Grill From The Sea Buffet Dinner @ Taste Cafe, G Hotel Gurney

I was going to buy my mom a buffet dinner at G Hotel sometime during Christmas or NYE after trying out their Christmas buffet menu in mid November. Unfortunately, my mom fell sick during that period of time so we had to postpone the plan. 

The first Saturday of 2019, we finally went to G Hotel Gurney's Taste Cafe for our overdue holiday dinner date. 

To kickstart the new year, Taste Cafe introduced a brand new theme - Grill From The Sea. Thus, if you are a seafood lover, this is the place to indulge your cravings.  

Salad bar for your fibre intake before the seafood. 

They set up this corner that served Chinese roasted chicken and sausages and...bok choy!

This is also the corner for you to order the 'ice kacang' of your choice. I didn't get one for myself because I wasn't aware of it when I walked past it. When I finally figured it out, I was already too full to have anything else. *sobs*

A portion of the seafood selection from that night.

These chili mussels were my favourite. I went for 3 rounds of "top up" on this dish alone. 

In the outdoor area of Taste Cafe, they still have the Lava Stone BBQ Grill that they imported from Indonesia. Head over there and you could pick out lobsters/beef/sausages and have the chefs cooked them on the spot for you. I didn't take a photo this time around but you can refer to my previous blog post here

Also, the char kuey teow was quite nice. I didn't manage to snap a photo of it because it kept on running out. I myself only got to try 1 spoonful of it. So good luck in laying your mouth on that yummy one!

On (ie. this blog of mine that you are reading), there is one golden rule: always make room for desserts! 

How could one ever say no to such yummy looking yet adorable desserts!

Just a side note, on the night of our visit, the entire Taste Cafe was fully booked out. There were a few companies and families there for their gatherings. It was very crowded. So I guest you call up G Hotel Gurney at +604 238 0000 to make an advance booking to avoid disappointment. 

PS: I just started vlogging (it's one of my 2019 resolutions). I included some snippets from this buffet dinner (from 7.57 onwards) in this first vlog of mine. Though I would really appreciate if you'd watch the whole thing :p 

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