Term 4! Term of stress

Time truly flies. Can't believe in a blink of eye, it's my last year of college already. I can still clearly remember how clumsy I was at packing my luggage.....

I started off my last term with a new hair style! Well, strictly speaking there's nothing new about this hair anyway :p It's just that I have not pinned up my hair ever since primary school. So, this hair is something new to my friends here. 

Got back my results for my term 3 assignments and exam. 

Economics was disastrous. DUH~ I didn't have the time to finish an 8 mark question. WTF! I lost track of time and I thought I had 30 minutes left when in real it was only 10 minutes. Had an effing bad mood once I got out from the examination hall so I had been expecting a bad result. However, I still couldn't help feeling bad and frustrated at myself ><

Economics was only freaking 32.5 over 40. IF I had time to finish that question, I would have gotten 37 or 38 already. FREAKKKKKK!!!!!

Today I received my term 3 report. It was hellish. Shit!! 

I am freaking pissed off with my literature marks. 13 over 15! Alright, some of you might be thinking I'm really kiasu or whatsoever BUT I just don't care. I MUST RANT! When I emailed my essay draft to my teacher, she told me that my draft was so good until she didn't know how to alter for me anymore except for a few tiny grammar mistakes. HECK! Shouldn't I get at least 14?? I got 14 over 15 for my term 2, why this time like that?!?!? ISHHHH~~~

I shall print out this stupid thing and paste it EVERYWHERE in my room as motivation. Should not laze on bed anymore whenever alarm clock rings! 

Still have a few more lessons to go until the final exam. I really need to work hard because I have a date with KOREA!!! 

I can only go to Korea with good results~

So many things to do yet so little time. I'm hoping for 3 things right now:
1. 48 hours a day.
2. Humans don't need to sleep.
3. Humans have unlimited concentration.

Although now it's only the 3rd day of school, I'm already stressed out like hell. Obviously, I'm NOT the only kiasu one in the entire school. You can hear people counting down in classes: teachers counting down and students counting down. WOAH! How can you not feel pressured under this kind of situation. "38 days left till the big exams", this was what my friend told me in Maths tutorial today. OMG!

Which means.....all of these can only be summed up with one word:





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