Daniel Monster Chowder's 18th Birthday ♥

Honestly speaking, I find it pretty ridiculous when people tell me that they think I am a party-girl or a clubbing-girl because I SEEM TO BE VERY OUTGOING. Well, TRUTH IS...I am not a party nor clubbing girl AT ALL. I NEVER CLUB. And I only go to parties if that person who invited me is one of those I can regard as a true friend. So, I hope I have made myself clear enough here :3

Back to the topic~

Somewhere around in April, I received Daniel's Facebook message asking me if I would be free to attend his birthday in May. That's really a surprise invitation because Daniel used to be in the same college as me last year but he's not entering Uni with us as he has to go back to Singapore to join the National Service T__T and I didn't expect him to return to Melbourne again. He's always like a little brother to me, a hardcore Gaga fan :) I still remember I telling him "if I don't have any assignments I promise to show up no matter what". YEAP! Eventually I did keep my promise! ;)

The theme of the party was "black and gold"! OMG, that was a huge challenge for me! I have a lot of black things but hardly any gold things. Initially I decided to wear my black and gold sneakers BUT so many of my girl friends told me that they were going to wear dresses, and I was like 


On the other hand Daniel told me that it's not a formal party, so just wear semi-formal or something like that but just NOT formal >< That made me even more confused. 

Ransacked my entire closet to find something which was better than hot pants and sneakers. FINALLY (guess this is the only time I really use that word appropriately...after spending HOURS changing and showing to Wan Fen through Skype :/) I came up with something.

Black fish tail skirt with a black tank top and a gold headphone necklace and 2 black bracelets. I added up the leopard scarf at the last minute because it seemed too plain and boring with all black. 

BUT, there's another main thing that I HAD TO add on to correspond to the "gold" theme.

Before the party I rushed to school in a full-party-outfit-and-makeup because I promised a senior to vote for him as our club's president. So basically it's a rushing-like-mad evening and it's horrible running my wedges all the way from home to school and school to tram stops :S I had no choice but to inform Daniel beforehand that I couldn't bring his present along with all the rushing up-and-downs >< *sorry Daniel*

Girls from my hostel last year :3 

Waiting for tram in the cold >< Luckily they didn't ditch me if not I really didn't know how to go to the venue. Thank you Ming Keong for leading us. 

In the tram with Carol!


Typical Gaga fan VS typical Michael Jackson fan! He called himself Daniel Monster Chowder and my Facebook name is Fion Paris Jackson :p 

You have no idea what is this!!! It's a photobooth!!!! A very Daniel thing because he's so self-obsessed!  LOL~

We had lots of fun there!! haha :p 

Someone came up to me and asked me if she could take a photo of my outfit! YEAP! This is the thing that I wore to fit the GOLD theme ;) My MJ jacket!

Another surprise thing was that while I was chatting with some girls (who were from the same college as me but we didn't know each other; only heard of each others' names), they were like "OH! So you are THE Fion Paris Jackson on Facebook! Your jacket explains everything!" WOW! That was quite honourable, to some extent LMAO!

We took so many :p Totally exploited the photobooth!

ps: According Daniel, the words' font (under the photos) are actual Porsche's font!!! 

The decorations inside! Even the balloons were black and gold!

Looks like Halloween party right? HAHA!

Coming up is PHOTO SPAM! ><''

Elsha ♥ First photos! Can you believe it! We never took any photos before this! 

Opps...excuse ME!

Yi Huey ♥ Who always woke me up in lectures while I was yawning non-stop!

Xin Hui ♥ She loves taking photos! We got to know each other because during our college's valedictory  last year, she RANDOMLY walked up to me and asked to take a photo together! Then we became friends :3

I commented "we look like we were clubbing" when Xin Hui tagged me this on Facebook. And now I realised Elsha's like a strict mother coming to the club to catch us red handed :X

Claire and Meaghan ♥ Those girls who recognized me by the jacket :p 

Sarah ♥ I love her leopard print outfit ;)

Someone suggested putting the starry decorations that we found on the table onto our faces!

Brenda ♥ Our hostel's sweetheart!

Johan ♥ My literature classmate from last year. Always annoyed me throughout the class last year xD

Sorry...This happens all the time when I find good selca spot! And of course, big piece of mirror....in the washroom!

Carol ♥

Then Elsha invaded our washroom! 

With da birthday boi ♥

Elsha, Sze Jee & Yi Huey ♥

Haidee ♥ She owes me a Korean food cooking lesson from last year till now :X

Shi Mun ♥ Who helped me lots whenever I called for assignment's SOS in the middle of the night! 

With Carol again! 

Narra ♥ My ex-roommate! The first person I befriended as I arrived in Melbourne on the first day last year.

Shu Pei ♥ My History Of Ideas classmate last year.

Group photos that I am too lazy to put captions :/ Sorry~~ HAHA! Because there are too many people in the photos ><

So....Are you guys wondering what present that I got for Daniel? What's that thing that I couldn't bring along with me to school?


I chose this because I thought Daniel is such a blessed boy who already has everything that he wants. So, I might as well get something that is special. Yes, this is PURE handmade, except for the photo frame. All the photos were chosen by ME! Went through ALL Daniel's photos on Facebook and eventually picked these. 

DANIEL MONSTER CHOWDER with his beloved Lady Gaga. 

I couldn't think of anything better than this. At that point I think this was my last and best bet. Something that he cannot find in stores. Because it's a product of FION PARIS JACKSON specially for DANIEL MONSTER CHOWDER. To me, this fact was what convinced me to go for it although I wasn't sure if he would like it. 

Then....when I met up with him the next day and passed it to him, I got this message! 

LITTLE BROTHER, congratulations! Finally 18! Finally you can club, finally you can go in Crown Casino, finally you can drink....However, you are always da little brother in my eyes! All the best in National Service.

Lastly, I have some personal things to tell you:~
I'm really thankful to have talked to you out of total randomness while we were waiting for our History Of Ideas tutors last year. Luckily we talked crap, and you (self-obsessed-ly) asked a stranger (ME) to follow you on Twitter just because you saw me scrolling my Twitter! HAHA! But, if it wasn't for the shameless you, I wouldn't have befriended you. Thanks for being a cute and cheerful and gossip little brother! Don't cry in National Service okay? I still remember you said that you would cry when they cut your hair! HAHA! Hair will grow :p Let me assure you that LOL! Hope to see you in Melbourne/Singapore real soon! And continue your Lady Gaga craze! LOVE YA! ♥

ps: Also, thanks for the birthday party. You were an awesome host! It's like a Trinity students' gathering! And now you know how important you are?! The look-like-party-girl-but-not-party-girl me eventually attended your party :3 


  1. wow that present is so sweet!!! And love your outfit! :DDDDDDDDDD You look amazing in the dress! :DDDDDDD

  2. If I knew you & were to go to the party w you I'll lend you a black dress!!! You look like you had so much fun anyways & that's all that matters ;)



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