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I don't know about you but I personally suck at buying present for my friends and family members, big time. I always feel helpless when I'm stuck in such situations because I hate the idea of buying cliche gifts or the useless knick knacks that will most likely end up collecting dust in their homes.

For me, I gravitate towards customized gifts for my loved ones. It adds more meaning to the gift when it is being designed specially for them. Mothers' Day is just around the corner, if you have not picked out a gift for your dearest mom, I have good news for you! 

Getnamenecklace is a company that offers fashionable and customisable jewelry pieces at afforable prices. Be it name necklaces, monogram chokers, family pendants to rings (and more), Getnamenecklace has it all! For majority of their products, you get to choose between sterling silver / platinum / 18k gold / 18k rose gold. And...the best part is that they offer free worldwide shipping too!

Instead of going for the traditional (and cliche) options like flowers or a dine-out meal, why not pick out something that will make this Mothers' Day memorable for both you and your beloved mother from this Mothers' Day collection that Getnamenecklace has specially put together.

Personally, I would go for the rings. I am a huge fan of rings. I own 5 rings that mean a lot to me and so I wear all of them (yes, all at once) very frequently. I love the idea of wearing friendship rings with my friends and I got a ring which my mom gifted me for my 21st birthday (upon my request to not receive a key-shaped pendant), so having a customized ring with my mom would seem like a pretty good idea!

Here are 2 of the rings that caught my eye while I was browsing through the website:

I find this Custom Engraved Two Birthstones Sterling Silver Ring very meaningful - because I'll be able to add my birthstone and my mom's on top of the custom engravings. So everytime when she looks at her finger that this ring's on, she'll be able to think of me too!

This Engraved Bar Ring with Birthstone is totally my cup of tea. You can never go wrong with a minimalist yet chic looking ring. It's simple and elegant design makes it suitable for any occasion. I'll even consider getting this for myself :p 

For more options and choices, do head over to Getnamenecklace website for a thorough shopping spree! They are currently having a Mothers' Day offer, so you'd not want to miss that out!

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