Cover of B1A4 "Lonely" 없구나 & NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL [With Video]

I made a NEW Youtube channel!!

Not sure why I'd rather abandon a channel with 138 subscribers and start from scratch again!! something wrong with my brain?!

I want a new channel where I put my singing covers and the presentable videos that I want to share on my blog (at least I'll try my very best to make them presentable) because I have too many random videos on my previous Youtube channel, so I decided to keep the old channel as my personal use and start a new one.

Here's the link to my new channel:

Click the link above to subscribe IF you like :3 I promise to upload as many videos as possible after my finals.

So to start off my new Youtube channel AND in conjunction with my previous blog post, I uploaded a cover of B1A4's Lonely.

I am seriously addicted to this song. Nearly 2 weeks since the concert, I have been playing this song on repeat for soooo many times! Quite hard for me to play this song on guitar while singing it, so I tried making a karaoke version cover.

I love B1A4 soooo much, especially Jin Young oppa ^^

잘자요~ 굿나잇~

Quote to share: No matter where and when, I must be a modest and down-to-earth person ~Jin Young (B1A4)

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