Haru Hari Specialty Coffee @ Cubopark

Haru Hari is one you shall stumble across whenever you visit Cubopark. Yet, even better if you do pay them a visit because I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed.

Sounds of coffee machine, coffee bean grinder and soft lofi music could be heard from Haru Hari's open style kitchen whenever you walk pass it.

Taking our first steps into the cafe, we were greeted by the waft of coffee. The overall fit-out of Haru Hari is minimal yet homely. Stark white walls with timber and pops of green make the place bright and Insta-worthy.

I love it because the whole place screams "Korean/Japanese vibes"! 

To many, this little test tube with coffee beans might only be a simple decorative item on the table, but I was impressed by not just the creativity but also the attention to details. It's clear that the owners do invest genuine care and passion into running Haru Hari. 

Mentally making a note to myself to create a corner like this in my future home. 

Haru Hari offers an extensive drink menu - coffee, tea, milk and etc.  

As much as I love coffee, I couldn't help getting distracted by the 3 mouth-watering S'mores at the bottom of the page. 

Haru Hari's signature drink - Haru Hari, is a cup of iced coffee topped with fresh homemade cream. 

The reason why I am mentioning that the cream's homemade is because I saw the barista making it with my own eyes while we were there. This again strengthens my previous point that they do care about what they do at Haru Hari.

Niseko Sparkle (aka Sparkling Chai Latte) is a creative twist to the conventional chai latte/chai tea.

The stem of rosemary on top of the drink was not only for decoration but to enhance your sense of smell, simultaneously making the taste of the drink itself more flavoursome as you sip on it. 

Coffee, lofi music in the background and a good friend - I couldn't ask for a better Friday night. But hey, it gets better at Haru Hari because of the desserts!

You can opt to sit at the counter too to watch the baristas work their magic behind the scenes.  

Introducing the baristas/founders of Haru Hari: JD & JHee who are a pair of twins with irrevocable love for coffee. 

The twins had their humble start selling coffee by the roadside for approximately 1 year before owning this cafe. In February 2019, they took their dream and passion to the next level with the official establishment of Haru Hari. 

Not only are they very easygoing and friendly (did I forget to say handsome?), they are very meticulous and professional too when working on their craft.

Here's the highlight of the night that I had been waiting for impatiently! 

When a blowtorch appears, you know your food be amazing, by default! 

Haru Hari's signature homemade S'mores that come in various flavours (teh tarik, matcha, chocolate and boba) are things that you shouldn't miss out on. Exclusively available at Haru Hari only! 

Burnt marshmallow on the outside with ice cream on the inside. How can something like this not make someone happy?! 

My friend was spilling my tea very loudly that night as she told the owners, "when Fion totally forgets about her clean eating and calorie counting, you know that your food is totally amazing!"

Yes, I gobbled this thing. Let's worry about the other things the next day. 

Chocolate flavoured S'more 

Matcha flavoured S'more

Don't forget to grab some sweets to go with your drinks. 


Banana with cinnamon 


Depending on the time of visit, you could have a slice of tranquility or be seated with a gaggle of chirping patrons, like us.

The night spent at Haru Hari is a microcosm of happy memories with my friends. 

All up, if you are up in Tanjung Tokong area, new to being serious about coffee, Haru Hari is well worth the stop by. Ditch your usual coffee chain once in a while and come to Haru Hari. They'll surely take you through a brew or two (with perfectly torched marshmallows) in a good-natured way. 

Haru Hari Specialty Coffee

A2-05 @ Cubopark
6, Jalan Tanjong Tokong, Kampung Masjid George Town, 10470 Tanjong Tokong, Penang.

Hours: 4.30pm-12am

Instagram: @haruharicoffee

Facebook: Haru Hari Specialty Coffee

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