2nd week of new semester

I seriously can't believe that I'm now in my 2nd semester already. Despite the fact that I don't look convincing enough to be a Uni student (I look pretty much like a high school kid who got lost and somehow ended up in Uni by accident LOL!), I'm now qualified to be the newbies' seniors already.

I seldom blog about my Uni life, so I guess this is the time where I share a little bit of my own adventures in Melbourne University.

First semester was pretty dramatic. To be honest, it's dramatic in a sense that, I got pretty high marks for my assignments and everything BUT my exam results were HELLISH!! Big time!! However I'm still thankful that I managed to pass all subjects. Still....having none H1 made me feel a bit guilty. FYI, H1 is something equivalent to the A+ in Malaysia. To me, H1 is pretty much a holy thing :p

The biggest disappointment was my Introductory Financial Accounting T__T Felt so heart broken when I saw the results. I went back to Trinity college and ranted to my Accounting teacher. She asked me how was my Accounting results and I was like "Dreadful!". 

Her response was "In your face! I told you guys like over a million times Uni is not as easy as you think it is!"

Now I know why she said that!

Back in Trinity, I used to be one of the highest mark achievers for Accounting (sorry...bragging...but then, it's HISTORY now :/). My average was 96~ And you know how many marks did I get in Uni?!?!?!?

Turn 96 the other way round!! FML!! 69 for Financial Accounting!! 


Anyway, so now is the start of the new semester! A brand new start of everything! No point crying over spilt milk now!

Swear I will be much more organized this semester! My sixth sense is telling me that this semester will be very fun!

I'm taking Business Finance, First Principles of Business Law, Organizational Behaviour and Accounting Process & Analysis for this semester.

This semester, I got advice from a few seniors before buying my books! The books here are so damn expensive. I can buy an airticket to Bangkok for a shopping trip with that price.

This book is freaking 98 aussie dollars....Which is nearly RM300 for goodness sake!!!! Business Law!!! Seriously this kills me because usually we can sell off our books to other juniors after our semester but this book comes with an e-tutorial code which can only be used ONCE! And that code is worth 65 aussie dollars. Unless you are willing to sell your book at 10 bucks, if not I bet it's a mission impossible to get rid of it!

And really a BIG thanks to Jin who sponsored me this book! I was already damn grateful when he promised to sell me his Business Finance textbook at $30. Who knows at the very last minute, he said "Take it as a present!" 


On the other hand, there's one really amazing thing going on tomorrow!

Still remember I mentioned that I joined Korean Student Society in University? 2 months ago, I got the privilege to be one of the society's general committee members! So now we are busy organizing a welcome party for the newbies! 

Another thing which I don't know whether I should laugh or cry is that...Next Monday 4.30pm will be my doomsday (to some extent I feel) because it's my first time being in charge of a dance class. K-Pop dance class >< I quite suck at K-Pop dance!!! OMG!!! I'm praying hard that Kevin and Paul can manage to deal with everything! Especially Kevin, I have to take private lessons from him before I go to the class :/ 

YET....Because these are the things related to Korean Student Society, I'm really excited about it!! HEHE

The Korean class will resume next Tuesday during lunchtime, so...I'm ready to go for classes again!! :D

So thankful that I have the chance to meet new Korean friends and despite the fact that I have a huge ass problem with their language (every time in the committee meetings, the president would need to arrange a personal translator for me), they still befriend me and chat with me! 

And guess what?! I realise that I'm a professional slacker when it comes to having less contact hours. I'm that kind of person who will be highly motivated when my study time becomes limited.......So, I'm desperately looking for a job RIGHT NOW!!!

Guess this is a rather pointless update, just to update how things are going on in my life. Fione asked me to do a blog post on my University! To be honest, I have been thinking about this for a LOOONG time already but what I want to do is not just Google the photos of my Uni and post em here because it's just so insincere. I want to be totally hands on with it. So maybe someday I will go around Uni and snapping photos when there are less people around :p

Gonna study my business law in preparation for tomorrow's lecture! Stay tuned for the welcome party post! I promise to post it up ASAP....Thursday or Friday perhaps?? :3 

Ignore my naked face (I don't have the habit of putting makeup to school...it's just too troublesome!)

This photo is to show you what is the so called "PRIDE JACKET", they called it. I prefer to call it the freaking $40 jacket which people adore! Honestly, if I were to buy it myself, I wouldn't. I would rather buy a FILA jacket (which is only like $30) or a Victoria Secret one which is currently on sale at $30 too.

But then, people told me, it's an ultimate pride to wander around Melbourne wearing the Melbourne University jacket. OH WELL!

So much thanks to my buddy Jason who bought this for me during their visit to Melbourne ^^ Of course his mom did the payment...so THANKS AUNTY <3 

Before I end this post, I have another interesting thing to share with you guys.

You know how teachers like to ask students to give a small self-introductory talk during the first classes?

Funny enough, seems like it's a norm for all the teachers to ask the same question "What is an interesting fact about you?"
This used to be quite a challenging question for me because I DON'T KNOW SINCE WHEN I AM INTERESTING?!

And most students tend to say "I love to watch movies", "I love K-Pop", "I went to Thailand during winterbreak".....NAH....Give me a break....These aren't interesting (at least in MY own opinion...sorry)!

Sad to say that, I used to be one of those who gave not-at-all-interesting-fact-but-thinking-it-sounds-interesting-to-others LOL!

Yesterday, I gave a brand new answer:


Followed with a grimace :p

And my Accounting tutor was like "WOAH those bloggers make hell lots of money..guess you don't have to be an Accountant anymore after being a blogger!"

But I told him "Sorry...But I WANT BOTH!"

End of story! 

☮ Quote to share:-When there's a smile in your heart, there's no better time to start ~Peter Pan


  1. hahahahhah you said you want to be a famous blogger! :DDDDDDDD that's really a new answer muahahahahahahaha!!!! good luck on your doomsday har! :)) you'll do great one!

  2. all the best in the road to be successful blogger~

    Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)



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