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Back from the concert, of course, the very best day of my life. Coming up next was the endless bragging to my friends about how amazing Orianthi was (still is anyway). By that time, it was Orianthi's new album's releasing day. BELIEVE 2 hit the stores~! So excited because if we got it from Speedy, then we would be able to get guitar picks with Orianthi's photo on it. Picking up the guitar picks from the company was a big trouble: couldn't collect the picks upon purchasing the album, instead had to go FAR FAR away to collect them, and that's in Kuala Lumpur :/ Got my mom to buy for me when she went down for business trip. She nagged a little because it was raining and I got her to be drenched in the rain when collecting the picks. (Awww...i'm sorry and THANKS mom!)

My Orianthi fever got even more serious after I got back from the concert. My Orianthi's collection expanded. See the pictures~

My dream guitar plus Orianthi's inspiring words which I copied from a magazine.

And I also crystallized my inspired by Orianthi. This is because Orianthi likes shining things. So for electric guitar I named it after Michael Jackson. Originally wanted to name it Mike but then it sounds too human, so I ended up calling it Mikey. The name for my acoustic guitar is because Orianthi likes to say "Peace and Love" but I think calling it "Love" is quite normal and not suitable in some ways. I ended up calling my acoustic guitar Peace!

I even have photo frames with Orianthi's photos in my room!!

I started using Twitter more and more, until now it has already become a habit for me to check Twitter every single day. (HEHE ^^ You can follow me
right here!)
On the other hand, many thanks to Orianthi, I got a chance to meet great friends, who are Orianthi's fans (aka Panagaris Ninjas). I met quite a number of good friends on Twitter, but I am typically close to the Malaysian ones. The first person I got to know was Athira because she was standing next next to me at the rock zone and then there's Sue Ee. These 2 are the fans who I got to know at the earlier stage. Then through them I got to know Meia, who I never met in real life up till now.

Zillion thanks to them because I got to become one of the admins of ORIANTHI MALAYSIA on Facebook. (Click
here to like the page, not necessary restricted to Malaysian fans, it's for ANYONE, as long as you love Orianthi, join us :D) Not forgetting, John, the guy I met when waiting for the gates to be opened during the concert, somehow he ended up being my "brother" hehe ^^ Great bro indeed. In fact, much better than my real god-brother who doesn't care much or bother to keep in touch with me. Had a great time chatting with the other Ninjas on Facebook and on Twitter.
We planned to meet up during the holidays but eventually only me and Sue Ee met up in her house to play guitar for a while. First time meeting up after talking for so long on social networks. I admit it was awkward indeed, but I (don't know what's her opinion) enjoyed playing guitar with her. She has a pretty red guitar <3 Until now, I haven't had the chance to meet Athira, Meia and John at all..[Hey ninjas, let's catch up when I go back ok? No escaping allowed :p]

As I said since the Orianthi fever went out of control, I became more and more devoted to music and Orianthi day by day. I forgot how did it happen....There's one day I told my friend, Cassandra (at that time she was just like a normal friend, not as close as now) that I wanted to write a song for Orianthi. Being super duper efficient, she handed me an A4 paper with the lyrics the next morning. I really salute her~ I couldn't believe that there's actually a friend who knows how to do this kind of thing and also has interests in this. After altering altering and altering for nearly a hundred times, at last, the final piece came out. BUT, it was just the lyrics. Both of us couldn't compose a melody for it......So the final paper ended up in my folder for ages. Until, one day when I was studying, the melody popped into my mind. I started humming it repeatedly and I hummed it to Cassandra the next day. That's considered as 80% completed??? Haha....we are typical procrastinating people....

On the other hand, I got my first reply from Orianthi on Twitter. I had been tweeting her a lot and she finally replied to me. What's more?! 3 replies in one row! WHEE~~~ Photo as proof!

That time was nearly Orianthi's 26 birthday (21 January 2011) and I planned to finish up that song as her birthday present. The next problem was the guitar chords....Dreadful enough for such an amateur like me :/ I didn't know how to play by ear at all back then. However, lucky me, when I was strumming away "Baby"  by Justin Bieber on my acoustic guitar, unconsciously, I hummed the song while strumming. BINGO~! They fitted perfectly. The following thing was beyond insane. It's impossible for me to record the song to a disc and mail it to Orianthi, so I (thick skin-ly) made a cover of that song and posted it to youtube (the one posted below).

"Oh my only I realize how idiotic I looked AND sounded...I recommend you NOT TO CLICK ON IT, AT YOUR OWN RISK....I won't sponsor you any insurance in advance...Sorry about that Haha!"

The lyrics are as below:

I don't know how you do it
But you make me move
I don't know why you make me
Feel like I could touch the stars above
The way you strum
The way you shred
The recipe to like you is 
To love the way you are


When you move
When you do what you do
The world just spins around you
Screams and shouts are not enough
To tell what you mean to me
You are my inspiration 
I just love the way you are

It doesn't matter 
What people say about you
I believe you will never
Ever let us down
When you're on stage
Showing your skills
You prove to be a queen
And that's why I love the way you are 


You are a rose among the thorns
Through the ups and downs
A guitar goddess is born with no parallel


Frankly speaking, I really really really sounded bad in the video, I prefer to JUST LOOK AT THE LYRICS ...Me and Cassandra were very satisfied with the completed lyrics, so after posting it, the next thing was to keep our fingers crossed and wait for Orianthi's personal reply/comment on that.

I tweeted her and.......SHE REPLIED!! And eventually she commented on the Youtube video as well. Mission accomplished!!!

The next big thing, Orianthi's following me on Twitter. On the 15th of March 2011. This is the screenshot of my Twitter notification email, until now I still don't want to delete. Gonna keep this forever <3 <3 After that, she replied me several times. Having Orianthi to reply fan tweets I feel that she is an idol, at the same time, she is also like a far away friend for all of us.

Time new album in 2011. Then suddenly, after I had left Malaysia for Melbourne for a month, there's this news-ORIANTHI GOING TO MALAYSIA!!!!

Disastrous! Not fair! All of my Malaysia Panagaris Ninja friends planned to go the airport to see Orianthi!!! I couldn't control myself...Jumping up and down and called back to Malaysia to complain to my best pal at night.....

So bad of them kept on tweeting me about their plans to meet Orianthi at the airport and making me more and more frustrated as the day got closer. And it was then I got to know Uno Roa and

Advance thanks to Uno Roa who offered to give me an Orianthi T-shirt which she designed herself and helped me get Orianthi to sign. You know what....I was really really touched. These so-called friends, I actually never seen most of them before, but the way they treated (still treating) me, it's like we are extremely close friends. In truth, they absolutely don't have any obligation to help me at all, but then they offered automatically without me asking. Unfortunately the plan failed, BUT I was, still am grateful for everything. Thankful for the help they offered, thankful for sharing the photos with me, thankful for counting me as one of their members even though I'm not in Malaysia with them, and also thankful for their permission for me to post their photos with Orianthi here (I think they allowed is because they want me to show off on behalf of them haha).

And also, after the photos were released then through commenting on Facebook, I got to know Jerry, which another guy who calls me "sis"....Haha....Why Malaysia guy Panagaris Ninjas like to make me their little sister?!?! o.O Am I that young looking? 

Orianthi's soundcheck session and performance at KL Twin Towers <3 Seeing all these pictures, my endless jealousy's starting again...they met Orianthi...everyone fulfilled their dream...except me TT
Anyway, thanks BROs!! :D and also thanks SISTAs! It's insanely awesome to know you all <3 <3 I believe someday it'll be my turn, SOON!

Peace and love, Fion xx

ps: THANKS again for lending me the photos my Malaysia Panagaris Ninja family!


Stay tuned!

ORIANTHI FANS....Feel free to make friends with me, I love meeting Panagaris Ninjas from all over the world.

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My twitter: @MJandOri4eva

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  1. I'm speechless~ Your crazed obsession... I still don't know how we ended up writing the song but it was fun!!:-)

  2. [Cassie]
    I thought you know all these while...this is NOT obsession. This is ENDLESS LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR MY GUITAR GODDESS :) it's the only song that we managed to complete, contains a lot of memories~ thanks my dear <3

  3. what a great post :)
    I love your blog!!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    This is just so cool. Get to take photo with her and stuffs like that. She seems friendly :)


  5. [bubble my licorice]

    thank you, im a big fan of Orianthi :D that explains!

    [small kucing]

    yes, she is one of the best person on earth. very friendly and very kind towards fans!!
    :D thats why we love her so much !



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