The one and only Guitar Goddess ♥ ORIANTHI PANAGARIS - Part 2

Soon there was this major big event! ORIANTHI COMING TO MALAYSIA WITH HER OWN BAND! In Kuala Lumpur, but god damn, I was suppose to have exams that day. I didn't dare to tell my mom at first, but then I got extremely desperate then I just asked her. Originally she said no negotiation allowed, but after me bugging her then she came up with this challenge for me: If you could find someone to accompany you, then I would allow you to go. That was like a mission impossible for me, because it's in the middle of our school's exam, most parents wouldn't allow their kids to go for sure. I knew what my mom was thinking: she might think that I definitely couldn't find anyone to accompany me and I would eventually give in......NO NO NO!!!! I am not someone who surrenders so easily, especially when it comes to something that I really really really want.

I asked nearly everyone on my contact list but as expected, none of them could go. Then I even called my mom's friends and asked them "Aunty, can you go to Orianthi's concert with me?" After asking like the entire world, I found the best person to mom's boss's son!!! Pity him, he didn't know who's Orianthi but I made him to ask for his mom's permission because he told me he didn't have any plans on that day, I was sorta forcing him, but I didn't care at all :p He got rejected by his mom, then later the other day when his dad called my mom for some business matters, I straightaway picked up the phone and asked, "Uncle, can you let your son to follow me to concert?" BINGO~! Case closed, mission accomplished! Woohoo! The best part was his dad even asked him to help me buy the tickets as soon as possible. What a good service!

I waited for that day to come, desperately. A day before the show, I did the craziest and extreme thing in my life. I planned to find someone who could help me to get into the backstage so I could meet Orianthi in person. So I called the organizers and the recording label. The organizers asked me to called the recording label; the recording label asked me to call the organizers. Ding Dong Ding Dong like kicking a football, in the end I got frustrated and I went to search for more help on Facebook. I went to the event page created by the organizers for Ori's concert. There was this contact number which I had forgotten what was it for, probably the tickets info or something like that, it was some guy's personal phone number. So I called. I'll name him Mr S in here. Mr S picked up the phone then I asked him. First he rejected me at once, then I went into the pleading-mode like a 5 year old kid pleading for a Barbie doll. I told him I was going all the way from Penang to KL, I was skipping my school exam to go to the concert, I wanted to see Orianthi and I wanted her to sign my guitar. Upon hearing the guitar thing, Mr S was like "Oh, so you play guitar too?!" (I suppose he's also a guitarist, because in my opinion, every dedicated guitarist will have a guitarist who they really look up to.) So I went on "PLEASE~~~~~EEEEE~~~" In the end he told me he would try his best to help me although he couldn't guarantee and promise me an absolute green light. I left everything to him and went to school. When I came back in the evening, my mom told me that Mr S called and told me not to worry, he would try his best but he had to wait for Orianthi to arrive in the next morning then only he would get to know what plans to make.

Guess what?! That night, I went to the small clinic in front of my grandma's house and faked that I was having a horrible headache, just to get the medical certificate (or else without it, my exam would be marked 0) That freaking doctor asked me a lot of things and even explained the differences between a migraine and a headache. Gosh! I didn't freaking care, how I wish I could just tell him "Give me MC and you take the money!" >< After getting that, I went to KL. My mom's boss drove us down! I brought along 3 Orianthi's photos and her Believe album and my electric guitar, Mikey! And the bottlecap necklace and keychain that me and my friends made (keychain with Orianthi's photo; necklace with Orianthi+Michael Jackson)! Whee! The day I had been waiting for, 4th of August 2010, Wednesday 8pm, Orianthi's show! (I can still remember it!)

The next day I clung onto my phone and my mom's phone so tightly waiting for Mr S's call. He didn't ring the whole morning, so I called him about 11am. Orianthi's on her way to the venue for soundcheck, he had to wait till he arrived there first. The phone didn't ring at all until 2.30pm. I called and he said Orianthi was in the middle of her soundcheck. Despite the fact that I was going to sit for my Biology and Maths tests the following day (mom only allowed me to skip one day's exam and wanted to rush me back after the concert), I couldn't study at all. Worse still, I couldn't even sit still.....Realizing sitting in the office was not going to help me with anything, my mom's boss brought me out to buy a marker pen and asked his son to send me home for shower.

The show was actually at 8pm but I was dreading to go to the venue earlier because it's free standing for Rock Zone. (I forgot to mention, in the end, it was my mom's boss who sponsored me the tickets for Orianthi's show..Lucky me!) On the way to KL Live, which was the venue for the concert, I called Mr S and he told me he couldn't arrange Orianthi to meet me because she had to rush for her flight and she had already gone back to her hotel for makeup. I was upset of course, but at the same time, I was really really thankful for Mr S's help. Just then, a random idea came into my mind (my mom was thinking the same thing as me) - I would TRY to ask Mr S to get me Orianthi's autograph. So I texted him. That was the last chance for me to try my luck.

Arrived at the venue, we went to a restaurant there for dinner, early dinner at 5pm :p Luckily the line wasn't very long YET, so after the dinner, I could go out to line up immediately. I gobbled up my fried rice like a hungry wolf and asked for a pen from the waitress. (Ps: the restaurant was playing Michael Jackson's songs non-stop!) I packed the 2 bottlecaps in my Tiffany and Co. gift box. And I wrote a little message for her on the back. Funny thing was that the waitress saw me being so excited, rushing in and out of the restaurant to check the length of the line every 5 minutes then she asked who I was going to see. I told her it's Orianthi and she said she didn't know about the concert. (Gosh! She's working right next to the venue with a gigantic Orianthi poster and she didn't know ==') Too bad, I invited her to go with me because a few tickets were still available that time but her manager didn't approve her last minute leave :/ Pity her~!

After dinner, there's my good news! Mr S succeeded! HE GOT ME AN AUTOGRAPHED POSTER! He told me he would bring it down for me but I had to keep it as a secret. Come on dude! I know! I wouldn't want people snatching it away from me x) So I met him downstairs and got the poster from him. I was so freaking delighted! OMG! Behind me, I heard someone saying, "Oh, she got the poster!" (In real, only those people buying VIP tickets could get the poster for free. HOWEVER, the reason I didn't want to buy VIP ones was because VIP seats were upstairs, while mine was RIGHT UNDER ORIANTHI'S FEET. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE. ROCK ZONE. Of couse I wanted to be closer to her ♥♥♥♥) Got into the car and opened up the poster, I felt like crying! Orianthi's autograph! Love her to the max!

Had a long time waiting for the gates to be opened. There's the FLY FM crew, a DJ with a blonde wig, mini skirt trying to act hot like Orianthi, and there's also people playing Guitar Hero.

Right there I talked to a few Orianthi fans and many of them were Michael Jackson's fans as well. So we chatted non-stop. There were Christina, Diana and John who generously gave me the Orianthi concert leaflet which he got from some random CD shop :D *grateful* (That leaflet still remains in my room back in Malaysia, in PERFECT condition!)

Before going in, we decided to take a photo as memory. Out of nowhere, a photographer came and shouted, "Hold the pose, it's really nice." So we posed and they borrowed my Orianthi's photos and we got that shot. The photographer handed us something like a name card and told us that our photo would be published in HOT magazine and their Facebook page. Sounds awesome!

Pity my friend, Yee Kang, who was being tortured by me, waiting there for so long...And he didn't have anything to do, except for watching me go crazy. Diana later went to the Rock Zone with me and we got to stand in the first row and also right in the middle of the stage whereas John and Christina went upstairs to the VIP seats. John showed off his Orianthi Believe album, an autographed one from the top. ISH~~~~ Making me so jealous >< The stage was simple but plain cool! There were many guitar amplifiers and a super cool drum set. The middle microphone stand obviously was Orianthi's, full of purple and white guitar picks!

FINALLY THE MOMENT WE HAD BEEN WAITING FOR ARRIVED!!!!!!! The intro was by a local DJ (I think, forgot already ><) with prize giving sessions.

The opening act was by a local artiste, I forgot what's her name already == She performed a few songs with her acoustic guitar.

Apparently many of us couldn't wait for her to go away, we were desperate for Orianthi. Soon, there's music blasting! We screamed on top of our voices. Yee Kang nearly fainted when he heard me screaming. I couldn't care more about him. I was blown away. The ground was shaking, the air was full of ROCK feel!

Orianthi soon came blasting on stage wearing a black shirt with a diamond skull in the middle, a cool black jacket, black and red shiny leggings and glittering red sneakers! She is the most beautiful person I've ever seen. (Not using past tense, because she will be like this forever.)

The first song was an instrumental piece, Dr Acula. I didn't hear that before because it's not from her albums and I had never seen any video of her performing that before. AWESOME TO THE MAX! The show was totally spectacular. The sound effect was so good until the ground was shaking, I could even feel my eardrums vibrating. Orianthi, Brian (2nd guitarist), Vivi (Bassist) and Mike totally rocked the stage. Occasionally Orianthi and Brian would throw down the guitar picks which they used and sent the crowd wild!!! So sad I couldn't get one TT Felt like crying, even though I stood right under her feet I still couldn't get :( Desperate enough, nearly everyone around me got Orianthi's guitar picks, except for me and Diana. So when Orianthi stopped the performance and talked to us, me and Diana called out to her while pointing to her guitar picks. THANKFULLY, Orianthi noticed us, and she's like "You guys want this?" and she threw down! Oh My God! I was in heaven that time....It's obvious that she meant to give ME and DIANA only, some weird people at the back kept on squashing me and I quickly stepped onto the pick so that they wouldn't stand a chance to grab it from the back.

When singing 'According To You', she changed her golden guitar, which she used in her Highly Strung MV. Too bad she didn't bring the swarovski crystal guitar which Michael Jackson gave her to use in This Is It. (ps: I have to stress on this one- Orianthi didn't change her outfit at all, she stuck with that outfit throughout the entire concert. Simple, stylist, rock and hot. The only thing that she changed frequently was guitars. That's why I admire her, dazzling people with her talent, but not by appearances, as in weird looking costumes or strange makeup, because as we know, it's officially known Orianthi is GORGEOUS in nature!) 'According To You' and 'Shut Up and Kiss Me' were (still are) her famous songs and certainly those songs were essential!

Pay attention to this photo which I took contains A LOT of memory for me AND is VERY IMPORTANT. Will be telling the story in the future post!

That 1 hour and 30mins was the BEST moment in my life ever. The floor shaking and the whole place was full of Orianthi's singing voice and she's right in front of our eyes for real. That's what I called ROCK HEAVEN. The last song Voodoo (aka Voodoo Child) was another song which I hadn't heard before. It's a cover of Jimi Hendrix's song and Orianthi did the vocal parts and also the guitar shredding which was extremely AMAZING until I didn't know what to say.....That's the first time I saw such MADLY awesome shredding skills from her. After all the insane guitar solos which blew every single one of us away, there was something which none of us had expected. RAINING GUITAR PICKS! Orianthi brought out a bag of guitar picks and started throwing it to the crowd.....Everyone went wild, snatching guitar picks on the floor. Brian joined in too and there were more guitar picks in the air and also on the floor. I caught one of Orianthi's :D However, the pitiful Yee Kang nearly got his finger stepped by some girl's high heels while he was trying to catch Brian's pick. Surprisingly, Mike joined in and threw his drum sticks. Out of nowhere, I felt people squashing me again, and there I noticed right in front of my foot, there laid one of Mike's drum stick. I quickly stepped on it, yet there were some barbaric people trying to move my foot away from it. Well, in the end, they FAILED of course xD

That night ended in people's cheers. Time to go home. I felt that I was the happiest girl ever. Armed with an autographed poster, 2 guitar picks and 1 drum stick! Mr S called and said he gave the necklace and keychain to Orianthi already and she said they were very nice and cute!! WHEE~~~ That night, I rushed back Penang and arrived at 2.30am. Woke up at 4.30am to study for my Biology. You know what?! The outcome was like what I had expected-it sucked! Haha..68%, until now I can still remember it, but heck, who cares? I got to see Orianthi and got the things that she touched before...Come on....even though I failed Biology it wouldn't be a big deal to me cause afterall it's not an official exam. HEHE ^^

Special add-ons #1:

Orianthi's meet and greet session with lucky fans who won the opportunity from FLY FM. Thanks to Athira for providing me the pictures and making me feel jealous haha x)

Special add-ons #2:

Hot magazine with Orianthi's interview and also our photo was included :D

PS 1: Sorry I didn't take many good quality photos and videos because I wanted to focus entirely on Orianthi's performance, BUT thankfully I have such supportive friends who allowed me to borrow their photos x Thank you, Panagaris Ninjas 

PS 2: The video of Orianthi's Voodoo performance was recorded by Sue Ee and Orianthi retweeted it herself on twitter! CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW!!!

PS 3: 4th of August 2010 is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE EVER!

PS 4: Thank you Yee Kang and Mr S for making my dream come true.





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