Spoon Cafe @ G Hotel Kelawai, Penang

G Hotel is a prestigious hotel in Penang (Malaysia) that's located right next to my favourite shopping mall Gurney Plaza. For those who don't know, I am a sucker for really modern and stylish interior, especially those with black, grey and white tones - that's why I love G Hotel!

For those who don't know (including myself until recently), G Hotel is actually made up of 2 separate entities - G Hotel Gurney and G Hotel Kelawai.

Not too long ago, I was invited by Rachael to be her +1 to attend a food review at G Hotel Kelawai's Spoon Cafe to test out their new set lunch menu.

Awww...look at the black walls, they remind me of my old apartment in Melbourne so much! I give their interior design 6 stars out of 5!

Guess what secret was being revealed that night? For 7 days a week, running from 12pm - 3pm, you can enjoy having your set lunch in Spoon Cafe (Level 2 of G Hotel Kelawai) for only RM25 nett. 

Doesn't it seem to good to be true? I myself was shocked when their PR team announced this. Having a foodie mom, I thought I would be pretty informed with nearly all the good food hunts in the hood...but she definitely did not know this until I texted her on the spot and she replied, "Take me there next time!"

RM25 nett, dining in a high end hotel with nice view and interior...Just wait till you see what the menu has to offer! That glass of white wine was not mine (I don't really drink) so it was just for the sake of this picture.

Spoon Cafe will be rotating these 5 menus weekly. Look at how much value you can get out of RM25 - appetizer, soup of the day, main dish, dessert and a cup of coffee/tea.

For that night of our food review, we had the chance to try out Menu 4.

We started with some fresh greens.

Mushroom soup - yeap, that's the soup to my heart!

For my main dish, I opted for Seafood Delight with charred fish fillet, pommes de terre aux herbs, greens, pepper, coulis and sweet basil.

Ended with a slice of red velvet cake as dessert.

If seafood is not your thing, you can go for Grilled Chicken which came with spaghetti and pumpkin gremolata to make sure you would leave the place with a full stomach.

Personally, I highly recommend their Tom Yum Fried Rice with prawns, mango chutney and anchoives. Generally, I'm not the type of person who would order fried rice when I eat out/break my cheat day unless I'm travelling in Thailand. However, this dish of tom yum fried rice was worth every single grain (talk about counting the carbs)!

PS: The anchoives were the best that I had ever had in my 24 years of existence in this physical realm!

I was regretting my choice of the charred fish fillets - but hey, not dissing the fish by any chance but the tom yum fried rice blew me away because I never had such an awesome fried rice in a really long time.

A flatlay to show how much value you will get for your RM25 (that's freaking 8 dollars in Australia)!

Mocktails and cocktails that were served to all of us.

You can also order these drinks from their drinks menu even though it's not included in the set lunch menu.

To my surprise, we actually spent a few hours at Spoon Cafe, just talking, eating and taking lots of photos together. 

It was a pleasant night. Thank you G Hotel for the warm hospitality and the scrumptious meal. I totally crashed onto the couch once I arrived at home. 

Ending this blog post with a close up selfie of my makeup for the night. I have been digging the pink eyeshadow these days! 

That's all for tonight's blog post and dare I say this is also a good place for the first Tinder date because it's romantic and also good value for money (you don't have to worry who should pay because it's not gonna cost a bomb anyway) - just my random 2 cents and there, I got you all covered! 

Spoon Cafe @ G Hotel Kelawai 
Address: Level 2, 2 Persiaran Maktab, 10250, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact Number: +604-2190000

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