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You know the trouble when you have a group of friends who are living in different areas of Penang Island, wanting to find somewhere that will be a fair travel distance for everyone is quite a chore. Going to Georgetown is all fun and stuff until you get caught in the heavy traffic and then having to struggle to find a parking space. 

Coffee Signature is located in the middle meetup point of Penang at Pusat Perdagangan Nova, Jelutong - located just a few minutes away from E-Gate and Tesco and just a few hundred metres away from the Jelutong police station and market. The best thing of all, Coffee Signature offers free parking for their customers!

The interior is rather spacious and bright. It's not hard to notice that the interior design of Coffee Signature is inspired the simple yet elegant European style. 

I love chandeliers because they always remind me of the luxurious Baroque period. 

Tall big windows with heavy curtains are my kind of thing.

Coffee Signature has a private room where you could book in advance for whatever event that you might be hosting if you wish to have your own enclosed space. Perfect for business meeting or family/friends gathering where you could be as noisy as you'd like without annoying other people.

The T&Cs of the private function room. 

Hot Chocolate which belonged to Oliva but I gobbled that piece of cookie. If you understand Chinese, you can check out Olivia's review here as I went there with her that day. 

Rose Latte (MYR 11) - can you believe how hard it is to find an "edible flower" flavour coffee in Penang?! 

Lavender Latte (MYR 11) - double flower power that morning. 

When it comes to flower flavoured food, there is nothing as "too much" in Fion's world! 

I'm a huge "edible flower" freak so I was so happy that I got to try out both the rose and lavender latte on the same day. 

Maybe it's not so much of a Malaysian / Asian thing so the taste of the flower essence wasn't as strong as I would like, but it's still OK! I would say "cravings satisfied"!

Pink Marganite (MYR 15)

Red Ruby (MYR 15)

I am more of a coffee person so I'd always opt for coffee - but that's just me. In my opinion, these 2 soda drinks were dulcet and it would be my choice if there wasn't any coffee around (let alone flower flavoured ones) as they were chilly and refreshing. Bonus points for the fresh fruits and popsicle stick!

Cream of Mushroom (MYR 16)

It was very thick and rich and you could even feel the texture of some tiny mushroom pieces in your mouths. It's defo not cooked from a tin or overly diluted powder! 

French Onion Soup (MYR 18)

Sorry for my candor but I personally am not a fan of onion so I couldn't comment too much on it because of the taste. That said, it was because of the strong onion taste which meant that they cooked the soup with real onions to be able to achieve such strong smell. 

Coffee Signature's Soup of The Day (MYR 14) was Potato Leek soup during our visit. 

Compare to cream of mushroom and french onion soup this was less creamy and thick. It's easier on the stomach to prep you for your mains because the previous two would probably take up some space in your stomach. I kinda regretted drinking so much of the cream of mushroom because I was quarter full when the main dishes were served. LOL~  

Trenette Pesto Genovese (MYR 20) that consisted of penne, pesto, cherry tomatoes, basil, roasted almond and parmesan cheese. All of my favourite things in one. I love that the pesto taste was rich enough but not too overwhelming. Recommended by yours truly!  

Big Breakfast (MYR 28)

It was indeed HUGE!! You won't go wrong for this dish but I'd prefer their pasta dishes rather than this Big Breakfast because (1) you can eat pasta all day (2) their pastas are great (3) fry your own sunny side egg at home! I'm a practical person like that~

Pumpkin Pesto Pasta (MYR 26)

I really loved this dish. Unlike the Trenette Pesto Genovese which had a stronger taste to it, this Pumpkin Pesto Pasta was quite light. It had the sweetness of the pumpkin and a slight creamy texture without being too heavy on the taste buds and the stomach.

I would reorder both of these pesto pasta dishes if I were to return to Coffee Signature once again in the near future.   

I included the menu from Coffee Signature here because they have a huge variety for you to choose from. 

Their desserts look really tempting from the menu but the 3 of us (from the left: me, Rachael and Olivia) were so stuffed after finishing the main dishes. We'll try it next time then.!

Coffee Signature Penang

9-LG-01, Jalan Ahmad Nor, Pusat Perdagangan Nova, 11600, Jelutong, Penang.

Contact Number: +6011 1320 0088

Opening Hours: 9am-11pm daily

Facebook: Coffee Signature Penang

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