed it! Now she's revealing my behind-the-scenes haha! :p

Audrey posted a photo of the white koala that I gave her on her blog!

Cheesie's autographs!! Too bad the ink smeared everywhere... :'''''( But luckily the words are still readable.

Purposely printed this so Cheesie and Audrey could sign on the same photo <3


Few days ago I spotted this on Cheesie's Instagram <3 <3


Also, I love all my blogger friends <3 <3 Nice to meet you all!

I shall remember this day forever and ever <3 <3 


  1. i noe them but i not actuali reading their blog. but i can see u r reali excited !!!! plus they r so nice n good looking !!!!!!
    u noe, when i read tis i was so excited too for no reason!!hahahaha!
    but u r reali sweet! the hand made iphone case is reali nice <3
    oh no, i reali excited for no reason=.= hahahaa!

    maybe some other day i could meet u too :D

  2. haha i like them too! especially audrey :D she's so cute! love reading things shorty & Fatty said in her husband;s blog too!

  3. i know Cheesie only....
    Cheesie and audrey r pretty ^^ love them after reading ur post :)

    u r so exited ><

  4. Hi Fion! (n__n)

    Thanks for all the comments on my blog :). So nice of you!

    and yes! I'm a fan of the Taiwanese group S.H.E ❤ I LOVE THEM :)
    I especially like the song 'SHERO'

    I love this post ❤ OMG! YOU KNOW CHEESIE AND AUDREY! (*v*)
    I like them too ❤

  5. wow you must be really a huge fans of cheesie and audrey! :D i love foruchizu too, it's just so pretty!

    Latest: Thanks for being here in 2012!

  6. Awww reading this makes me so happy for you. You sound so sweet and it's so great that you finally get to meet your idols.

    I was also a bit star-strucked when I first met Audrey and Cheesie, but they are both soooo friendly.

    Too bad I missed out on the fashion show, but thanks for posting the pics :D

  7. haha,ya u r rite, that was a super nice memory :D
    u r still young, u still hav time la, u can try 2 gather v ur frens now !!haha.

    yaya, u r rite!!!! u noe me!! haha!
    i like 热爱文学that kind hehehe, bcoz i m oso the 1 who 热爱文学XDD
    but i actuali like chuckei too, she is so sweet =DDDDD

    january......i not so sure bcoz actuali i stay in malacca hahahahaha
    maybe my mom will worry or wat wat wat, u noe la! haha
    but i guess we sure hav chance 2 meet !!!!!!!
    so we hav 2 juz wait me bcome older n older, hahahahaa

    i hav facebook and twitter.
    i still using the lousy hp so dunhav instagram XDDDDDDDD


  8. Wow! That must be so amazing, having been such a huge fan and actually being able to meet them!! >w<
    Hehe, that's so amazing that you made that case for her - really good job!! ^^ is super cute! ^^
    I'll definitely check out their blog!

    Ooh, blogger meet-ups! I really want to try them in the future! ^^

  9. OMG!!!!they so pretty and gorgeous !!!!!

  10. aww look soo fun there! haaha <3
    btw happy new year! :D

  11. Omg!! They are all so pretty! You are so lucky to be able to meet them!!!

  12. I saw that iPhone case on Cheesie's instagram long ago & now that I'm reading this, I'm like "Ohhh it's you!!" I stumbled upon your blog now finally, without realizing. You're such a sweet girl!!



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