Lavender Blue Workout Gear by VIMOUR

Ever since I started working out back in 2016, I had always wished for a chance to collaborate with a fitness brand. It was such a far away unreachable dream back then but somehow, years later, Vimour made it happened! 

Vimour is a portmanteau, a made-up word coined from the combination of the words vim and vigour. Based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Vimour is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel brand owned by LYR Global.

For this collaboration, I picked out their lavender-blue set. I was quite inclined to stay with my usual black-or-white choices but this colour tone is too special to resist. I just had to get it for my collection. 

Vimour's workout pieces are all carefully crafted with the Mojoyo fabric technology that provides:
⊛buttery-soft cotton softness
⊛noisy rub phenomenon controlled
⊛moisture-wicking for quick drying 
⊛medium compressium for air lifting
⊛4-way stretch fabric for 360° movement 

Top: Backless Halter Yoga Sports Bra (Lavender Blue - size 2) 

I really like the bareback cutting because I don't have such design in my collection. Inspired by the Chinese ancient bra "Du Dou 肚兜", this bra that comes with removable padding is flattering for sure. 

Bottom: Cross Waist Bike Short Women's Yoga Pants (Lavender Blue - size 2) 

Had a hard time deciding whether I should go for this bike short yoga pants or the flared boot cut long pants. Ended up going with the short pants because it's more practical in this hot Malaysia weather. When it comes to choosing a workout tights/pants, butt-sculpting is always a big key determinant factor. Girls, you know what I am saying! This one passed the test. I can say that honestly because I haven't been working on my booty diligently lately, yet after putting this pair of yoga pants on, I feel I do have a mini peach emoji there!  

For more designs and colours, check out Vimour's online store here. Happy shopping! 

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