My Arrival....

I used to envy other peeps who can have their own blogs and they can express whatever they want without any restrictions AT ALL. I have a blog. A food blog, which my mom and her friend who I called a SIFU is keeping an eye on.

I love blogging food posts, but I am a human as well. Looking at those awesome bloggers out there, like XiaXue and Cheeserland and Qiu Qiu. They are totally amazing in their own style. They stand out because they have their own personality. Both of them are special in their own ways. Be it fashion, random pictures, random articles or whatsoever, they are simply COOL. I always want to be able to blog about stuffs which have nothing to do with food posts. Yet, I didn't feel like starting a new blog as I already have a little traffic on my food blog and starting a new blog means I have to start everything from zero.

Last 2 weeks, having absolutely nothing to do in KL, I suddenly felt like blogging. But I didn't have my camera cable with me. I couldn't do any food posts on my blog. So, I decided to write a super random post about a Korean drama which I was (still am) crazy about. Well, a blog is a place to write freely right?!? I thought it won't hurt or affect anything at all as I already labelled that post as "random" and I had also clarified that it's total crap. If the readers don't feel like reading, I bet everyone will just scroll down the page or find something else to read...ain't that the truth?!

Fate had it otherwise....yesterday, my mom went to my food blog to look up for a restaurant's contact number and she saw those random stuffs that I uploaded. You know what happened next?! She scolded me as if I had committed some kind of serious crime. To her, posting random articles on my food blog means:
1) I am so NOT holding onto my principle.
2) I am extremely obsess with celebrities until I am turning my life upside down.
3) I don't have any persistence in doing things.
In real, she came up with a gazillion of reasons and I got told off.

Come on, get a life. Leave me alone can you?! Christina uploads random videos of herself talking and being crazy on her MUSIC channel, Cheeserland uploads random vain pictures of herself on her blog, Xiaxue blogs about everything she feels like blogging....Yet, they are successful. People love them. People look up to them. They are people's inspirations.

If you like me, if you like my stuffs, feel free to leave me comments or follow me. I love hearing from my readers. If you don't like me, it's absolutely alright with me. I won't feel bad or whatsoever. Because, love me or hate me, I'm still an obsession :P 

Peace and Love.

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