SUDIO Nio Earphones & Case Review

Being a 'professional' house cat, I am good at keeping myself entertained. My biggest habit is always having something playing in the background no matter what I am doing - be it podcasts, audiobooks, music or guided meditations. Hence, earphones play a very important role in my life. 

Established in 2012, SUDIO is a Swedish brand that strives to utilize the latest technology to create premium and minimalist portable audio devices. 

Recently, I have been loving this pair of NIO bluetooth earphones by Sudio

Now let's unbox with me. 

I love how delicate and minimalist all these pieces are. 

Out of the 6 available colours for NIO, I picked the colour sandy

I never allow my electronic devices to go around naked. Everything needs some sort of protection because I tend to bang around here and there carelessly. This vegan black leather-textured case is made out of apple skin from the northern region of Italy, specially for the NIO series earphones.    

I just wish that Sudio could've done an embossing of their brand name on this case for more sense of exclusivity. 

In comparison to in-ears, I prefer ordinary earphones that sit at the edge of my ears. I don't like how earphones get stuffed deeply into my ears and to some extent, the whole messy ear wax situation is a little gross to even think about. Ear wax is a natural thing and everyone has it - so I'm just being realistic! 

Sudio NIO comes with 4 pairs of interchangeable wingtips to provide optimal comfort and stability for different ear shapes. I tried doing burpees and jumping jacks while wearing these NIO earphones and they passed the test without falling off my ears! Plus, these wingtips make the whole cleaning process a lot more convenient (I do try my best to clean it after every use specially after a sweaty workout). 

Features of Sudio NIO:
  • touch panel control and automatic pairing 
  • up to 20 hours of battery life 
  • adaptive dual-microphone technology 
  • IPX4 splash-proof protection
  • 3-year warranty with Sudio Sphere

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