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I am in desperate need of a vacation. Excluding my trip back to Malaysia to mingle with friends and family, the last time I traveled to a new place was more than a year ago.

OMG!! Now I finally know why I am always rumbling at home, at work, at gym...literally everywhere that I really want to go on a vacation. However, the sad thing is my schedule is so packed and now that I am working (still quite a newbie) I can't afford to take leave to go away. In fact, my annual leave that I have accumulated so far is 20 hours! HAHA! So, I shall sink myself back to the reality and try to satisfy my desire to travel by blogging about my small roadtrip, which is from LAST YEAR! 

When my grandparents and mom came over to Melbourne for my graduation last year, we headed to Mount Dandenong for a halfday trip. 

Here I am immersing myself in all these photos, reminiscing those days when I have all the time in the world to do all my lazy ass slacking shit...because I am in major denial of studying for my upcoming PTE test!!! 

Grandma and Grandpa's first visit

Spotted a hidden gem which sells all sorts of antiques and little bits and pieces. I really love places like this for you will never expect what you can find from there!

That's the courtyard of the shop and everything you see here is up for sale! 

ALERT >> Your meal MUST be at this restaurant, if not you can't go around telling anyone that you have been to Mount Dandenong! Your trip is invalid!

Living up to its name, Pie In The Sky is an award winning pie restaurant: #1 in Victoria and one of the top 10s in the entire Australia. 

Like mother like daughter! Now I know even that taking photos whenever I go is a hereditary thing! HAHA

Don't be fooled by my photos that show a quiet and soulless restaurant. By the time we finished our meal, people were lining up outside waiting to be seated! Thank goodness we went there pretty early. 

Their pies may look really normal as if there's no difference between them with the ones at pie face, 7-11 or even the frozen ones from the grocery stores. However, what you don't know is that all of their pies are handmade with the leanest and freshest ingredients together with their homemade sauces and spices which can't be found anywhere else apart from "In The Sky" (get it get it?!)  Plus, despite the restaurant for being so famous, their pies are  of very reasonable prices. In fact, I would say at low prices - 5 of us ordered 6 or 7 pies with beverages for each of us and the bill was not more than $60AUD! What a bargain :D

Every table was full when we left. Better be early than starving~ 


Address: 43 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda 3788 Victoria.

Contact Number:
+613 9751 2128
After lunch, we drove to the Dandenong Ranges which you can see from the maps above is not too far from Pie In The Sky. It's just that the roads are pretty confusing to us as none of us had ever been there before, including myself despite living in Melbourne for so many years.

So somehow as we went towards the wrong direction and were going around aimlessly, we stumbled across this piece of land. OMG, the scenery here was so BREATHTAKINGLY picturesque! 

After a few wrong routes taken, we finally arrived @ Dandenong Ranges. I'm not a big fan of natural parks back in Malaysia because of the crazily hot weather and annoying bugs. Fortunately, the weather was very fine when I was here at the Dandenongs and most importantly, I wasn't being attacked by any form of bugs, apart from one freaking bee which happened to fly pass my head and got me screaming like a complete idiot! ><

Anyways, here comes the major photo spam! Nothing much for me to elaborate on the Dandenong Ranges as it is basically all about nature, trees, sky and the calm environment as a whole which ought to be a good place to relax from the busy city for most people. 

How to get here?! I did your homework on behalf of you. 

I took this information from which I hope will be handy for you if you ever want to go to Mount Dandenong ;) 

PS: photos are all taken with iPhone 6 without any editing at all because I was too lazy to bring my camera let alone Photoshopping every single one of them x) Surprisingly, they turn out very decent and I love them!

Just realised that it is time for me to go to bed and I haven't done much for the night apart from this blogpost. God damn it! much as I hate to admit, I gotta wake up super early to study quite a bit before heading to work! 

Till next time! BYE~ 

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