My First Canva Strap Watch

Growing up, I wasn't that much of a watch girl though I really envy people who could make a habit of wearing a watch on a regular basis. I remember when I was in high school, I used to pester my neighbouring classmates so much by asking them "what's the time now" nearly every 5 minutes because I couldn't wait for recess time / time to go home! 
Somehow, when I was in university, I started going back to some old school habits - wearing a watch rather than relying on my phone and writing things down on a physical piece of paper. That being said though, I'm still working on doing these habits on a daily basis.

I recently did a collaboration with Tawaf and this is my first canva strap watch. So you know how excited I was to unbox this parcel because I could finally add something new to my usual metal/leather strap (mini) watch collection.

2 years ago, Tawaf was established online in the appreciation of every ticking second of life. 

Also not to mention, I love it when brands put in that extra effort in the packaging. Thank you for the candy canes and jelly beans! 

Here's an unboxing video that I uploaded to my Instagram story the other day. 

Most of the watches that I own have small watch faces, all thanks to tiny wrists. I picked out this Ramal watch from their women's Petite Collection that is powered by Japanese Quartz movement. 

It adds a pop of colour to most of my outfits as I wear mostly black and white.  

Another thing that I love about this watch is that it replaces the numbers with small little crystals. You can never say no to some sparkling blingz~ 

The canva straps are changeable and Tawaf offers a few other colour selections are really affordable prices too - check them out here.

Another important thing to pinpoint is that all Tawaf watches come with 2 years of warranty with anti-scratch glass faces and are also water-resistant up to 3ATM! 

Here are some fun facts of Tawaf. I didn't know that my watch means 'rapid ritual walk for men in the first three rounds of Tawaf'. 

If you are not a fan of small-faced watches like me, fret not as Tawaf offers a selection of choices here - different watch sizes, genuine leather/canva straps, unisex or typically designed for men/women...interestingly some of their watches even go anti-clockwise! 

For more information, you can check out Tawaf's websiteInstagram and Facebook. Alternatively, you could also contact Tawaf on Whatsapp at +6018 391 6736. 

FYI, Tawaf is currently having a sale at the moment. Do head over for some good deals now! 

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