SEKA Whitening+ Lotion

I am an avid fan of Korean and Japanese skincare products. In my skincare routine, there's only 1 product that's not from a Korean or Japanese brand. 

Founded in 2016 and finally launched in 2018, SEKA is a Japanese beauty brand that focuses on using traditional fermentation concept in helping skin rejuvenation.

I am very privileged to review SEKA's Whitening+ Lotion. I swear that ever since I got back to Malaysia from Melbourne, my skin colour has gotten darker, so whitening is something that I really should look into. This collaboration came at a divine timing!

Seka's Whitening+ Lotion has a water-like consistency with grapefruit extract for nourishment, metasilicate, that is a hot spring moisturizer to smoothen the skin, and coenzyme Q10 to promote blood circulation and skin cell activation while you hydrate and refresh your skin. 

The Seka Whitening+ Lotion is suitable for most skin type. It's recommended to apply before any facial essence to boost the effect of the essence. 

A few drops should be enough to cover your face. I deliberately poured more onto my hand for the sake of this photo. This 120ml bottle should last me quite a long time. 

A tip which I learnt from a Korean Youtuber is to gently pat in such watery products in several layers to get optimal absorption. It's just like our usual way of applying skincare products, you apply the first layer, gently pat it all into the face, then go on with another layer, then another layer. Depending on my mood (whether I feel like doing the patting), I'll usually do 3-5 layers, though the Korean Youtuber suggested 7 layers but I'm just a lazy bum! 

My favourite part of this product will definitely be its subtle unique smell which reminds me of the pearl white jasminum sambac buds that I used to be obsess with when I was a kid. In addition, the post application feeling on the skin which is light and refreshing, thanks to the component of Mt. Fuji's Spring Water in it!

In conjunction with the new launch, SEKA is currently running giveaways on their social media platforms till the end of September. So, remember to try out your luck on their Facebook and Instagram pages! 

Another good news to share is that my readers/followers can get 20% discount off all SEKA products online and free shipping within Malaysia with this code "BEYONDBEAUTY". 

Happy Shopping my loves <3  

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  1. This sounds like an interesting product, in the U.K. we all try to get darker though so we all obsess over tanning lotions ☺️
    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog



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