One More Month

Oh my god...Exactly one month left till my flight to Melbourne. I'm so freaking used to all these slacking days: blasting music, watching dramas, playing guitar and keyboard, singing, reading story books and blogs, Facebook-ing, Youtube-ing, shopping and everything that has absolutely nothing to do with studying. What a great life I have here! Totally stress free and seem to me I'm having all the time that I want in this world. Okay, maybe not quite, because to me, I still think that 24hours a day is way too short for me to enjoy myself. But come to think of it, thank goodness I'm not a sleepy-head or else I would've wasted longer time snuggling in my bed.

First it was Jia Ming who went to the airport. Then, it was my darling Dwaeji Tokki (aka Wan Fen). Finally, it's going to be my turn. Honestly, I am not really afraid of going, but I just don't feel like leaving my room and my keyboard, that's the worst thing ever. I love my room to the max. How much time in my life have I been spending inside it and how much effort I put into decorating it until my friends envy me for having such a cool room.

I will be bringing Mikey (my electric guitar) with me to Melbourne, and leaving Peace (my acoustic guitar) and Dreamx (my Korg keyboard) behind in my room. Luckily mom promised to bring Peace for me when she goes to visit me in Melbourne in March, or else I would cry! The problem is I'm going to be staying in a dorm, 2 person in a room and it's impossible for Dreamx to fit in. And the other thing is all my Michael Jackson collection must be left behind in my room as well, they can't tag along with me. All the posters in my room will remain in their own places, and I am thinking of taking down those photos that I have on my wall and in my closet, hopefully my roommate won't mind me putting them up. I'll go insane if I don't get to bring photos of Michael Jackson, Orianthi, Jung Yong Hwa, Christina Grimmie and Jang Keun Suk.....I'm not going to care, now my sixth sense is telling me that I'm going to meet a really nice roommate. I'm not an evil person, so I suppose there's no worry of karma getting me in this kind of way :p more month until I arrive in a brand new world. Everything's a new start. No more calling my friends to chat up to an hour when I'm alone, no more depending on my mom, no more driving around the place, no more shopping, no more Youtube (Internet tends to be expensive in Aussie), no more being insane about my idols......In short: NO MORE SLACKING. 12th February 2012, I am going to arrive in Melbourne, and this is the first time I'm on my own on my birthday, literally alone on my 18th birthday. My first time away from home alone. And school starts the next day. Let's see how busy a college life will be....I'll take everything as it comes. I've come really far: preschool, primary school, high school and now college is just one step away from me. To be precise, approximately 30 days.

Fortunately, I am born as a single child in my family. Being home alone without anyone to talk to for 4 days ain't a problem for me. I find solace in MUSIC. I'm really grateful for that, as long as music exist, I can live, no matter how hard the situation is, when's there's music, there's no problem at all. That's one of the reasons why I am so damn obsess with my idols. They are the cure to every single obstacle. You can go ahead and oppose this statement of mine, you can say I'm just an ordinary kiddy-minded teenage girl who's STILL so unbelievably immature, least to me, music is everything. I'm mentally prepared for the future Melbourne life to come, nothing to be afraid of, I have music to accompany me all the time.

People can do it, so can I. I'm keeping my head up. I'm not going to freak out. I am not going to cry myself to sleep under my blanket. I will make my family proud, I will make my mom know that I'm a blue chip, an investment which is worth to make.

This is the start of my dream, the start of my adventure!!!


  1. ohh, don't be sad. Just take a photo of your dreamx and imagine that it is in your room la...haha. Anyway, when's your flight?

  2. @cassie:

    actually im not really sad or what...just dont feel like ending my slacking life so soon! i still have korean dramas that i havent finished x) i will miss Dreamx like hell!!
    11 feb! wanna meet up before i go?



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