DIY Skincare Bottle Storage Box

Annyeong my unicorns! Finally I'm back....let's just not talk about how much I suffered throughout the exam period - I did horribly in the exam and my backache is getting worse. Anyway, I just thought that I should be back on blogging after being #MIA for so long.

These days, I am quite into watching the DIY Youtubers when I run out of things to watch on Youtube. My favourite ones are Bethany Mota and Belinda Selene. I think most of you all would have already known Bethany, she's even younger than me but she has achieved so much in life *role model* Belinda is really good at decorating her planner and that's how I found her. After watching Bethany and Belinda on Youtube, I suddenly had the urge to do some DIYs myself (but I'm really bad at handicrafts to be honest).

So one day, out of no where, the idea hit me! I had always wanted to look for a storage box or something that can hold all of my skincare products. Initially I planned to find something from Daiso but I couldn't seem to find something that could carry my things perfectly - they are either too big or too small or too narrow or to wide....just unsuitable.

That's the reason why my skincare products were always literally EVERYWHERE. How unorganized~

So here's a tutorial of how I got everything in place ^^

It holds all my things perfectly! And it's all done by me!!! :3

First you need a box which is of your desired size. This box was the box that carried the product that I bought for eBay, so didn't cause me any trouble finding one. I just used it because it was there (That was BEFORE I figured out my things could fit perfectly in it LOL!)

Next, cut away the sides of the box

(ps: I really can't remember what did I buy that cost me $7.20 hmmmm)

After you finish cutting all 4 sides, you will have something that looks like this.

I used Washi Tapes for decoration, but you can actually use pretty wrapping papers if you have, or some magazine spreads. It's totally up to you! Washi Tapes are the only decorative things I have with me and I bought 2 of these for $2.80 so it's not that expensive (from Daiso).

Start wrapping! Just go all over the box until you cover the whole thing. This may take some time.

Although my washi tapes are quite fancy on their own, I decided to add some glam to the box.

My representative sign - STARS!!!

Put a short transparent tape at the back of the star like this and slap it on randomly on your box.

This is the end product. Okay, ignore the very bad handwork. I personally don't have much patience when it comes to doing handicrafts (I used to get the 2nd lowest mark in my class for Art, that's just self-explanatory #sorrynotsorryLOL!)

YOU'RE DONE! The last thing is to pop all your things inside the box.

Since I have a few products that are in tube-form, I decided to put a polystyrene cup in there to hold them in place.

Despite the rough handwork, it still looks cute when I put it up....So, why bother?!?! HAHAHA!

Here's my neat makeup and skincare section! I love the fact that the box is deep enough to carry the tall bottles and surprisingly they fit every single thing!!!

You can see that I have my Michael Jackson badges as decorations by the side of the shelves, and next to the skincare storage box is the cup that holds my BB cream and lip products. The eyeliner sticking out from the cup is a new one that I just got a few days ago, haven't tried it on though but I will be doing a review on it soon. On top of the cup is a photo of my mom and I. The blue drawer storage on the very right holds all my makeup - eyeliners, eyeshadows, foundations, mascara, eyelid tapes and eyebrow trimming products. Some makeup wipes on the top and some extra products which I don't have to use them yet.

Yeah~ that's all for today! It feels so good to be back on my blog again ♥ I will try to blog as frequent as possible! I have a lot of pending blog posts which I have already scheduled in my diary which are to be posted up in the near future, so stay tuned!

I'm also working on some song covers. This time, it will be completely different the usual covers where I play guitar and sing all by myself. I'm actually learning how to do audio editing, trimming, recording with real microphones and even doing all the harmonizing myself. My housemate is more like the music producer! HAHA! It's a very fresh thing to us so we find it really amusing!!! Got myself a new Youtube channel > Fion Paris (please subscribe if you haven't)

Peace and Love xoxo

Quote to share: A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline ~Harvey Mackay

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