K-Wave Festival with MUKSS 2013

Somehow I have this strange feeling that pops out from nowhere that is telling me you guys might have had enough about my OMG-KOREAN-THINGS-ROCK kind of nonsense, but I just can't help it!!!!

I went to the K-Wave festival with the other Korean society committee members. 

When I was back in Penang, we had this thing called Bon Odori which was a Japanese festival thingy that was held once a year. Never before was there a Korean thing though. That's why I was super duper excited for K-wave!

Before K-wave festival, we actually had a few committee meetings about it and YiHyun oppa decided to split the members into 2 groups by....drawing lots. Initially me and Jinwook were not involved this whole thing at all because we were in charge of our K-pop dance performances, but somehow...we got put into action as well @@ I had no idea what's the point for ME to draw the lot anyway because YiHyun oppa went against that lot's decision and put me in Ye Chan oppa's team! I actually am really thankful for that because I'm closer to Ye Chan oppa and there's my #sotong Elissa and Brendon oppa and YiHyun oppa and Komyung oppa in that group!! WOOHOO! Sounds fun already. 

Our duty was to SELL FOOD! Yes~Korean food! Since we had 2 teams, we decided to sell 2 different types of food - Bulgogi 불고기(BBQ Beef) and Ddeokbbokki 떡볶이 (Korean rice cakes). My team was selling Bulgogi. 

The day before K-wave festival we actually had a "grocery shopping day". I followed YiHyun oppa, Tae Yeong oppa and Kevin to the city to pick up some stuffs and I also talked YiHyun oppa to NOT buy "uniform" for us in order to save cost! HAHA! Accounting student speaking here! *flipping hair* Hey, I saved him $45 at least OKAY! :p

On the day itself, YiHyun oppa actually told me to arrive at his house at 8.30am but I was running late cause I left the house without bringing my iPod with me and I went back to grab it! == I was in such an insane rush and yet Elissa was calling me on the phone because she wasn't sure whether we were suppose to go to YiHyun oppa's house or Ye Chan oppa's house. I was actually rushing to catch the tram when she called me but the stupid tram didn't even stop to open the door for me. So I was half cursing the tram and half looking at the back as I walked....until....I banged into the electrical box that was right in the middle of the pathway! WTF! So shameful >< I bet those 2 girls at the tram stop were laughing their heads off >< I didn't even bother to look at them :/

In the end, despite what Elissa told me, I went straight to YiHyun oppa's house because I couldn't be bothered to wander around on the streets anymore. Banging into that damn electrical box already screwed up half of my mood :( And it was at that point I came to realization.....I didn't even have to rush in the first place. YiHyun oppa just woke up not long ago and the others were still on their way to his house. So I ended up sitting there and flipping through his Marketing textbook =='' Until he started playing FIFA and I became an audience. My boredom was swept away when Elissa arrived and we just had fun lazing on the bean bag on the floor :p Truthfully, it wasn't THAT boring because watching YiHyun oppa playing FIFA was sorta a type of entertainment! He was sooooo funny. Just by looking at him swearing and screaming while playing was enough to make me laugh like insane! At one point when he lost, he suddenly rose up to hit the bean bag which I was lying on and he nearly hit me in the face! Then I sat up screaming "Watch it! Thankful my nose is a real one but it doesn't mean you can hit that!" LMAO! 

After everyone got here, we headed for Federation Square. However, as we were on our way there, YiHyun oppa announced that he had to get some money from the bank and I volunteered to tag along. Elissa wanted to go too but I told her I was more "qualified" to go than her because I'm an Accounting student!!! == Now as I type this, I can't help wondering where did all my nonsensical bullshit come from anyway >< Especially it's quite an early morning, for a Saturday at least. 

It's my very first time to go to the bank to get small changes. It's something new and amusing to me. YiHyun oppa settled the things with the bank staff as I just stood and watched obediently. Funny enough when the bank staff went to gather the coins for us, YiHyun oppa suddenly asked me to count whether the total sum was correct and I asked for a calculator (I'm an Accounting student and not a Maths student FYI). Then YiHyun oppa was like "Can't you count?! You are a Commerce student!" To save face, I shot him "Can't you count?! You are a Commerce student TOO!" :p

As we got to Federation Square, most of the Korean seniors were already busy preparing to cook the food. Because I knew nothing about cooking Korean food, I just stood aside and started to selca before my makeup melted due to the BBQ heat HAHA!

Look of the day!! I wore my CN Blue tee shirt out with very very mild makeup!! Elissa was telling me that she couldn't believe I would wear my CN Blue shirt out to "sell food". HAHA! But then if I didn't wear it for a major Korean event, where else can I possibly wear it without the need to explain what's on my shirt?! K-Pop fans will know anyway just by looking at it!

With Michelle who is always like a big sister to me. I don't know why I still can't call her 언니 (it means elder sister in Korean)...I guess maybe because I know she's Malaysian HAHA~

After the food was cooked, our selling job started. I was in charge of collecting money because I am the Accounting student LMAO! Our job wasn't really hectic at the beginning of the event as there wasn't many people. So we still had some time for selca!

Elissa and I <3

Kevin, Elissa and I!

Komyung oppa who was caught having thick BB cream on his face (cause he replaced sunblock with BB cream!) and got laughed by me and Elissa...BIG TIME ><"
Elissa who tried to photobomb us but failed as I shoo-ed her out of the scene!

A better one!

There's always an awkward gap between me and Kevin...maybe because of his height :p

We initially planned to have an inner competition to see which team would make the most profit, but eventually things got messed up and everyone just combined and became 1 whole team! Kinda amazed by our teamwork! ^^

You see what I meant...that's how the situation was when the people started coming in!

Worst still....our food that was prepared was OBVIOUSLY not enough...So we needed to take some time off to cook and those hardcore K-fans just waited at the side for Ddeokbbokki.

YiHyun oppa cooking Ddeokbbokki like a pro!

I was busy bugging Michelle and Brendon oppa as they cooked the Bulgogi but Brendon oppa said "FION! We are cooking, no selca please!" ISHHHHH~ Only Michelle entertained me! Come to think of it, apart from the endless selca, what else could I do while waiting for the food?! If people didn't get to buy, I didn't have money to collect, then what could I possibly do to kill my boredom!

Elissa and Kevin chilling by the side~

Big time slack! Komyung oppa appeared out of nowhere to snatch my job away from me!

And....I ended up jobless but it was okay because I think I did too much Maths for that morning already and my brain got a bit insane as I started giving back wrong amount of money to people. Tae Yeong oppa was like "Hey Fion, I thought you are Accounting student!" but I was like "Ahhh...sorry but we always have calculators with us!"

So I shoo-ed Kevin away and stole his job! So I had my apron on! ;) 

Pestered Elissa along the way as well!

Bulgogi was excessive because more people preferred Ddeokbbokki!

Honestly speaking, I never had beef before in my life but after mixing with the Koreans, I started eating beef. Bulgogi was really nice!!!!! However, after eating Bulgogi for the entire day, I now have a phobia for Bulgogi! I told Brendon oppa later on that I couldn't even bear listening to the WORD "BULGOGI" in the near future, not to mention eating eat DAFUQ! LOL!

RIGHT...apart from selcas, we ate a lot! Ddeokbokki AND Bulgogi! That explains my phobia aye?!

I was having so much with collecting money and (after that selling) until I didn't even bother to take a rest for lunch. YiHyun oppa shoo-ed me away from the front counter and stuffed me some Bulgogi and Ddeokbokki and asked William oppa to take over my position. Elissa brought back some mini sausage buns to share with everyone :) *thankful* Stupid Junghan ended up stuffing his half eaten sausage bun into my cup of Ddeokbokki as he snatched over the cashier job from Komyung oppa (He said because he's majoring in Mathematics) == What a mess!!

Thanks to Farina for coming down and have a small meetup with me! I met this sweet girl from CN Blue's concert. She and her other friend, Jessica was standing right in front of me in the Q and so we got to talked quite a lot during the LONG wait :p And I met her boyfriend too! YiHyun oppa was so generous and he gave them 2 cans of free drink when he saw me talking to them! We have a really nice President here ;D Farina and her boyfriend were grateful for those freebies too! Erin and Jess and Brock who I knew from CN Blue's concert also came to say hi to me (they belong to the same clique as Farina but they came separately) but I forgot to take a photo with them :/ Thank god they recognized me in the CN Blue shirt ^^ YAY! Boices rock! 

Time passed really quickly...soon it was already mid-noon. Unfortunately, my injured ankle started to hurt as I had been standing and walking around non-stop since I left YiHyun oppa's house >< At that point I couldn't bear standing anymore and I just sat on the ice box which they used to keep the raw beef :/ YiHyun oppa came by and saw me pinching my ankle and he kinda "ordered" me to TAKE A REST! Nevertheless, I was quite reluctant to take a rest because the crowd was forming really quickly and the entire place was chaotic enough and I didn't wanna leave the group to take a rest but my ankle really couldn't stand it. So eventually I helped out until the crowd got smaller and I went back to the ice box. After a short while, William oppa came to get the raw beef from the ice box and he asked to get up. YiHyun oppa who's always like my big brother saw William oppa asking me to get up approached us and started telling William oppa that I have an injured ankle and asked him to let me have a rest *crying tears of gratitude* It's so cute to see William oppa apologizing to me after being "told off" by YiHyun oppa and asking me to have a rest at the bench outside our society's tent.

Elissa came to accompany me after that. 

Later on we got back to work~ More friends came! Terry was the one who came the earliest when I was busy so I didn't get to take photos with him.

Lya 언니. Although she's older than me by a few years she always forbids me calling her 언니. She said that makes her sound old! HAHA! In order to talk her into buying food from our store, I told her I will not call her 언니 anymore if she were to buy from us! HAHA!

Later I also had the chance to catch up a bit with Yanan 姐 who came by the to our stall before her performance! She's the hot chic senior whom I met during my very first K-Pop dance performance ;) I managed to catch her Girl's Day's performance, with her dance crew Sprinklez LIVE! That's my Yanan 姐! Always so hot and gorgeous <3 I was so proud of her! However, Elissa was half stressing out already after watching them because our upcoming dance performance's nearly the same as theirs. The main source of all those stress was because all the committee knew that we were going to do Girl's Day's dances and now for them to witness Sprinklez (a quite professional dance group), we knew deep down, they would be like "HEEE...Now I'm waiting to see what the 2 of you can do compare to Sprinklez" (or at least something like that, but I couldn't be bothered that much)!

When I saw Alanis waving at me from the back of the counter, immediately, I jumped out to hug her! HEHE! She's my best-est bitch! :3

Shuwen was with Alanis that night!

I also talked them into buying Bulgogi and gave them a hell lot more than I gave the others!

By that time, the crowd started to dismiss already since the event was already coming to an end! Finally I managed to get the seniors to selca with me! KEKEKE!

Our president! YiHyun oppa who even tried to "massage" my injured ankle with a cold can BUT...he got the wrong left ankle instead of the right one :p HAHA! Still, I'm thankful for having such kind president and also BOSS!

With Elissa who appeared out of nowhere!

My Big Brother! Brendon oppa who makes me laugh all the time! He's really like my brother because he really takes good care of Elissa and I. Hmmm....Maybe I should disown my official god brother and ask him to be my new god brother! xD

PS: Look at my phone case, just give me some credit for being so 'patriotic' towards Korea!

Yechan oppa who practically translated every single thing for me back then when I first joined the committee.

YAY Finally got photos with Yechan, Yihyun and Brandon oppaS! Didn't get to take with them during the MUKSS Welcome Party the other day.

Linzy 친구 who was my dance partner in our previous performance.

Michelle tagged me this on Facebook :p

Ye Chan oppa took over my phone for this selca because he said I'm too short to fit everyone into the frame >< Michelle and Brendon's attempt to photobomb!

Then suddenly, there was a surprise group photo session! I forgot who took the photos for us but I really am thankful for that person~ Our very first committee group photo! Although a few people are missing, it's better than nothing right?! :D

By the time we cleared up everything at K-Wave, it was already time for supper. We headed for an after-party because our society successfully earned 1500 dollars! YiHyun oppa bought us supper as a threat!

Not only there was a whole table of dishes, there were lots of alcohol as well! Crazy and tired night! But...Fun! It's quite unbelievable that we ate until 2am and there's no more trams operating :/ Thanks to Ye Chan oppa who walked me home and also gave me his jacket in that freaking freezing wind :3

PS: The supper itself was around 400 dollars!!!! :p 

Seriously...I really appreciate Korean Student Society's committee members for accepting me in their Korean group (I wonder how many times I've mentioned this statement throughout this year xD) For once, I felt that I actually do have A BIT of social life in university.


  1. This sounds like a really fun event!! I would go if I was there hehe and sell food. (though I might eat some of it because it looks really good)
    hehe, I think it's funny how you are an accounting major and they made you collect the money. It does make sense though and it's good that you saved him that 45 dollars! That can be used to do a lot!
    It seems like the event turned out to be really successful and you guys sold lots of food! I would love for an event like this to happen here. Kpop fans gather lol!

    In your group photo, everyone looks so happy!! =)


  2. it was fun. although i dont really think this statement of mine can be trusted LOL! 95% of the time i just stood at the front counter either collecting money or selling food! YES, we ate a lot to that kind of extent I even had phobia with the WORD "BULGOGI" HAHAHAHA!!! One of the korean guys ate more than 10 cups of Bulgogi and he still did not have enough (i seriously salute him)

    not a good thing though bcos of my own bragging, i brought embarrassment for myself as well HAHAHA when my brain got jammed, i just gave back the wrong amount of money >< hahaha but i actually did realize before the customers walked away :p

    yeah i love the group photo too. feels like a family photo to some extent :p one of the Oppas even used it as his fb cover photo :3



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