I Got A Kindle For My Birthday | Unboxing Video

Since 2020, I started ditching physical books and went on to be a digital reader. I didn’t like the fact that I have to face a dilemma of whether to keep or throw a book after I had finished reading it, particularly a book that sits on the fence with my liking (side effect of Konmari). Not only does reading digitally saves me space and money, I also started appreciating the convenience of audiobooks that save me so much time - perfect for a multitasker like me.

However, reading off my laptop has not been the most convenient approach. It works and I love my Macbook with all my heart, just that (1) I can’t bring my Macbook everywhere with me without feeling the weight (2) the computer screen strains my eyes after reading several pages. 

A few Youtubers that I follow (like Jenn Im and Ali Abdaal) constantly rave about their Kindles, but it's such a challenge to find one in Malaysia, physically. I wanted to see and feel it with my own hands before deciding if it's my cup of tea (another side effect of Konmari: I wanted to make sure it will spark joy)

During the Lunar New Year at the start of February this year, my cousin showed up with a Kindle in her handbag. I finally got to try it out - and yes, I liked it right away. So when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, which was on the 12th of February, I asked for a Kindle.

I chose the Kindle Basic (10th Generation, released in 2019) because I just don’t see a point in paying so much for a Kindle Paperwhite. I could basically get 2 Kindle Basics if I were to go with the Kindle Paperwhite, so nah

After comparing for a really long time, I eventually bought my Kindle from this seller. I bombarded them with a bunch of questions and they answered me patiently. Also, this seller offers 1 year of warranty at the most competitive price (MYR 359). They shipped out in 2 hours after the payment was completed. The delivery was shockingly fast too - less than 30 hours to arrive in Penang from KL.

* Due to the fact that Amazon doesn't ship to Malaysia, the majority of the sellers in Malaysia import their Kindles from Amazon Japan. The warranties are not provided by Amazon but by the sellers themselves. While browsing the Internet you can see sellers pricing the same model of Kindle at different prices depending on the length of warranty that you are comfortable with. 

Let's unbox with me! 

To my surprise, this Kindle Basic comes in a really small box. There’s a tab to be teared off to prove that it’s a brand new product.

In the box, there’s a plastic sleeve, that holds the Kindle, its cable, and a small instruction guide. 
I accidentally included my black kitty cable organizer in this photo xD

I bought my Kindle cover from this Shopee seller (link here) at approximately RM16 with free shipping from China. I recommend choosing something with a strap that makes holding your Kindle easier while reading.

This Kindle Basic weighs less than 200g and is 6 inches in size. Even my small handbags could fit it in. It has a lower screen resolution (800 x 600 pixels) in comparison with the other Kindles but it does not matter to me because I only read texts. If you are a fan of comic books, maybe you should consider something with a higher resolution and perhaps a bigger screen.

My favourite function is this:
If you’d like to look up a word, just press on it. A toolbox will pop up. 

There you have, a built-in dictionary. I can finally leave my phone aside while reading now. 

Swipe right for Wikipedia. 

Swipe right again to translate that specific word to another language of your choice.

Unfortunately, I have to sacrifice my love for colourful highlights.

Highlighting only comes in grey on my Kindle due to its e-ink display. 

Most would argue that spending money on a Kindle is kinda stupid when you could choose an almighty iPad. For me, the whole e-ink technology is the main reason behind my purchase. I spend a lot of time in front of computer screens. Therefore, when I get off work to chill, I prefer to find something that doesn't strain my eyes, which is the benefit of Kindle's e-ink display. 

That said, I don't recommend buying a Kindle right away if you are never a reader, to begin with. It's like buying a whole closet of Lululemon or Adidas thinking those gears will make you a fitness enthusiast overnight. If you are someone who reads on a regular basis and has no problem reading digitally, I really do recommend getting at least an entry-level Kindle like this. I enjoy it a lot myself. 

For Malaysians who are thinking to get a Kindle, the receipt of your Kindle purchase could be used to make an income tax claimant. Just talk to the seller and get a receipt issued under your name. Now your Kindle will be even more cost-effective than it originally is! 

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