30 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

I was in a horrible mood yesterday. So I did what any sane girl would do. I picked up my phone and called up one of my best friends to get it all out of my system. Luckily, she picked up (which was something rare) and we found ourselves talking about a lot of things for the next 2 hours. 

One of the topics that we discussed during that phone call was happiness. As we recalled from our childhood memories, we realized that happiness was easier back then. A box of new crayons could keep us happy for probably the whole semester. Back then, it wasn't hard to answer the question "what would make you happy". Cheering yourself up meant an ice cream, a new bottle of glitter glue and a packet of stickers. 

Now, as adults what could we do to cheer ourselves up when we are feeling down? Glitter glue and heart-shaped stickers definitely don't cut it anymore. Maybe a unicorn as a pet might be the answer to all my prayers? Who knows...

After the phone call, I took a little bit of time to write down the things that I tend to gravitate towards  when I wanna feel good (even temporarily). 

1. Have a dance party/concert at home while blasting your favourite tunes
2. Turn off all the lights in your room at night and light a scented candle
3. Order your favourite drink - coffee, boba tea, juice, tea...anything really!
4. Listen to a positive and inspiring podcast
5. Watch a Youtube video (or more) of your favourite idol
6. Meditate
7. Look through your inspirational Pinterest board
8. Workout and sweat it all out
9. Sit yourself down and write 3 things that you are grateful for (keep writing if you could think of more)
10. Doodle
11. Tidy your surroundings
12. Get laundry done
13. Eat desserts
14. Take yourself out - be it to walk in the nature or to a cute cafe or a fancy restaurant
15. Seek for help from your "therapist" friend (we all have one like that)
16. Go for a drive without a destination in mind
17. Go through your memory box
18. Rant it out in a diary
19. Cook/bake your favourite food, then eat it
20. Take your shower/bath in the dark while listening to chillax music
21. Read your favourite book or watch your favourite TV show/movie
22. Think 'what would XX (someone who inspires you) do'
23. Just let your feelings flow even if it means crying it all out or beating the innocent pillow up
24. Sleep/cozy up in your blanket
25. Put your earphones in and listen to positive affirmations on repeat
26. Look at some cute animal videos online
27. Create a vision board
28. Think about "how would my life be in 5 years"
29. Plan your next getaway
30. Change your phone background to something that will inspire/motivate/brighten up your mood

We are all on our own when it comes to the quest of searching for happiness, what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Don't sweat it, keep the lines on your diary open!

All I hope is that maybe seeing my list here might inspire you to try some of these things out or even start a list of your own!

Feel free to share some mood boosting tips in the comments too :) 

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  1. A nice evening walk is always helpful when your mood is bad, you just walk with your favorite music, especially now when the weather is so wonderful.



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