Packing up is NOT easy

Finally, I am starting to pack my luggage. Since I am taking Air Asia, the luggage's limit is only 30kgs. Initially I thought I wouldn't be facing any problems while packing my things because I am quite a pratical person (well, in some ways only...) so I assumed that I wouldn't need to pack unnecessary things. However....fate had it otherwise....

Nearly everyone's telling me to pack as much as I can. Australia's things are much expensive than Malaysia's things. That's why right now I am having a headache. Plus, during packing, there are lots of things to buy. I am extremely sorry for my mom's wallet and credit cards. She paid for my college's tuition fee, hostel rental fee and bought me a laptop, IN A MONTH'S TIME...I'm super duper sorry mom :/

I had given up the idea of buying a new luggage bag. The main point was and still is to safe up unnecessary expenses. But, I am thinking of buying a new school bag. Mom had this idea of giving me a laptop bag to use as a normal school bag. OMG! I don't want a laptop bag because it is quite heavy itself even I haven't put anything into it. My original idea was to bring along my old school bag which I used in my last year of high school but some of the white parts had turned dirty and there's no way I can clear off the dirt. it's time to take a peep at my shopping list.

1. Most important of all - sanitary pads
Seriously...I am not kidding at all. All my friends are packing this. Everyone's advising me to pack them. A year's supply if I won't be coming back to Malaysia. These kind of things in Australia are very expensive. Put it this way then, if I am not mistaken, 2 years ago when I went there I saw that these things are nearly the same price as Malaysia's, but theirs were in Aussie dollars. Woah...insanely pricey to the max!

(ps: I don't care if it's awkward enough to talk about this issue openly on my blog, I just think it's the no.1 of the list. At least, I am not showing the pictures. They are in the green recycle bag there :p And I'm bringing the coffee mug that my juniors gave me last year during PKK's farewell!)

2. Instant noodles
Aussie's instant noodles are rather much expensive than Malaysia's. But, because my mom doesn't allow me to eat too much instant noodles, I'm only bringing 2 packs of 5-in-1s there. I have to admit, instant noodles are convenient but not good for health, so I absolutely have nothing against it.

3. Stationeries
No explanations needed, it's all because of the prices again. I am definitely not going to spend a whole lot bunch of EXTRA money on stationeries and I doubt Aussie will have the brands that I want. I am madly particular with my stationeries :p So I bought a bunch of highlighters, pens and even puncher and staplers. I didn't have to buy erasers and pencil leads because I still have a lot in my cupboard, let's hope they can last me for a year if my estimations are correct.

4. Laptop

Of course, everyone needs a laptop as they proceed to college. I bought a Toshiba Satellite L745 Pearl White one. Loving it to the max~Is my desktop background cute?!?! :D

5. Headphones
Life sucks without headphones. I can't possibly think back how did I manage to survive before I bought my headphones. I had one last time but its cable broke and I bought back exactly the same one and crystalised it the same way as well.

6. Hairdryer
Not going to buy this thing there. School's starting the next day once I arrive and there's no time for me to go shopping for this kind of thing. Furthermore, I won't dare to think about the price.

7. Skin care
Actually this is not necessary. I bought a facial cleanser there once and it wasn't that expensive. Around Rm20, I got a Dove Facial Scrub which was quite reasonable. I packed Hada Labo's facial cleanser and toner and a Loreal moisturizer that's all. Am still thinking should I buy a facial mask from Skin food and a black head scrub O.o

Right now, the luggage is still left on the floor in my store room. Hah! The instant noodles and others are lying on the floor as well. I have no intention to pack them any time soon, maybe let me slack till Chinese New Year's really near then I have no way but to clear the house :p

Of course, I am so not forgetting Mikey's going to be part of my luggage as well. Will bring along MJ's This Is It, all my celebrities photos so I can stick them on my wall, Heartstrings, You're Beautiful, Mary Stayed Out All Night and We Got Married DVD! Peace will meet me there after 3 weeks :S

Good news! My whole series of 'Mary Stayed Out All Night' is coming home! I can spend the next few days watching my Sukkie oppa :D

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