First visit to DAORAE

This post was another horribly postponed one....Some time around February.

As you know, I am very very fanatic about Korean things right? :3 Which is not really something new anymore. One of the best things in life is that your Best Friends are crazy over the same thing(s) as you. And yes, fortunately, I shall say that word, I successfully "brainwashed" both of my best friends Melanie (first) and then Cassandra into liking K-Pop and Korea.

I am really proud of myself, ever since the end of 2011 until now, Cassandra has become a even more Korea fanatic than I am. She started taking Korean lessons since the beginning of this year already, leaving the useless me behind T___T However, her fanatic mode only switched to the MAXIMUM mode when I left for Melbourne, so we didn't really have the time to go insane together. (Some unfortunate thing is that we don't like the same K-Pop group, which is kinda sad, to some extent....Oh well.....actually is not THAT bad anyway....

So when I was still in Melbourne last year, we planned to many things through Kakaotalk about going for Korean cuisine when I arrived in Penang. Out of so many Korean restaurants, we ended up at Daorae, because according to the news, when PSY (don't tell me you don't know about the Gangnam Style and Gentleman for goodness sake) was in Penang, he ate in THAT PARTICULAR DAORAE, that's why we wanted to go even though we aren't his fan by any means :p

I refused to eat heavy breakfast that morning because my mom brought me and my grandparents and her godsister for Bak Kut Teh...I wanted to save up the spaces in my stomach for Korean food! So I ended up SELCA-ING =='' Lifeless max!

Love Gurney Drive because of the wind :3

Since it was an outing with Cassandra, I wore the white star earring that she got for me xD (can't really see from this photo anyway)

Finally THEY finished their breakfast and I would be heading for DAORAE! 대박~~~

DAORAE. It's Korean name is 다(DA)오(O)래(RAE). Yeap directly "translation" ;)

These are the scenes that will greet you upon your arrival. The entrance of the restaurant.

Traditional Korean decorations. 

This is the eating place. Actually the Korean culture is quite similar to Japan's. They both have "tatami" dinning areas. 

Side track a bit, sharing an "extra" knowledge with you guys:

An apparent difference between the Koreans and Japanese is the way they arrange their chopsticks. Japanese always put chopsticks horizontally in front of their dish; Koreans put them vertically beside their dish (I learnt this from my Japanese class the other day)

I'll show the examples~

Koreans. At the side. Vertically. (photo from Google Images)

Japanese. In front. Horizontally. (photo from Google Images)

So many celebrities had eaten in Daorae. Cassandra wanted to bring back the BAP poster :p She had been there a couple of times already but she never noticed that poster until I told her it was there *facepalm*

Daorae is one famous Korean restaurant in Malaysia (just in case you don't know) and they actually worked with many event organizers that's why many Korean celebs will eat in Daorae when they are in Malaysia. There's quite a number of Daorae branches around Malaysia. Just in the tiny Penang island, we have 2 branches. One at Tanjung Tokong and one at Bayan Lepas. This one that we went was the Tanjung Tokong one because PSY went to this one :p (Another reason was because it's near to Cass's house, but darn far from mine, what a good friend I am right?!)

Selca while waiting for our food to be served!

Appetizer~~ YUM!

I am feeling hungry while writing this blog post >< 

My stew. So sorry I forgot the name of this dish already (bad thing about delaying a blog post for SO LONG) 정말 미안해~~~

Cassandra's stew. Looks very spicy but actually not THAT spicy (if you get what I mean :S)

Tadah this pretty girl is one of my BFFs. Cassandra, who is the one who gave me my nickname "별" which means "star" in Korean, pronounced as "Pyol" because she influenced me to love stars :3

PS: she's still single and available, so if you wanna ask for her contact, make sure you bribe me first! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Kimchi Pancake. I loved this but it was TOO big, so eventually Cassandra brought it back for her parents, we only managed to eat half of it.

You know what?! Daorae has the BEST-EST WHITE RICE that I had ever eaten!!!! NO JOKE!!! I never knew that white rice could be as tasty as THIS! Especially when you mix a bit of the kimchi or whatsoever with it. OMG AMAZING MAX!!!!

Later on we headed to Gurney Plaza for some accessories shopping ;) 

The manager of the Daorae restaurant was so nice. He gave us lollipops :p Haha! I guess this means that we still look young enough for lollies x)

By the way, check out another favourite Korean restaurant of mine here >> UNCLE JANG, located in Selangor though, Mont Kiara.

Saw these books in Popular Book Shop and laughed our heads off like insane!

Thanks to Cassandra who went to Wan Jing's house to pick up this for me.

PS: my another BFF is Melanie, who is now in Canada, and Wan Jing is her younger sister. 3 of us: Cassandra, Melanie and I used to be a crazy gang in class when we were in high school.

We found nothing in Gurney Plaza, so later on we headed for Pragin Mall. 

Since Cassandra will be going to UK to further her studies some time around July, I won't be able to meet her anymore when I get back in November/December. So, we decided to buy something, such as "couple" earrings or "couple" bracelets or things like that....symbolizing our friendship <3

After wandering around in Pragin Mall for a long time, we couldn't find anything suitable, because we want something with better quality instead of those RM5 accessories which get oxidized very fast. 

These are the rings that we got. Truthfully, only Cassandra bought it. Because this is the exactly same one as my other high school friends gave me as my farewell present as I was about to leave for Melbourne in 2012. 

Now we have "couple rings"!!! ^^ I often wear this to school and everywhere I go but then Cass said she can't get used to writing while wearing this so she doesn't wear them in school. Anyway, I made her promise that she would bring along this ring and the blue star photo frame that I got for her all the way from Melbourne to Penang as she leaves for UK. 

PS: Yesterday Cass told me that she already sent our photo for printing in order to put into this frame. I can't wait to see the outcome! Finally she's fulfilling her promise hahaha :p

Sad thing is...I really can't imagine how quiet and boring life will be in Penang when I get back without Cassandra around. Who's gonna accompany me to hunt for earrings and accessories and eat Korean food and talk about Korean things T___T

Luckily I won't be around in Penang as much as I did last time because I'm going for intern. And plus, the most important thing of this year end is~~~~ MY #ADDICTION's WEDDING. I really can't wait to meet her. Finally after 1 year plus talking virtually, I will be seeing her, and we had already outlined so many plans and arrangements, so at least, I can ensure that my summer break won't be darn boring :p HAHA!



  1. Haha. I am so honoured. 고마워~~ n ur dish is called soybean stew 된장 찌개 (hopefully i wrote correctly :p) i promise to brg the ring and pic frame to uk. Okay?? Hehe

  2. The celebrities ate in Daorae Penang branch?! Or any other branch? I love kpop too!!

  3. i never tried dorea althought i-avenue(near bukit jambul) has it :X

  4. waaa seeing at your pic makes me hungry! aahhaha..all of the banchan looks good! I miss them <3

  5. Okay... I really, really, really want to try a kimchi pancake now!

    7% Solution​

  6. I like daorae !! but quite expensive T__T
    actuali i dunlike kimchi, hahaha.
    i like the other dishes :D

  7. really nice u blog.
    I saw alr...
    haha many place u go and travel.

  8. Wow dear u look so pretty without make up. And I love Korean food as well. Thumb up

  9. Great pictures ! You are very cute :)



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