Hammer & Tong 412 @ Fitzroy, Melbourne

HEY MY UNICORNS!! I'm back!! Exams ended a week ago!! I survived but I'm not too sure about my papers though...still constantly praying to God that I can pass ALL OF THEM!

I didn't have much motivation to do anything major apart from lazing around at home. The only productive thing I did was going to work haha :p (don't get me wrong I LOVE MY JOB, not whining here by any means)

Anyway, the main topic today is BRUNCH!

Eating brunch is becoming a trendy trend that is trending now. Perhaps it's more like THE IN THING compare to clubbing, which to me, the ultimate good girl in hiding, is actually a good thing :p

Last Sunday, Erica, Alanis and I decided to have brunch together since we hadn't met up in a group for nearly 2 months!!! We used to see each other every single day last time :'( Alanis said that she heard about a famous brunch place at Brunswick called Hammer & Tong, so we went all the way there!

Waited for nearly 20 minutes in the cold wind to get seated because the place was so crowded and it's pretty small. To some extent, I don't even consider that as brunch already, thanks to my babe Alanis, we arrived there at 2.30pm == That's literally late lunch >< BOO! However, there was still hell lots of people T__T

The interior of the shop.

Erica and Alanis ordered hot chocolate. 4 dollars each.

There's my babe in action HAHA

I took a sip from Alanis's glass, and I was quite thankful that I didn't order it because I think I can make a better one at work myself ;)

Our food took quite some time to be served :/ That's why we decided to take selfies first.

I found these flasks really cute. Maybe I should do the same at my home too xD

The soft shell crab burger~ This is what Hammer & Tong is famous for. I seriously love this to the max. Unlike those beef or pork or chicken or fish burgers, this is a really nice twist.

12 dollars for a burger? Honestly I did NOT regret this! A must try if you are at Hammer & Tong!

Some duck egg with oyster sauce mushroom and garlic bread thing...I can't exactly remember the name. 18 dollars. Both Alanis and I thought that it was pretty much a rip off because the duck egg tasted exactly like normal chicken eggs. Tiny pieces of garlic bread with the mushrooms, but the mushrooms were cold with the sauce and it made it pretty disgusting once you've ate more than 2 bites.

Erica's buttermilk lamb, goat's cheese pannacotta, onion rings, sorrel, eucaplytus & apple gel (22 dollars). I didn't try this out so I can't justify...but I do know one thing...It's really little :p

Overall, I think Hammer & Tong is rather overrated, except for the soft shell crab burger which was really really nice. I don't think I will be going back there again unless some random day when I suddenly crave for the soft shell crab burger.

Nevertheless, thanks to Hammer & Tong, I made my virgin trip to Fitzroy. Could've walked there from my house though...it wasn't that far away. Shouldn't have wasted the 5 dollars on tram >< Felt like an idiot!

Thank god we did fully utilize the trip by taking quite a lot of random photos while making our way back ^^

Ending this blog post with my #ootd shots taken by Alanis.

That's the end for today. I promise I will blog more frequently to make up for my MIA month HAHA :p

ps: I just realized Hammer & Tong has the same birth date as me! haha! 12th of February!

Hammer & Tong 412

Rear 412, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

Opening hours:
Tue-Sat: 7am-10pm
Sun: 8am-5pm

Contact Number:
(03) 9041 6033


Hammer & Tong 412 (here)

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If you were to ask me what is the most important thing in my closet that I can't live without with, the answer will definitely be JACKETS! I own hell lots of jackets, yet every time I open my closet, I feel the need (very desperately) to buy MORE jackets!!! Especially living in Melbourne, the weather changes spontaneously, it's a must to always have a jacket with you. Guess what, the first thing you will definitely see when you step your foot into my house, it will definitely that chair of jackets! I run out of wall hangers to hang them, therefore I just put them on the chair in my living room. My housemate and I do the same crazy thing, that's why there are jackets literally everywhere!!

So today I'm officially sharing my love for jackets with all of you!! And what you can do with them!

Do you want to know the most basic tip to bring some sparkle into your outfit? You do not have to accessorize your outfit or even style your hair. All you could do is mix and match your clothes with a jacket! Jackets are designed to serve as an outer wear for women to enhance up their outfit or even as a wear to provide warmth. The 2-in-1 function of a jacket allows you to look stylish even in the cold windy weather.

If you feel hot, you could just take the jacket off and throw it on your shoulder or wrap it around your waist.

As you can see, there are many stylish designs of jackets for women in the market which are made from leather, wool, polyester, satin, lace and even cotton.

The wide range of jacket designs could be worn not only to the office but also on your date night or when you are walking to hang out at your favourite coffee shop. There are various ways you could use a jacket to achieve the different new looks you are aiming for.

For instance, pair up a leather jacket with a plain tee, jeans and boots to have that hot rock and roll look while still maintaining the feminine side in you.

Jackets are also suitable for the career women who loves looking fashionable to work. Boost up your confidence pairing a cropped jacket with your blouse and slacks to work. Your clients and colleagues will never turn their eyes away from you while you are doing that important presentation in the meeting room.

I have yet to buy a jacket like that to add to my collection because I don't think I have any formal or semi formal jackets in my collection. Either they are too colourful or they are too punk-rock-ish.

Besides that, the right jacket style will definitely balance out your body shape and you do not have to wear a loose top to hide that tummy fat. Yes, the tummy fat. Women tend to have problems around that area and feel insecure with our body. We will pick out outfits which could cover our tummy area and it sometimes can get quite frustrating. But with the jacket tricks, you no longer have to worry as this outer wear indirectly hides that bulging tummy.

This is hella true and this is why I even wear jackets during summer, just the thinner ones because they keep my fat arms and tummy away from sight :p If not I wouldn't be wearing jackets when I was in Malaysia ><

Great tip right?

So why not check out Zalora and buy a jacket to have that amazing look effortlessly!!! Zalora offers a wide selection of jacket designs from top brands which fit every individuals taste and preferences. Get those jackets fast and show off your new refreshed look!!

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely heading over to Zalora's website for some shopping!

Just to share with you some of my personal favourites from their current collection! I'm madly in love with all of these!!

I'll see you all at Zalora then! SHAMONE PEOPLE~ <3