Thoughtful & Practical Unisex Gift Ideas

"A big bouquet of roses will definitely melt her heart!"

Whenever I hear someone says something like that, it makes me cringe. I'm generally a practical person for 85.79% of the time. So, I never understand the logic behind spending a bunch of money on 99 stems of roses that will just wilt in 3 days - give me the cash instead!

Stepping into the new year where we are celebrating the birthdays of our loved ones all over again and having Valentine's Day (and my own birthday) around the corner, I thought it'd be fun to put together a list of gift ideas which IMHO will put your money to good use as a giver and it brings utility to the receiver as well.

No more spending money on conventional gifts that will probably end up in the trash in a few days or collecting dust in a quiet corner of one's house.

Gifts that give back

Contribute to a charity cause in the name of your loved ones. It's purposeful and touching beyond measure, especially for someone who has it all. It's wise to pick a cause that the recipient is very passionate about for extra magical touch. Here are some examples that I picked out for your perusal:

▪ Adopt a koala (click here)

Each adoption comes with a certificate. Put that into a beautiful gift box as a gift and it's good to go. I am sure this is a gift that will catch someone by surprise! Who wouldn't be delighted upon discovering that he/she now owns a koala?! 

If koala is not your cup of tea, what about penguins?

▪ For fashion lovers, maybe you can pick out a cute graphic t-shirt from Havan Clothing. Their shirts are specially designed by creative children from the shelters and they come with a friendly price tag. Part of the proceeds will be used in conducting learning programs for children in shelter homes. Plus, what's not to love about having a new piece of exclusively designed shirt in the closet? Fret not, global shipping is available too.

A gift for one's home

This category of gifts is suitable for both men and women and they definitely pay for themselves over time. Things like a new set of bedspread, an essential oil diffuser, coffee maker, juice blender, a set of cozy lounge wear or even a bottle of pillow mist will be sparking joy on a daily basis without a doubt.

I once gifted a friend a bedside lamp with a marble base which totally matched the aesthetics of her room and she said to me whenever she sees that lamp, it reminds her of me. It's heart warming for both the giver and the recipient.

Personalized gifts

A personalized gift speaks to the recipient in a much powerful way than something that you just plucked from a store shelf at the very last minute. It is an epitome of your love and care. I myself am a sucker for customizable items. Not only do I love receiving them, but I also love gifting them.

On this note, I'd like to introduce a company named oNecklace, an online shop that has a wide choice of personalized accessories and jewelry for both men and women - from necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings to business card holders, tie clips and bookmark, they got you covered. The best thing is that they offer gift wrapping services in addition to free world wide shipping for every purchase.

Something new on my wrist recently is this block letter cut out monogram bracelet that has my initials on it. I have been wearing it constantly for the past few weeks since I received it because it's too beautiful to be taken off! It also goes perfectly with my roman numeral bangle. Thank you oNecklace once again for this gorgeous gift. 

Gift cards

The only thing to note when picking out a gift card is keeping in mind the likes and interests of the receiver. It could be a gift card to his/her favourite coffee shop, bookshop, clothing brand or even a spa centre. Whatever it is, gift cards are self-explanatory, hassle-free for you as a shopper and you can almost guarantee that it will be used well by the receiver. 

For myself, I have been jonesing for a coffee maker lately because I hate having to get out of the house to have a cup of frothy cappucino - instant coffee sachets don't really cut it anymore. I just turned down my mom's offer to bring me out for a fine dining for my birthday celebration in exchange for a coffee maker - let's see if she'd really give me one! *a girl can dream*

Nevertheless, in all honesty, all I want in life is candles! Told ya, I'm practical af!

What's your favourite choice of gifts for your loved ones? Do let me know in the comment box, perhaps I can add it to my list too :D 

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