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For those who know me well, I am quite of a homebody. If I could minimize the chances of me having to get out of the house, you bet that's what I'd do. 

Recently, I picked out a brush lettering online lesson from CRAFT La so I could learn and practice in the comfort of my lounge wear (yes, I'm a sloth who still has a passion to learn new things)

CRAFT La is a platform that connects the best local talents in Malaysia and market their skills and masterpieces extensively to reach a wider network of craft lovers. If you are an art-and-craft-lover, you could learn something new from CRAFT La. The best thing about this is that you don't have to change and get out of the house and you have access to your lesson(s) 24/7.
Soap making and brush lettering were the first 2 lessons that caught my eye. Eventually I went with brush lettering because I am a huge fan of journals and have always envied people with insanely beautiful cursive handwriting that I see all over Instagram and Pinterest. So, it's time for me to learn it.

For the brush lettering lesson, CRAFT La sent me a black brush pen with 2 tips and some cards for me to write on them. I love how I don't even have to leave the house to buy the pen needed for this lesson. 

After you have purchased your online lesson, you could log into your account and...

The lessons are broken down into bite size pieces so you wouldn't feel too overwhelmed. You know those tutorials or tips and tricks that people share on Youtube that's over 30 minutes long, kills me right away.

For brush lettering, I love the lady who's teaching it because she has such a smoothing voice and she demonstrates every step at a pretty decent pace. 

I know I am horrible. Ok, don't judge. I used to be that kid who would offer to do my friend's science report while she did my art/calligraphy homework back in high school. Plus, I used to get punished by my teacher for writing really horrible calligraphy to the extent that he gave up on punishing me because I was that hopeless.

I'll get better, I promise.

If you have made it till this far, I have a goodie for you. You can get 20% off any class from CRAFT La with this code "IZIPIZICRAFT".

For more information, feel free to check out CRAFT La's website/Facebook/Instagram

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