Dinner @ Mr Fusion, Little Collins

I seriously am one of the best procrastinators in the entire universe. This super delayed post was supposed to be posted up in....June! OMG....it's so once-upon-time-ish!

My housemate and I have always been a big fan of Japanese curry, so when my friend recommended Mr Fusion to me claiming that they serve really awesome curry, I went there with my housemate the very next day.

Braved ourselves through the super colour wind and arrived there at last!

The restaurant was quite small and cozy. Due to the fact that we arrived quite late in the evening and we didn't make any prior reservation, we ended up sitting by the side of the door (which I think was the place where they usually put their decorative items LOL!). Anyway, there was no turning back anymore as we were both too cold and hungry to go out of the place without filling our stomachs. 

Deciding what to eat~~~ Of course Curry was our priority! *smirks*

From what I saw on Urbanspoon, Mr Fusion is quite famous for their Alaska Crab and those very exquisite seafood dishes. The 2 of us couldn't afford those expensive dishes and plus how could we finish one whole big pot, so we ended up ordering curry pork and chicken karaage.

Waiting like a werewolf!!!


I think this curry pork had a bit of cheese element in it (downside of writing a post after so long >< my apologies). 

Personally, I think this dish was very disappointing. 

I liked the way they cooked the curry, it was really yummy but I would prefer chicken over pork anytime. It seemed to me that they have overcooked the pork and it became....I don't really know how to explain it, but you sort of know the feeling where you overcooked a carrot and it became like super super soft and the feeling of biting is just WRONG! 

I believe this would be amazing if they could change it to chicken than pork. 

I loved this dish!!!! Apart from it being over-sized, I loved it lots (which meant it was really worth the money but because I forced myself to finish it up eventually, I was too full to walk)!

A must try!!

Sorry for the bad quality photos because I couldn't really be bothered to take good photos, food was priority that time! Plus, it wasn't exactly my fault as the lighting in the restaurant was quite dim to begin with HAHA!

PS: I officially announce that, apart from Unagi rice and Soba, I have to rate Korean food as my number 1 favourite (surpassing Japanese cuisine already sumimasen).

Mr Fusion Modern Japanese 

Contact Number: 03 9995 8385
(I would recommend you to book in prior)

Opening Hours:
Mon & Tue: 11am-4pm

Wed-Fri: 11-4pm & 6pm-11pm

Sat: 6-11pm

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  1. This made me so hungry! Great post and lovely pictures :)



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