My School - Trinity College in Melbourne

BOO!!! Today is the last day of my term break already. [Weekends are not counted because I take them for granted!] I still have so many things that I haven't done! OMG! The ONLY achievement is Accounting >< BANG! I still have economics, maths revision to do, Macbeth haven't started reading and history of ideas which I don't even know where to start. At least, I have figured out how to settle for my English presentation (will blog about it cause I'm starting to be passionate about my topic already, like finally?!)

Since it's the last day, I decided NOT to procrastinate anymore so I dragged myself to school's library to do research for the presentation. Had Nestum drink before I left the house, can't believe I am in love with this HEALTHY thing. Haha...I used to hate this kind of thing a lot because I feel that they look like puke :p WTH!

Upon reaching the school, I suddenly remember I have never showed the pictures of my school to anyone before. Friends asked for photos when I first started college in Melbourne but I have forgotten about that already until now ><

Luckily today's holiday, so not many people in school. Therefore I could take pictures, or else people might think that I am a weirdo, taking photos like a tourist at a place where I go nearly everyday ==''


First and foremost, my school is TRINITY COLLEGE FOUNDATION STUDIES (TCFS), the foundation for Melbourne University. 

School chapel at the main campus at Royal Parade. Despite the fact that I am not a Christian, I love church. Sneaked in once just to visit ^^ But too bad it's closed today or else I could have taken more photos.

It's spring already. The sky looks beautiful! (Just a matter of saying, because to me the best weather is cloudy day hahaha, I dislike the sun!)

Residential colleges' hostel. I would love to live there next year but it's freaking EXPENSIVE. Aussie dollar 600 PER WEEK. This is the real definition of insanity ><''

Didn't like the heat, so I gave up after a few photos :p Next time I will take photos of the lecture halls and tutorial rooms and library as well!

Flowers in school ^^

What I did in the library... *eyes popping*

Today's selca! I guess this is the FIRST time I'm taking selca with my specs on because I can't stand my nerdy look. BUT today I just wanted to act nerdy, I don't know why. Plus, FIRST time I pin up my fringe to the back of my head! Loving the colour of my new shirt. Bought it on Sunday (when I went shopping to release anger), it's only $5~ Love it!

[Off topic] First time in my life choosing gift for a guy friend. Bought this perfume for him. I forgot the previous night I wrote on his Facebook wall wishing him happy birthday already. In the morning, around 9.30 his dad called and invited me for lunch and said would pick me up at 11.30. I had already forgotten it's his birthday so I was lazing around enjoying my DIY yogurt mask, until 10.15 I washed up and opened Facebook, then I jumped. No present for people's birthday. DOOMED! Rushed like crazy and did a super immediate light makeup and headed for the city. On the way I was calling another friend to ask him what to buy for a guy...No idea at all. Girls are much easier to deal with when it comes to buying gifts. In the end I bought this perfume by an Olympic tennis player. He liked it! Hehehe! So proud of myself. Btw, I skipped dinner last night and ate only 2 scoops of ice cream! It's heaven on this earth haha!

That's all for today~! Off for assignments again, no more procrastination allowed anymore. I made a deal with myself - can only buy new handbag AFTER completing my to-do list >< Have to be hardworking from now onwards!


  1. Wow, ur school looks like those in movie. NICE!! XD

    1. actually in real those are the residential colleges' hostels. they are considered part of my school but the actual part that we international students are using is only a lecture hall and a few tutorial rooms only :p

  2. 你房间的墙壁贴了好多张照片噢^^

    1. 哈哈。。那只是一小部分而已。。

  3. 我喜欢你的学校!看起来很梦幻!!!

    1. 英国那里的比我学校梦幻得多呢!!



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