Today is the last day of my school holidays, 29 minutes left. It's not exactly the last day of holidays, but it's holidays on the weekdays, weekends are taken for granted, so I can't be bothered counting them.

So...I have set my aim, and from TOMORROW onwards, I will go for it without doubting myself anymore. I got to believe in the Law Of Attraction.

What I need to do is to STUDY STUDY STUDY. Sounds boring I know, but because I wanna go into the Bachelor Of Commerce in Melbourne University, there's no shortcut to it. (I said already I don't want Bachelor of flirting - read my previous post here)

I had spent more internet money than my previous months here in Melbourne. Because it's holiday, I tend to log on to facebook and skype with my friends more often. However, from now onwards, it's the end of these days.

I swear to myself, I will NOT facebook and skype at home during the weekdays before I have everything completed. Honestly, there's no way not facebook-ing when I have the privilege to "exploit" school's free wifi isn't it?! Haha.....

Now I have set up 5 rules that I have to force myself to follow. Starting a brand new habit from the beginning, it is tougher than it sounds. We all know that, especially when it comes to studying.

Rule 1: Study harder harder harder and complete homework (including extra exercises from books) and read up textbooks after lecture (textbooks are hypnotizing and I don't like them :p).

Rule 2: No facebooking and skyping before completing homework and reading assignments.

Rule 3: The only TV time allow is during sit-ups sessions and every week 2 hours of Love Rain. Fullstop.

Rule 4: Sleep early, wake up early.

Rule 5: Tired time: eat fruits, play guitar, learn hangul.

Before I start plunging myself into my exam mode, which I hadn't recalled for MONTHS, tonight I am blogging this post. My last 15minutes will be spent on blogger. I practically spent today enjoying myself. Probably not so much of enjoying oneself, but it's like doing random stuffs, which made me feel like I have gone back to my high school crazy moments: blogging, video shooting, random photo shooting, facebooking and blogging again, which is this post.

I think I better go to sleep right now.

Tomorrow is a brand new start for me. The start of the battle of life.

Day 1, my mission will be:
- read finish literature book: The Boat
- finish Maths exercises and lecture notes
- do English homework
- check info for upcoming History essay

It's really time for me to get myself into the back-to-school mode~~Got to go now, bed time, nearly 12am. Nitezzz~~~

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